Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Exposing a sociopath

It is difficult if not impossible to expose a sociopath for the lying, cheating, stealing, ruthless and soulless individual they really are. 
If you plan on exposing the sociopath it is important that you know what you are up against. They sociopath will not "go down" easily. You have to be the kind of person that can handle what the sociopath will do in retaliation to you. 
You MUST be strong, and confident and have a strong sense of self and high self esteem. Because the sociopath is going to try to rip you apart mentally. 
If you have been abused, and are still recovering from the abuse of a sociopathic individual then it is not advised that you try to expose them. You must focus on you, and your recovery. It is best that you just “cut them off” as best you can. Victims of sociopaths have been broken and are probably not equipped to seek revenge by exposing the sociopath. 
But if you have the strength, and you feel the need to expose a sociopath. Either to protect someone you love, a family member or someone that is in harms way. 
You must be able to really look at the person and see what they REALLY are. Which is a heartless, mean, evil, conscienceless, hateful, vindictive, and VENGEFUL. THEY HAVE NO QUALMS ABOUT DESTROYING YOU, YOUR FAMILY, or YOUR CHILDREN. 
The sociopaths only fear is really being exposed for who they really are. Because once they are exposed, it would make it difficult for them to continue to con, lie and get others to do what they want. 
You must know what you are up against and know what you are dealing with. 
If you choose to expose the sociopath this will put you at the mercy of the Sociopath. Nothing can or will obstruct the will of the sociopath. I cannot stress this to you enough. 
Only The real and the full you will be able defeat the Sociopath - and still that is sometimes not enough...
The sociopath is a person who HATES you (and everyone else), and a true Sociopath will do everything they can not to reveal what they are really thinking and what their true intentions are. He or she knows that they will be a “dead agent”* once she/he is seen for how who and what they really are. The sociopath is living  inside his head. 
One of the most important things you must understand about the sociopath is that the 'real' achilles heel of the Sociopath – is that they do not know how to have “normal responses” in their internal world, their entire life is made up of mimicking what they have seen others do and how others acted toward a situation that required an emotional response. Therefore they do not actually know what a sane, correct response IS.
This means that unless they are TOLD what to say that would get you to think they have the right response, or unless they see it done somewhere: