Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sociopaths, Psycho's & Narcissist - The Most Dangerous Predators

Psychopaths lie to everybody because they are predators. 
If you are reading this, more than likely you have been attacked, hurt, betrayed, deceived, or discarded by a psychopath. 
You are well aware of how destructive and painful just knowing such a disordered individual can be. They are takers, not givers. They steal precious energy and time from you. stealers. It is a soul crushing reality check. It feels unfair that you were so unfortunate to have become entangled with a person that is unable to feel remorse, love, or care about the harm they have caused you and many many others. Yet they are still standing, and look as if they have never suffered any kind of loss, ever. 
While you feel your energy has been drained, you are alone, and completely defeated. 

Anytime with spent with a psychopath, is dangerous. If they don't kill you physically, they sure will kill you emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. The is no use in trying to get revenge on this morally corrupt individual, because they never fight fair. They  also have no conscience to stop them from completely ripping you to pieces. The more hurt they see they have caused, the more they will continue to rip into you. Your hurt is their motivation.

They have no care in the world, when you are their perceived target, they will have no qualms spending every minute of their day trying to destroy you. They will spread rumors to your friends, to people who barley know you, and warn people who don't know you, about you. The play the victim the whole time. Telling others how you have wronged them, how you are stalking them. When in truth, they are spending all of their time doing all of those things to you.  It doesn't cost the psychopath any energy to do these things, because they are using your energy to do it with, and probably using the energy from all their other victims. And believe me, there are many of victims.  You are not the first victim and you surely will Not be the last. 

Healing is your only option after being targeted by one of these predators. Do not think of ways to get revenge, because it will only drain more energy out of you. They have stolen enough of your precious energy. Focus on healing your mind, body and spirit. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Oh the passive aggressive.... 😒

Narcissist, sociopaths, and the rest of the character disturbed individuals walking amongst us, are all emotional manipulators. What I have noticed in my years of dealing with these people, is that they all play the victim. Some may truly believe that they really are a victim of everyone else. 
They contribute everything in their life that has not gone the way they wanted it to, to be the fault of someone else. These people NEVER take responsibility for anything! They go through life blaming, accusing, hurting, refusing, arguing, hating, cheating, and lying. Their life seems to be one mishap after the next, yet they never question their own self, for these repetitive patterns of misery. They are hard wired to switch the blame onto others. They will cause the people involved with them to doubt their self and their sanity. Do not feel gullible or stupid if you have fallen prey to this kind of twisted manipulation. Normal and stable people are always the best victims for these types of people, because we are HUMAN, and have REAL HUMAN EMOTIONS. The important thing is that you realize that you are not to blame for the behaviors, actions, and insecurities of another person.
You are only responsible for your own behaviors. 

What I have seen in sociopaths and narcissist, is that they are 100% and fully aware of what they are doing to people. 
They are confident in their manipulation tactics. They see others as objects, not as human beings made up of flesh and blood with feelings and emotions. They don't feed anything for the pain they cause. In fact, they intentionally cause the pain, and enjoy keeping others on their toes, and walking on egg shells. They like to play games with their victims . They get some kind of sick pleasure of causing emotional turmoil, and devastation.

The Passive Aggressive Disordered individual on the other hand may have a conscience. In my own personal opinion, which is based on what I have seen and had the misfortune of interacting with. Is that the passive aggressive disordered person is an extremely insecure, broken person.
They do what they do because they live in fear of everything and everyone.
They are scared to be hurt, left, abandoned, alone, rejected, etc...
Passive aggressives are some of the most frustrating people to deal with because you never know what is genuine and what is not. So you find yourself questioning everything they say and do.
You  do not know what their true agenda is. It really sucks to have to wonder if the only reason they are doing something nice things for you, is so they can throw it in your face later...

It is exhausting! Dealing with a passive aggressive spouse can make one feel insane, angry, and hopeless. It's hard to leave one because you actually probably do feel sorry for them deep down, because you know they are NOT soulless and evil, like the sociopath. You see that there is pain behind their eyes. You know that you cannot heal that pain, and you know that they will not ever talk about the pain that is causing them to be this way. They deny being passive aggressive. It seems they blame YOU for everything wrong with their life. You know that you are not to blame, and you wonder if they really feel you are. Have they forgotten the others in their past that they blamed before you...? The passive aggressive is always going to flip anything you confront them with, deny and blame you. They are masters at making everything your fault. 
After so long, you stop confronting, you stop believing, you stop trying and you stop caring...  
It has become pointless to even try to help this person. Since they really feel they are the victim of your anger and demands.

