Friday, December 19, 2014

Jack Gangwish - Nebraska Football Player Violent Psychopath Sociopath

Psychopath in the making? 

Or stupid kid that made a really bad and cruel decision? 

Cornhusker junior defensive end Jack Gangwish had a rough Wednesday night, but not as rough as it was for the raccoon that was just minding its own business before it was murdered with a wrench.

Gangwish was driving around, according to the Lincoln Journal Star, "when he spotted a raccoon on the side of the road and decided to take a picture." As one does. The raccoon, which was just doing its thing before the large man came and bothered it, bit Gangwish. As one does.

Basically the raccoon was out doing what raccoons do.. And this man wanted a picture of it. As most of us know, raccoons are timid and afraid. But they will defend themselves if cornered. Mostly because raccoons are family animals. Meaning that they usually have their babies and the mother close by. Jack probably killed the mother of little raccoon babies.

Did this kid care? He hasn't apologized or acted remorseful. Instead he brags on social media. Even taking a picture of himself with the bludgeoned animal. 

People hunt. And that doesn't bother me. But violently killing an animal with a wrench because it refuses to take a SELFIE with you. That is pure psychopathy. 

This looks like a seriously mentally disturbed man. This makes me feel fear 

There is no telling how many family pets, friends pets, and strays this guy has slaughtered just for his own sick pleasures. He is a college football player. And he should be setting an example for the youth today. God knows they all need some positive role models. What kind of role model is this guy? I think that he needs to be punished. That would set a good example for our youth. - YOU COMMIT VIOLENT ACTS AGAINST something Or SOMEONE — AND YOU WILL PAY A PRICE. 


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