Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pure Evil and all it's Hatred

You will never understand Evil. No matter how many books you study, degrees you earn, or hours you put into working out a relationship with a sociopath or a narcissist. You cannot possibly understand what you are up against, how it will destroy you and the depth of its Evil. You can, however, understand how Evil manipulates and attempts to subjugate you, control you, and suck the life out of you. Once you can see what Evil is, how it works, you can reclaim some of what it has stolen from you and learn how to safely get away. Nothing can obstruct the will of a sociopath.  So never try to fight this Evil Monster aka the Sociopath/psychopath/narcissists 


Obsession with self
Experiences during the formative years
Addiction of anger
Blow to inflated sense of self-worth
Self-defense against perceived or provoked insults
Unfulfilled needs and requirements
Expression of power through anger

It is believed that narcissism is an attitude which is present in every individual. Self-love is actually important to be a confident individual. However, when this feeling of self-worth exceeds certain limits, where one cannot recognize anyone's feelings except her own, then that person is believed to be a narcissist.

Anger is a natural reaction that comes to humans when exposed to provocative situations. However, such anger arises from a rational cause and dies down when one is able to express it. However, the fury felt by a narcissist is different from the anger that people usually feel. People who suffer from this disorder need constant adulation, attention, compliments and subservience. Their narcissistic 

behavior makes them live in the illusion that they are perfectionists and revered by people, irrespective of whether or not they have any accomplishments of their own.

As narcissistic people are dependent on other people to boost their self-esteem, any challenge, negative remark or disagreement from other people can be considered to be criticism, rejection and mockery. They take it as a personal assault and lash out at the person who provoked them. Such behavior can sometimes lead to physical as well as psychological harm to the other person.

Sociopaths are also dependent upon people, but they look at people more as objects, like a meal or a toy. They are dependent on finding and using kind people for their own personal gain. They want to live the grand life. But they don't want to do anything that most have to do, in order to live it. They rather latch on to others (like a leech would do) and get all their wants and desires by sucking it out of a kind and easily manipulated person.. A person with a conscience. Something the sociopath does not have..

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Evil Women

Traits of a Truly Evil Bitch -- the sociopathic woman

The female sociopath is evil. Crazy, sadistically EVIL.  She plays an Excellent Vicitm though.  How does she do it? If you have been the target of one of these monsters, like I have you probably had no idea that women like this existed until you met her. 
SHE TARGETS MEN FOR THEIR MONEY. SHE ALSO TARGETS OTHER WOMEN THAT ARE A THREAT TO HER. SO IF YOU ARE AN ATTRACTIVE INTELLIGENT WOMEN - YOU COULD BE ANOTHER POTENTIAL TARGET. Why? Because inside the female sociopath she is so insecure and jealous of other women (especially attractive smart ones) she will try to destroy anyone who crosses her path that could be a potential threat.. Threat being -- The woman is likely to be promoted before her, or could mess up he financial scams. Usually she will target one of many ex's  new girlfriend of wife. IF THIS EVIL BITCH HAS CHILDREN WITH AN EX - NOT ONLY WILL SHE HARRASS HER EX EVERYDAY FOR MORE MONEY, AND TRY TO CONTROL HIS LIFE. SHE WILL TRY TO DESTROY ANY LOVE INTEREST HE HAS. She doesn't want him but she wants to make sure he stays 100%  controlled by her. It takes a VERY Strong woman to stay in a relationship with a man who has children by a sociopath. The women better be prepared to fight for her life. The female fatale sociopath may not physically murder her, but the evil whore will murder her spirit, self esteem, repuation, and her zest for life. The sociopath thinks " How DARE this woman come in and mess up MY LIFE  by marrying MY EX, and making it so he is not under my complete control, I am still using him, I have not bled him dry yet, he still has money left that is mine!"

