Sunday, June 29, 2014

They put others down - to make them look better

Sociopaths think that in order to make themselves look better, they must make others look bad. Sociopaths boost their egos by putting others down. The confident and arrogant act the sociopath, is just that — An Act.. They are actually self-centered individuals. The feel greed, rage, and jealousy.                             

They want what they don't have. They are not grateful for the things that they do have. They are always jealous of family members, such as a sister or brother, their own mother, any step or half siblings. Sociopath can even become jealous of their own children – if the child shines brighter than the sociopath. 

Sociopath usually befriend people that they think they can dominate - i.e. – caring, empathic people, nice guys. Basically anyone who has a good conscience and is not confrontational.  

The Nice Guy - Nice guys are easy targets for the female sociopath. They are  easy prey for the sociopath. The relationship will start out with the sociopath being nice. Always telling you how sweet and nice you are. As the relationship goes on, she will randomly be nasty and mean. Pretty soon the nastiness and mean performances become more frequent. Before you know it you are trapped in a negative, unloving, and exploitive life. While the sociopath disappears for days at a time. Leaving you to care for any children and household responsibilities. If the sociopath works don't expect her to put any of her money in the bankin account and contribute to the house bills. She becomes ruthless and cold toward you. But she has ripped your self worth into shreds, so much so – you don't have the strength to confront her anymore. 

Female sociopaths are just as predatory as the male sociopath. They are just more covert about how they destroy you.

All sociopaths have a lifelong history of lying, manipulating, using, ending relationships abruptly - without any warning, distorts facts, shows no remorse, use children to manipulate, vilifying victims, does not get along with family members, always is in conflict with someone and always the victim. 

Sociopathic individuals do horrible things, destroy lives and families. They feel no remorse for anything they do. They leave a trail of shit behind them, expecting someone else to clean it up. They cheat, they lie, they abuse and they use the innocence of children to exploit others. 

They are the worst people in the world. They are capable of killing, although most never do. They kill your spirit and slaughter you emotionally but they won't physically kill you- usually. There of course is always exceptions 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Traits of a Victim

Being a victim of a malicious sociopath is devastating. Surviving the after math of the sociopath is even more so.. 

Usually the victim is so broken and beaten down by the sociopath, once the sociopath has drained the life and finances out of their target, they dispose of them like garbage. Leaving their victim confused, depressed, and without any closure. 

The victim must become the survivor

In order to heal from the devastation of a sociopath. The victim must cut off any and all contact from the sociopath, the hope that they will ever get closure, and any desire to get revenge on the sociopath. 
After the pain and hurt is gone, it is quickly replaced with anger. It's important to not live in denial of what happened, but more important to let go of the anger towards the sociopath. This means not seeking revenge in any form. Any revenge on the sociopath will probably blow up in your face. The sociopath is a skilled con artist and an excellent liar. They have been using and abusing people their whole life. Hurting others comes as natural as breathing to a sociopath. It's hard wired in their brains to manipulate, lie and cheat in order to get what they want. They do not have a functioning conscience, so any pain they inflict onto any living thing will not cause them to lose sleep at night 

I came across this website 
They define the "traits of a victim" as
  • A belief that if you love enough the person will change
  • A belief that if you love enough the relationship will succeed
  • Difficulty establishing and maintaining boundaries
  • Not being able to say no
  • Being easily influenced by others
  • Wanting to be rescued from your life situation
  • Wanting to rescue others from their distress
  • Being over (sic) nurturing particularly when not asked
  • Feelings of shame and self doubt
  • Low self esteem
  • A lack of memories about childhood or periods of adulthood
  • Shyness
  • Difficulty communicating
  • A lack of self confidence
  • Wanting to please
  • A lack of motivation from within and being motivated by what others want
You can decide to be a Survivor. You do not have to be a victim forever. It's being able learn from your mistakes. And become the person you are destined to be. The sociopath always tries to steal what you have, the light in your eyes... They do not have a light in their eyes like you, that is why they have to take yours. 