Unlike the sociopath and narcissist, the passive aggressive really feels like the victim. Yes,  they do play the victim well, and you know it is all crap. But in their mind, they actually believe they are genuine victims of anyone closely involved with them. They yearn to be loved, yet they alienate those who love(d) them with their inability to take responsibility for ANYTHING.

Passive aggressive people simply want you to feel sorry for them, because they actually really feel sorry for themselves, and they need someone to make them feel valid in their feelings. If you do not sympathize with the passive aggressive, they just feel more victimized and become more shut down.
If you don't sympathize with the sociopath, they throw you out like garbage and will find someone else who will. They quickly move on to their next victim who will buy their lies and bullsh*t.

The sociopath, plays the part of the victim but remains aware that being the Victim will be beneficial to them in getting their way. 
The sociopath knows that good people will feel pity for them, and they can use that guilt to manipulate. The sociopath is depending on others ability to feel guilt. Since the sociopath him/herself lacks that ability to feel guilt. Due to the fact that they are without a conscience or soul. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Sociopaths and psychopaths are a subgroup of human beings. They look so much like your normal ‘soccer mom’ or ‘supportive dad’ that it is very hard to detect them. The only people who really know the true persona of the psychopath is the ones that must live with them, or have been targeted by them. 

But these people are so traumatized by the psychopath, they will not speak up against them, for they fear the wrath they would surely suffer if they do. 

These predators walk among us everyday.  They cause  a great deal of pain to other human beings. They wreak havoc everywhere they go in the world, with  their cruelty, manipulation, deception and power plays. 

Psychopaths have no worries about any of the pain the cause. They are able to hurt people and animals, and never feel anything for the pain they cause. There is absolutely no empathy or remorse there ever. 

Psychopaths are out there! They are willing to take advantage of the weak, strong, young, elderly and anyone who looks like a viable target.  
They know what they are doing. 
They don't care.  
They are aware that they are ruining someone's life, that is why they are doing it.
Some psychopaths (most actually) will consider it a bonus if they make you so miserable and hopeless that you commit suicide. Most victims are unlikely to know what they are dealing with. 
It's hard to fathom that people exist out there who are capable of theses heinous acts. So majority of us do not know what to look out for, or even how to handle one.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

SoCioPatH and ReVEnGe


We realize that to attempt to get revenge against someone who has no moral qualms, no conscience, and no limits on what they will do to cause pain is a wasted effort on our part. Any move you make, you know that the sociopath will make a counter move even more damaging than anything you are capable of or can even imagine. The Sociopath has no limits to what they will do to ruin another. They are completely soulless, heartless, and their seems to be not an ounce of humanity in them. 

Sociopaths are far more skilled in Revenge than we are. 

It is a natural human response that when we are attacked, want defend ourselves. When we cannot  defend ourself, and we continue to get attacked. Eventually we begin to want to get revenge. 
Sociopaths are skilled at lying, manipulating, and abusing. They lack normal human emotions..
So whatever you do to the sociopath or want to do, is not going to affect them much. They will simply just move on and continue their destructive lifestyle. 
Remember, sociopaths don’t care about the future. They only care about themselves and getting what they want, ‘right here and right now’.  They do not care how they damage their children, their parents. They feel no responsibility for NO ONE, not even themselves. They expect someone else to be responsible for getting their needs met. 

The sociopath will always be intent on making your life as difficult as possible.

It's important for your own sanity to remember that the sociopath will take a person down as far as they can, and then they will back off, and suddenly try to act nice, make promises to reform or just simply behave as normally as possible while the individual regains their strength (assuming that they are not totally depleted) and then the sociopath begins the vicious all over again. Of course, if the person is so down and depleted, that they have nothing left to give to the sociopath, the sociopath sees them as too pathetic to use and manipulate anymore, and they simply just move on, to their next victim....

Friday, August 7, 2015

Sociopaths and Narcissist Both Cheat, but for different reasons..

Sociopaths and Narcissit are both serial cheaters. They cannot be faithful ever! 
Male or Female. Narcissist or Sociopath. They are all cheaters, in every way.  They cheat their way through life, they have affairs with other people while in relationship or marriage. Just like they not capable of the truth or remorse, they are also not capable of being loyal to anyone. 

Sociopaths and narcissists have different motivations for cheating. 

