Sunday, November 8, 2015

The long journey of healing after a psychopath

Healing after being in a relationship with a psychopathic person is a long hard journey. I have personally seen how a psychopath can turn a once vibrant, positive, assertive person into a passive, insecure and scared person. 
It never really ends with a psychopath.  

Sometimes a victim of a psychopath will go for years without hearing from the psychopath. Then one day, out of the blue the psychopath will call. This is usually because they have become tired of their last victim, and decide to contact someone that they believe they can trick again..

Psychopaths have no decency in them.  

Psychopaths and Sociopaths have a negative energy that surrounds them. 
Most of us are unaware of this negativity around them until it is too late. Once we do begin to realize that the psychopath is not who and what they say they say, the psychopath begins a campaign to destroy their victim before the victim can speak out about them, and expose who they really are.  Even after the relationship is over, the psychopath will continue tо slander their victim by relentlessly attacking their reputation and character.  The psychopath IS NOT looking to just hurt their victim, the psychopath is on a mission to DESTROY and ANNIHILATE their victim,
 A psychopath will even attack their victims family (children included) and lie about people the victim loves, just to get the emotional reaction from their victim. This can go on for years, even after you have made no contact, moved away, and refused to react, or retaliate. 

So why does the psychopath continue to harass, gossip about, and torment their victim even after their victim has moved on, and has no contact with the psychopath? One would think the psychopath would simply move on to their next victim. After all you have avoided the psychopath, and do not pose an immediate threat to them. The truth is,  the psychopath continues to wreak havoc on a victims life because they simply can. And usually it is out of  BOREDOM....  Yes, the psychopath remembers how they could get an emotional reaction out of their victim (you). They have exhausted and broken all of their other victims.  So they look for someone familiar, someone who they think will “entertain” them temporarily. 
To the psychopath, you are an object. Your pain is nothing to them,. Example - destroying a persons life is no less or greater to them than popping a balloon.  If the psychopath can get a response, they will start their attack on you full force. 

This is why it is important to your well being that once a relationship has ended with one, that you never look at their social media page, and you have no contact ever again. If you have to change your life, and do thinks such as change your email, your cell phone, DO IT. And keep your distance no matter what. Usually you don't have to worry about running into the Sociopath in town, since the sociopath rarely attends social functions, due to their inner dysfunctional. The Psychopath is a little more function usually. The sociopath is not so functional. They can't handle any lack of stimulation, so they usually turn to drugs or alcohol to surpass the time.