Does this excerpt give you an idea about what you are dealing with? Well, these are just few among the many many masks that she wears, and when she let goes, she still manages to have a soft corner for herself in your heart. So, how do you identify if this 'female' you are interacting with is a sociopath? What are the traits that you should look for? Are sociopaths so easy to identify? Well, if that was the case, then there wouldn't be much of a problem, right? Nevertheless, mentioned below are some points that will help you understand how this sometimes beautiful and attractive predator uses her charms and lies to deceit you; she does it due to a mental disorder but will make you believe that you are the one who is insane! ( not all of them are actually drop dead gorgeous, they are average looking but their charisma is what you feel attracted too, once the female sociopath hits 40 she is looking like a used wash cloth, and it becomes harder to snatch her prey)

This is what the female sociopath looks like inside and after the age of 46 - the whore I know 

SHE BELIEVES SHE IS GOOD - {evil - crazy - and delusional}

Another classic characteristic of a female sociopath is that she believes that she is simply the best, be it in looks, in intelligence, or in taking control of your life! Her self-worth and superior belief is always too high as compared to others. So, if you are with a woman who says, "Why should I be doing this, these things are meant for the lowlifes?" or, "I am so beautiful and intelligent, I don't need 
to do this at all!", then there are chances that she can turn out to be the sociopath you should be away from! Her superior beliefs also make her arrogant and harsh towards others, but if you are the potential prey, she will treat you like there can be no one as sweet as her ... at least initially.

 No Respect for Rules and Responsibilities!

For her, rules are meant to be broken, and responsibilities, why should she even care! She can never follow rules because she is way too impulsive. She cannot overcome temptations, and when she wants something, there is no rule that can stop her. Her actions are never governed by morals and she never thinks about the consequences. Therefore, you can never expect things like planning, focusing, and commitment from a sociopath. If you confront her, she will cry, she will make you believe that she will change, but then you're a fool to believe her words, and she is way too smart for you not to believe her.

STIMULATION JUNKY - She is not only a pill popping, drug user junky!

Another interesting thing about a female sociopath is that she tends to get bored way too easily. You cannot expect stability, or being involved in the same routine for long. Which is why she will change jobs within sort span of time, she will move from places to places living a nomadic life. She needs something new, exciting, and stimulating all the time. If drug abuse, multiple sexual partners, or abusing a person gives her a high, or stimulates her in any way, she will easily do that without giving it a second thought.

She is a Pathological LIAR To GAIN ATTENTION and SYMPATHY 
A female sociopath is called the best actress in the whole world! You act when you need to hide your reality, and she is really good at that. She will lie to come closer to you, she will lie to gain your attention, she will lie to make you want her, she will lie to make you believe her lies and bond with her emotionally ... and when that happens, she will start to manipulate you, she will trap you in her 

stories and talks, and make you believe that all that she is doing is justified, at least from her point of view! She will be dishonest, deceitful and cleverly sly. If you're smart, you should get out as soon as she starts behaving like this.

 She IS A PARASITE THAT WILL FEED ON YOU!  {Literally draining the life out of you}
If you think that she is there with you because she genuinely likes you, think again! Are you the kind of person who is financially stable, who is responsible, who believes in helping and sympathizing with others, and who can forgive and give the 'benefit of doubt'; then probably that is the reason why she is there with you. She indulges in a parasitic living. She will exploit you emotionally, financially, may be even physically to fulfill her own shallow desires. She cannot feel your pain, she has shallow emotions, and although at times, she might appear to be caring and loving, the truth is that she is coldhearted and will be nice to you only if you comply with her wishes and desires.

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Super Sociopath pretends to be Super Mom but is Super Evil

It's not your fault if you fall for a sociopath. Because up until the minute you realize what you had sex with was a monster - ITS TOO LATE. She is able too pretend. Hell, her whole life she has been pretending. She has no real emotions of love. If she stopped pretending the world would see the hideous monster she really is. Being involved with a callous sociopath is bad, having children with one is hell on earth. She will become bored with you, and she never shows affection for kids, so she starts sleeping around with men, never coming home.  Finally she ends up leaving you. At first she is ecstatic to leave. Once divorce papers start getting filed she manipulates you to let her have full custody but you will still pay her child support. You are so exhausted and mentally beaten down, you give her what she wants -- Just SO IT WILL END. SO SHE WILL BE OUT OF YOUR LIFE. But she is never out of your life. She will text you, call you, go up to your office everyday demanding money for THE KIDS. SHE NEEDS MORE EVERY TIME. If you DARE deny her money - get ready for this queens wrath. She does after all believe she is the highest of all... She will lure you in, abuse you, use you, and financially and socially destroy you - WHY? Because she has nothing else to do... She doesn't work, even though she will tell everyone how she is a practicing lawyer - although her license was suspended for stealing from her clients. Or she will claim to be starting a business that doesn't exist. The real crazy ones will claim to be a working mother, and writing a successful thriller novel at the same time -- ALL LIES. NOT A WORD SHE SAYS IS TRUE. LIES. SHE CANNOT STOP LYING. EVEN IF HER LIFE DEPENDED ON IT 