A narcissist, is truly a very insecure person. Even though they come off very self assured and confident. The narcissist cheats to build his/her ego. It is a constant source of narcissistic supply and reassurance. They do not feel good or energized with one partner. Their ego needs to be stroked and fed. This is how they get their narcissistic supply. And it's YOU ( the one person who has supported and loved them ) that will pay the price. And that is ok with the narcissist. You love them and they believe they will always be able to manipulate you into forgiving them. They will take advantage of your love and kindness just because they can...

A Sociopath on the other hand cheat because... well they can. Sociopaths feel entitled to do whatever they want, and expect to suffer no consequences, or ever even be held accountable. Sociopaths take what they want because they want it. 
There is no moral issue involved as far as they are concerned. Since the sociopath believes they are entitled to anything and deserve everything, they recognize NO RuLeS that apply to them. They believe there can be no violation against and no wrong. The rules normal people  follow, do not apply to the sociopath. This is what makes the sociopath very very dangerous. There is no limits on what they can do, and since they are without any conscience, they are capable of horrible things. Sociopaths have absolutely no sympathy  to the damage they do to innocent people.

To a sociopath, cheating is like a game where she/he maneuvers the man/woman into giving her/him what they want, and  it has no special meaning to them, though they will do everything to make you think otherwise. Sociopaths are all con artist. They are skilled pretenders and liars. 

You will notice that to both a sociopath and a narcissist, they think they can  have sex with many others, and arrogantly say  “Hey, I've still got it, I'm good looking. I'm irresistible.” But, to get what they want, they will focus on YOU, feeding you what they know you want to hear. They make you believe you are special, but in fact, you are like are just another thing  to be used. They are sick and twisted and cause so much pain and hurt to anyone who knows them. 
The sociopath and narcissist  both wreak havoc and destruction on the lives of the innocent.
There is only one way to deal with one once you have discovered that they are this way. 
It is to get far, far away from them. SEVER ALL TIES AND CUT OFF ALL CONTACT, immediately and totally.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Narcissist Thrive on Emotional Reactions

Narcissist thrive on evoking both reactions and emotions from their victims.

The narcissist wants you to respond to their unrealistic demands. They are aware of what they are doing, that's exactly why they do it. When the narcissist isn't treating you like garbage or like your existence is irrelevant, they will be doing or saying things to cause you pain. Most victims do not understand the person they are in love with lacks the ability to Love them back. They believe they are to blame. They do not understand why they are being rejected.  So they keep trying to please.  
The narcissist sees this as weakness and continues to allow their victim to be in pain, by rejecting them, cheating on them, and lying to them. 

It is hard to get through to the narcissists victim at this time. But eventually the victim will have enough. Unfortunately by the time the victim realizes this, they have been beaten down 
emotionally. They are depleted of energy and hope. It usually can take the victim years to 
get over their ordeal with the narcissist. And in all truth, the abuse they suffered cannot be forgotten. 

Don't lose hope if this is you. Once you have gotten the narcissist out of your life. Begin to LIVE again. Focus on healing your mind, body, and soul. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The sociopath will NEVER change. Ever