You must get the sociopath out of your life, and any other toxic people that are draining your energy, time, finances, and life out of you. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Domination • Power • Control

never really let go of their ex's. 
They hang on to their ex by using the children as their Weapons of Mass Destruction. The use the excuse of wanting to co-parent with their ex – all while undermining their ex's ability to co-parent. These types are impossible to co-parent with. They are demanding. Their expectations are unrealistic. They expect you to follow their rules, yet they don't follow of them. 

Convicted criminals who steal out of necessity, or shoot someone who tries to fight them off in a robbery, or commit murder for anger or revenge are better than the sociopath/psychopath. 
The criminal isn’t a threat to anyone else because he doesn’t go around wishing to hurt others or see harm come to them
But the sociopath does - in every waking moment of her sad, sorry existence. The sociopath is a dangerous, a disease spreading low-life. She is the driving force behind her predation is insecurity, greed, entitlement and covetousness. 

Remember; she's not normal. She's incapable of love, sincerity, and in general being a 'good' person. She is incompetent that is why she must take from others to even the score....

The sociopath is spiteful and seeks to destroy you before it's all over with. 
Her objective is CONTROL, POWER and DOMINATION. 
She gets pleasure causing the downfall of others. 

She is socially, morally, and psychologically retarded. 

Although is able to project an image of a perfect person with the perfect life. She is only pretending, she is unable to feel any other emotion than jealousy and hate. She can pretend to be kind and compassionate to ones face —but will stab anyone in the back (even her own mother, sister, relative, children and especially her spouse.). The sociopath starts by starting vicious lies and spreading these rumors to anyone and everyone. She will do anything to destroy ones reputation. She is an online predator, trolling the internet hoping to find a loyal follower to help her spread her venom  anonymously. She doesnt even tell half truths - but she spreads bold face lies so the world will see them. This is how the female sociopath operates. She seeks to destroy a persons reputation.
There are a few reasons she does this:
1. She is jealous or envies her target and want to sabatoge any kind of success the target may have 

2.  She fears that she will be exposed for the ruthless, lying, spiteful, vindictive person she is. So she projects all of her insecurities and fears onto another her target/victim - so the negative attention will not be focused on her 

3. She is just plain EVIL. She gets pleasure from destroying someone. It make her feel powerful and in control. 

Let's face the facts here — THE SOCIOPATH LIVES A SAD LIFE. If you take away the sociopaths only reason for living – which is to hurt others. What else would they have to do...

The sociopaths existence— There existence is of little important in this world. They contribute nothing to society, nothing to their family and children. They take take take but never give anythjng back. EVER. 

The sociopath will NEVER CHANGE. Ever! 
They will tell you they want to change (if caught beyond denial). But don't expect an genuine apology from the sociopath. They only lie and say what needs to be said in order to fool you again.. 

If you have been the victim of a sociopath - DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF. You only fell into the same trap that many others before you have fallen into. 
Sociopaths can be so charming at first. Then after a while they turn on you like a snake.

All the things that have happened to me have happened for a reason. I'm not sure yet why, and still I don't not know the reasons. I do know that dealing with a sociopath  will drain the life right out of you. The sociopath is the ugliest of bullies, because she vilifies her victim. All sociopaths are  manipulative, and pathological liars. They are devoid of a spirit and a conscience. Being targeted by one can either make or break  you. 

I see all my dealings with the female sociopath as a hard lesson learned. Being involved with such a conning and dangerous predator teaches us lessons. We can choose to live in denial about what they did to us. Or we can choose to speak out about what has happened to us. It hurts to be betrayed by anyone who you 'assumed' loved you. But you were betrayed by one of the best con-artist there is.

You've been betrayed, beaten down mentally and verbally by Evil. You are a victim. 

The truth always comes out...eventually. Don't try to expose the sociopath, it will blow up in your face. Soon enough the sociopath always hang herself with her own rope. 


Forget about Retaliation and Revenge. It will consume you and turn you into a bitter, angry person. 

The Best way to Heal is to Live Well. And never take anything for granted. Surround yourself with the people who love you. 


Thursday, June 19, 2014


Stalkers are disturbed people. They do not consider the rights of others. They violate boundaries, the cause problems, the inflict fear on their victims. They intentionally do malicious things to interfere in their victims life. 