Most all Sociopaths, men and women come across charming, self-assured, the perfect catch. They put out a charisma that draws you in. In the beginning they say things to you that make you feel amazing, you pinch yourself with glee at your good fortune. You won't ever know what hit you until it's too late.

A female sociopath is one of the most evil beings on the earth. They can attend a PTA meeting then they will disappear for 2 days doing God knows what.. Drugs, random sex with strangers. The female sociopath sees nothing wrong with infidelity. She only sees wrong in getting caught and not looking like the picture perfect family she wants to imitate. Lying to her is as easy as breathing. Destroying the lives of women she is jealous of and jilted lovers is what she does best. She has no soul. She uses her children to get money and manipulate her ex's. She uses guilt? What may look like a good family is only a facade. What is really going on in the home is far from good. It's downright bad. Abuse, neglect, tantrums, lies, drugs, alcohol - the sociopath will pretend to be a great mom, she is convincing to those who do not know her. Only close family knows how bad she is. People close to her are sworn to secrecy because of intimidation . Those are the people she is using as Slaves to do the things she doesn't want to do. She has others picking up the children, keeping the children, but she wants everyone to believe she is actually doing those things. She takes credit for someone else's hardwork. She is a back stabber. Her family knows the pain and torment her wrath is capable of. They have lived with her to see it.  They are scared of her. They cannot get away from her though, she will 
find them, bully them, and intimidate them. 

Lying, deceiving, and manipulation are natural talents for psychopaths, When caught in a lie or challenged with the truth, they are seldom perplexed or embarrassed–they simply change their stories or attempt to rework the facts so that they appear to be consistent with the lies.

Since the female sociopath loves a fast buck but doesn't like to work. She uses others to get everything she wants -- because she feels she is entitled to anything her tiny black hollow heart desires, she finds a way to live a luxurious life. She manipulates men, friends and family. She will steal, rob and use deception to get what she wants. But still it is never enough.  The more you give her, the more she will ask for later.  If you don't give her what she wants, BE PREPARED FOR HER TO UNLEASH THE FURY OF HELL ON YOU. She will stop at nothing to destroy you. She wants you to feel the pain for crossing her or telling her no.
The female sociopath is rarely violent. Most WOULD prefer that she beat the shit out of them with a crow bar, than the emotional, mental, and verbal beating she inflicts upon them. She will focus on destroying you day and night. She will call people on the phone and make up random lies about you, she wants others to think you are a horrible person.  She will play the victim and attack a persons character, ruin their reputation, make you look like the worst piece of shit in the world. She will even claim you beat her, broke her bones,  or forced them to have sex (we all know you can't rape the willing) but these tactics work for them, by being the victim, people will feel sorry for them and this lessons her chance of being exposed for the monster she is. HER ONLY FEAR IS BEING EXPOSED FOR THE MONSTER SHE REALLY IS. PEOPLE FINDING OUT SHE HAS NO HEART AND SOUL-- HOW WILL SHE MANIPULATE AND GET WHAT SHE WANTS IF YOU BELIEVE SHE IS A BAD PERSON. She will fight to the death to keep her dark secret a secret. If you pose a threat of exposing her, watch your back. She is capable of murder, if she sees you as a threat to her.


When you leave – if you can leave – you're faced with a monster, who looks like your average soccer mom, blends into a crowd, an imposter who has hidden the money, isolated you from family and friends, and driven a wedge between you and your children. Her explanations are rehearsed and twisted, painting you as the instigator, the abuser, the money-grubbing, shallow asshole. She is a 
formidable verbal foe with her credible and plausible explanations of every interaction you've ever 
had, and you find yourself on the losing end of every session with friends and well-meaning family members.