Sociopaths,  narcissist, psychopaths, and also the dark triad personality disordered person  has mastered how to attack and retreat. This is how they keep their victims off balance. They sociopath undermines the victim and works to lower the victims self esteem, confidence and independence 
Abusive sociopaths suffers from internal discomfort and conflicts that they have no clue how to deal with, due to their lack of being able to genuinely connect to others. Sociopaths do not have much practical and logical thinking inside their mind. Rational reasoning, kindness, and empathy, is just NOT there.  They do so many damaging things to their victim  is to compensate or satisfy their own insecurities. Sociopaths and narcissist will work  hard to give others the impression that they are Confident, self assured, independent, and basically “awesome” Human beings.
The sociopath does not ever look within themselves.  Because “within" them is hollow and empty. They don't seek to understand or respect others because they do not understand or respect themselves. The ONLY understanding the sociopath wants to find is how to better manipulate and control their victim.
The Truth is that narcissist and sociopaths are very insecure. The narcissist more so than the sociopath. The narcissist is very skilled at hiding their  own weaknesses. Their strategy is to make the victim look ‘unstable, dangerous, and suffering from low self esteem. The sociopath hides their insecurity and self-hatred by exploiting others, and portraying them as weak. 
Since these abusive types of people CaNNoT control their own life, and (malicious) emotions, they try to control others, through manipulation, lies, threat, blackmail, and for a lack of better words, causing their victims to doubt their self, and feel unworthy and not good enough. While if these malicious types may have some positive qualities. Although I have never seen anything positive come from a sociopath, ever ..  
The narcissistic sociopath will always hold very toxic and unrealistic expectations of victims and their family members, these expectations are to ridiculous to ever really met. Those who try to meet these expectations will become exhausted and drained. The sociopath convinces them that they a failure, and they will constantly berate them, and be verbally abuse. This is a game that the sociopath loves to play with people in their life. The sociopath has mastered this "game" and they know it is a game that they will win, and that their victims cannot win. 
Narcissist and sociopaths are ABUSERS. It's vital for all victims of these vile individuals to remember, the abuse more than likely has nothing to do with you. If they are not abusing You, they would be abusing someone else. They abuse family members as long as the family member stays in the sociopath life. The actions of the abuser are not Your fault. Even though the sociopath will have you convinced and brainwashed that you are to blame for anything they may have done to hurt you.  One of the hardest things to accept and understand is You will have little or no impact on the sociopath. They will never change. They are wired the way they are. They aren't suffering from a mental illness, but they have a malevolent personality and are basically soulless. So never expect these types to change. There may be a temporary change but it will not be lasting. It is only another tactic to get back in your life, once they do the abuse will start again. 
The abusers seldom wants to change.  Narcissist don't believe  that there is anything wrong with them. Sociopaths (this is my opinion) either know there is something wrong with them but refuse to admit it. Or they are so delusional. They really feel like the circumstances of their life and how it has turned out, is truly the fault of everyone else - but not them...they are never at fault. seldom want to put any real effort towards changing. Victims of sociopaths and narcissist often believe they can change them, and often end up blaming themselves for the state of the relationship.
The narcissistic sociopath wants to control you. And when you stay after all the abuse they subject you to. They feel in control of you
GET AWAY FROM YOUR ABUSER ASAP. It never gets better. It only gets worse 


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Never React but always Remember and Document

Being a victim of a sociopath, I have learned how destructive, cruel and damaging they can are to ones emotional, mental and physical health. Some may have noticed this blog NEVER uses any names to point out a specific sociopath. The blog authors name is not real. 
Why? Because I am not here to defame or character assassinate anyone. Not even a sociopath.

This blog is to help the victims of sociopaths, narcissist and other dark personalities better understand how these cruel individuals operate, so if one ever becomes targeted by a sociopath, one will know what they are up against. 

I learned the hard way... I reacted to every single false accusation being made up about me by the sociopath. Little did I know at the time, my reacting was what the sociopath wanted.
The sociopath relies on their victims emotions to bait them into their trap. Sociopaths do not have the emotions that genuine human beings have, such as guilt, shame, love, and hurt. 
They only feel anger, entitlement, hate, and revenge. 

The sociopath does covert things to the target, and makes it seem as if they are supported by others. The Internet is one of the sociopaths favorite new weapons of destruction. While the Internet is also used by amazing individuals to do good. It can also be used to hurt, destroy and defame innocent people. 
One way to know if one is being genuine or just attempting to destroy another person reputation is the use of names. Using a person first, last and even surname followed by hate accusation is a RED FLAG. 

When normal healthy minded people have a problem with a person, they maybe upset, but they don't set out to destroy their life and reputation. The sociopath will immediately begin to destroy a person with spreading embarrassing, harmful lies. They will make sure that when their targets name is googled or looked up via Internet, that the slander will appear on the first page. This harms one from employment and future employment. This makes the victim feel helpless, powerless and hated. That's the goal of the sociopath, to convince the target that they have people on their side, and are supported. When they usually are not. Any supporter who leave comments on the sociopath slander campaign, are usually left by the sociopaths other aliases. 

The best way to handle a sociopath who is determined to destroy you by spreading rumors to anyone who will listen is to NOT REACT. They are counting on you reacting emotionally. They will use your genuine against you. They now are able to say "look, I told you he/she was unstable". Although you are not unstable, you are human with human emotions that sociopath lacks. The sociopath will twist and manipulate your assumedly appropriate emotional reaction to make you look crazy, unstable and even dangerous. 

It is VERY DIFFICULT to NOT react to the awful things the sociopath is doing to you. But I am telling from personal  experience.  It is in your best to not react, but to document, document, document. Save everything. Because the sociopath will continue to do vicious things in order to get a reaction. They WILL eventually cross the line, and you will have everything you need to take legal action. It will show that you were harassed, stalked, slandered by the sociopathic person, and by not reacting they have nothing on you.