Being stalked can be frightening and horrifying for the victim. The stalker has shown how unstable, and out of touch with reality they really are. So a person who is being stalked via; online, followed, harassed by text messages, phone calls, threats, showing up to their work or home, lying about the victim is very afraid of what the stalker is capable of doing to them next. So the victim lives in fear and after a while becomes withdrawn and can become very depressed. 

Stalkers have usually been involved in an intimate relationship with their victim. Stalkers will often stalk the new person in their victims life I.E. - the new girlfriend/wife, new boyfriend/husband. Often the stalker begins obsessing over their victim once they begin to lose control over them, even if the stalker is the one that has ended the relationship — that's how mentally screwed up stalkers are...  

A person who stalks former spouses or intimate partners, are often domineering and abusive to their partners during the relationship and use this domination as a way to bolster their own low self- esteem.

The stalker wants one thing CONTROL. They use the children to try to exert control over their ex. This gives them a feeling of power they can’t find anywhere else. They tried to control every aspect of their partner’s lives when the relationship was active and they continue to try to control their partner EVEN AFTER THE RELATIONSHIP/MARRIAGE has ENDED.. 

The stalkers worst fear is losing control over people over whom they use to have control over..

The stalker suffers from extreme mental instability and personality disorders. Anti-Social personality disorders such as borderline, sociopathic, narcissistic, histrionic, and psychopathic. These individuals are emotionally immature, extremely jealous, insecure, have low self-esteem . 

These people have a distorted view of reality. They feel they have the right to control someone just because they use to be in a 'relationship'. They want to be in control. They feel that their ex (especially if children are involved) are endowed to them for the rest of their life - simply because they share kids. When the individual refuses to let their stalking ex control them – the stalker uses the children in order to gain back control. 

Victims have no choice but to establish NO CONTACT - because of the stalkers consistent harassment, lies and guilt trips, the victim must find a 3rd party to communicate between themselves and the stalker. 

Stalkers are desperate people. They use any means necessary to be in control of their victim. And unfortunately no matter how hard the victim ignores and continues to establish the "No Contact" rule – the stalker will still attempt to communicate and text and call the victim. The children are a great excuse for the stalker to remain in constant contact. The stalker will make lies, such as telling the victim "one of the children is sick or been diagnosed with a rare disease" or "one of the children need counseling, therapy, a psychiatrist" because of the victims refusal to cooperate with the sick stalker. 

This can lead to life long problems and difficulties for the victim, and also the children who are being pushed and pulled into the chaos by the disorder, unstable stalker...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Narcissism Running Rampant

It is often very difficult to help a narcissistic person, because their narcissism prevents them from accepting help. 

Narcissistic people are difficult to live with. It is their significant others who are witness and victims to their inner rage and abuse. 

Narcissit do not know who the hell they are. And they do not care. They are self absorbed, selfish, inconsiderate, vain, and impulsive individuals, that violate others and have no sympathy for the pain they have caused. 

There is no cure for narcissism. The narcissist sees nothing wrong with themselves. A million people could tell them they are not "normal" or that they are "abusive". They disregard others and believe it is other people who are not normal. It is not them! They are perfect

A relationship with a narcissist is impossible. And years are wasted hoping that the narcissist will change. Or see the light and realize their abuse and get help. Unfortunately they never change. And they leave behind broken families and emotionally distraught and conflicted victims. 

A narcissist is mean spirited. They are malicious. They are never faithful to their significant other. They will cheat just because they opportunity presents itself. 

These individuals are so toxic and vile. It will take a victim years of therapy to deal with all the issues the narcissist left them to deal with 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Cluster B's and the toxic ex

Toxic ex's that are still attempting to control YOUR life years after you have divorced. Prove to be UNSTABLE, UNPREDICTABLE, and DANGEROUS. 

They want you to attend all of their family functions and holidays. When you don't because you have moved on with your life, they accuse you of being a bad parent, and hurting your children by refusing to come to their family functions.
How delusional is it for them to expect you and your new spouse to want to spend your holidays and your time off with them (your insane and toxic ex). 
It means that you couldn't get along enough to continue to live together, so why in the hell would you want to spend Christmas with them (Christmas is a special time to be with YOUR family and surround yourself with people you LOVE and care about) 

It can be exhausting, frustrating, and down right toxic to have children with a sociopathic/psychopathic personality disordered person. 
They do not want to let go of their ex-spouse. They relentlessly continue to try to control their ex – even after the divorce is final, legal situations have been settled, and even after THEY have moved on and remarried a new person (victim) 

Toxic people with Cluster B personality disorders (sociopaths, psychopaths, histrionics, borderlines, narcissist) will go to great extremes to make life difficult for their ex. The children are the perfect tool for them to use to get this done. 
The toxic person will make up lies, and try to beat you into submission with guilt regarding the children. It is not because they really care for the children's well being. It's all about control. All the while, they are undermining your ability to co-parent with them and move on to a new life. 

What is SO frustrating about dealing with these disordered individuals is how they take no responsibility for anything they have done. They have caused problems for you, they have done despicable things to you. Yet they seem to forget All of the things they have maliciously and vindictively done to you and your loved ones. 

They expect you to continue to interact with them as if they didn't try to destroy you (emotionally, financially and socially). They really think that just because you share children together that you should DO what they tell you to do. NO MATTER HOW RIDICULOUS IT IS. 

Even though you are divorced the toxic ex still feels as if they really have a right to know what you are doing and who you are doing it with. The toxic ex will bombard you with questions about your life. They violate your boundaries and DO NOT respect your privacy. Although when it comes to THEIR privacy - you better respect it- that is how delusional and out of touch with reality they are...
They want to know your plans for everything. They will use the children again to convince you that you need to tell them your plans. Example — They need to know what your plans for the entire summer are — because they are trying to make their plans and they CANNOT make their own plans until you tell them yours..
(As if it matters what your plans are, they will do as they like no matter your plans) Really the ONLY reason they want to know your plans is so they can sabotage them. 
Even if it is NOT your weekend with the children they feel entitled to know what you are doing over the weekend? 
It's important to realize that there is an agenda and motive behind everything – and their intention it is NEVER good. They are bitter, spiteful and vengeful. So everything they do is intentionally meant to upset you, cause you stress or just get a reaction from you. 
There is a difference between friendly interaction and an attempt to control. Learn to recognize that difference.

This type of toxic ex comes in different forms. They bad mouth you to your children, all while telling others it is you that is talking negatively to the children about them! (always the victim) They will do everything they can to create emotional distance between you and your children.  
Disordered people do not have any conscience about the awful things they do to punish you. 
They tell the children things that they think will hurt you – but actually it ONLY hurts the children in order to punish you. Ex. – "your dad is too busy with his new family to get you this weekend" or "Your mom refuses to talk to me about you going there this week, because she doesn't want to see you" 
They are willing to hurt their own children in an attempt to regain control over you or to punish you in some way. They emotionally damage their children just to "get back at you". This kind of behavior is a very dangerous for children to grow up around. It also demonstrates how mentally sick they really are... 

The Toxic Ex Plants seeds of Doubt

When the toxic ex has failed to "break" you or control you. They will try to convince you are to blame as a result of any of their failures, and the children's failures. They will say and do whatever needed to undermine the goals you set for yourself. The toxic ex will go as far as saying that the children need counseling because of you inability to cooperate and co-parent with them. (Remember they are ANGRY that all their attempts to control you so far have FAILED) This is symptomatic of a manipulative and vengeful mindset person and any communication from such a person should be ignored.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Psychopaths are very similar to sociopaths. Both do not have a functional conscience. Both wreak havoc on the lives of their family members. 
Psychopaths are more organized and have more self control than the sociopath. Psychopaths are usually more intelligent than the sociopath. While the sociopath embellishes their professional life and education - convincing others that they are some sort of 'genius'. Psychopath are usually very intelligent, and do not have to boast or lie about their intelligence. They are usually above average intelligence (from my own personal observation)

Psychopaths often have charming personalities. They say what their “victim” wants to hear, in order to gain trust. The manipulation is covert. They have learned to mimic emotion, so they usually appear “normal” to other people. 
Psychopaths are often educated and hold steady jobs.  Some are so good at manipulation and mimicry that they can have families and other long-term relationships. The people who the psychopath considers to be close to them, usually have no idea they are dealing with a psychopath. They know something is just “not right”. The psychopath is so good at deflecting, blaming, projecting, and twisting a situation when confronted. The normal person feels they are the problem, not the psychopath. 
The mental and emotional abuse that the psychopath inflicts on their victims can be permanent. 
After the relationship is over, the victim will need therapy to understand wahh has happened to them, and to be able to get their life back. 

The psychopath leaves their victim(s) in ruins — financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and sometimes even physically. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

The downward spiral of the female sociopath

There is the functional female sociopath (which is only functional or successful for a small amount of time - usually in her late 30's. When she hits 40 her bullshit no longer works on her victims and she has alienated most people in community and it's a downward spiral after that) 

The functional female sociopath is not outwardly violent. She is remorseless, clear-eyed and calculating, she is chameleonic in the extreme, puts on one mask after another, one feigned feeling after another (interest, concern, sympathy, simpering insecurity, confidence, arrogance, lust, even love) to get what she wants.
But none of these feelings are actually something she feels. She is imitating others and how she perceives others to act in different emotional situations. 

Behind closed doors — only her immediate family, spouse and her children see the real monster. The off the wall, crazy, belligerent, threatening, controlling, vile, spiteful, vindictive, obsessed and malicious person she really is. 

It's NOT a pretty picture. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Serial Cheaters - Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Narcissist

Serial Cheaters usually all have some sort of screwed up personality disorder, such as the psychopath, sociopath, and the narcissist. They are just NOT wired right..

Their empathy synapses just don’t fire. They’re wired wrong. These are the kind of people that sleep really well after they come home from spending all day (or night) from being at a hotel with a married man (that's NOT their husband or wife) They can look at your distress, and see that you are upset or worried - and they simply shrug and look at you like you are crazy for the way you feel.

These are people who have double lives. Multiple affairs, spanning years, decades even. Consequences don’t really register with these folks. When you try to divorce a serial cheater - they’ll just remarry and do the same thing to the next sucker (hopefully their affair partner). They only really want to divorce you on their terms. So getting divorced from these sexually aggressive and dangerous people is never easy. (And God help you if you are unlucky enough to share kids with someone like this)...

These are the people for whom deceit is a lifestyle. Deceit is part of the high. Getting one over on someone. Do these types of people consider their partners feelings? Hell no. They are incapable of actually feeling Love for another human being. They don't even love themselves. That is why they seek pleasure anywhere they can find it. It is physical pleasure only. They will never be able to establish a real emotional and deep connection with anyone - ever...

They are the type who also will never admit that they cheated no matter what. Even after they are divorced and are married to the person they were having an affair with. Some can convince themselves that their actions were justified, others know exactly the wrong they were doing – they just don't care at all. 
I have actually heard a serial cheater say 'that they are now just married to their best friend'  {Example — I just married my best friend of 10 years, after divorcing the man I was married to twice...} 
WTF? Does that make any damn sense??
Of course it doesn't - but the psychopath really believes that all if they write about it on social network, twitter and Facebook, and enough people see it — then people will believe  it! That is so far from the TRUTH. Most people know who is the liar and who is the victim. As much as the sociopath tries to vilify a person - karma has the last word or the sociopath hangs themself with their own rope....
They are unable to see how crazy they sound. In their warped and twisted mind, they believe they have everyone fooled. Everyone is so stupid compared to them. But NO ONE is fooled.. 

Serial cheaters are deeply and profoundly screwed up. You would be an idiot to try and reconcile with one...
People (if you really want to call them that) with Personality Disorders do NOT get better. EVER.. These people lack the ability to connect intimately with anyone. Every word they say to you is fake. They may look human, but they are really just a monster in humans clothing. They Are Predators.
If they tell you they love you – believe me, it is not a love that is good for you. It means you are of USE to them. 
Get the hell away from this distorted, hateful and soulless individual. The sooner you break away from them, the better your life will be. 

The truth is EVERYONE knows the truth about these people, but no one wants to call them out. This is because everyone knows that if they were to question the distorted persons story — they either know what a waste of time it would be to call out someone with NO conscience and NO remorse. Or they just don't want to deal with the drama that would follow by pointing out the truth to a ruthless, cold and vengeful asshole. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Self centered sociopaths

All sociopaths are self centered - 
Self-centered sociopaths like to make other THINK care about them, and will often go to great lengths and put great effort to convince everyone (and you) that they care, but their behavior is actually very different from what they say they do and what that actually do.

Sociopaths are the most vindictive and hateful individuals there are. They will steal from a child. They will hurt the elderly. They do not care about the well being of humans or animals. They care about themselves, being in control and who the next sucker is they can con. 

If you are involved with a malicious sociopath. You will learn the hard way how they will attempt to damage you and destroy your life. They want to see you suffer - no matter how much you cared for them. Even if they are cheating and end the relationship. They make you pay for it. They have no remorse over anything they try to do to screw up your mental state. They want to break you down. They actually enjoy seeing someone tired and stressed out and afraid. 

After a sociopath you will find it hard to trust other peoples motives. But always remember that a few dirty polluted drops of rain into the ocean doesn't destroy the entire ocean. People are basically good. It's unfortunate if you meet a sociopath. Even more unfortunate if you have children with one. But you will make it through and become a stronger, better person. After the sociopath you - it may take time to heal. But you will heal. And you will appreciate life more than ever. Don't let a nasty sociopath steal your light. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sociopaths and narcissist

When you're not accustomed to dealing with distorted personalities like the narcissist and the sociopath, you will be totally caught off guard - especially when you are a genuinely good person. It's hard to realize that their are people among us with NO conscience and No Guilt or remorse.. 
Narcissist and sociopaths create fear in good people. You see these people committ other atrocities (and get away with it). Why wouldn't the atrocities they are doing to you be any different. 
Your fear of the narcissist and sociopath is valid. It is not just a misplaced feeling. Your fear is a warning and it is entirely justified. 
The best thing you can do for you and your loved ones is to get away from the distorted person -NO MATTER WHAT. If that means moving - DO IT. 
Sociopaths and Narcissist are extremely dangerous. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Aggression and insecurity

The aggression of a sociopath is actually an overcompensation for lack of real love, the ability to feel genuinely happy and joyful. They lack understanding and knowledge. They are mimickers and frauds. They harass their ex's til they die. They don't get the hint that nothing they can say will ever make their ex listen to or respect them. They have burned that bridge. They usually move on to the next target unless children are shared. They use their sharp tongue to slice you in half. So in other words - they cut you down to make themselves bigger. Typical tactic of an insecure, hateful, and vengeful bully 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sociopathic Parents = Abuse

When sociopaths become parents, it is scary. The sociopathic parent is irresponsible, manipulative, hateful, spiteful, and has no consideration the feelings of her/his children. 
Is that surprising?? That the sociopath is inconsiderate of the feelings of the children?  
It shouldn't be... The sociopath has NO consideration for ANYONE'S feelings. Children are no different. The sociopath views their children as just another "object" to use, to manipulate others. Especially the non-sociopathic parent. 

The sociopath will never care about the children. The sociopath doesn't think how much she is screwing with her children's head. The sociopath doesn't think about the future often, or consequences that could come from how she neglects them, manipulates them, alienates everyone healthy in their life. The sociopathic parent isn't concerned for their well being. The sociopath is only concerned about control. She will attempt to control the children's non-sociopathic by using the children against him. She has no remorse for her wrongdoing. 

She wants 100% control over the children. In order to control her ex-husband. Female sociopaths are more prone to using children to hurt their ex spouse than their male counterpart - but the male sociopath will also do this if he gets the chance. The male sociopaths us use the children to hurt and deprive their ex whole the female sociopath uses the children to control their ex. 
Men will take their ex wife and mother of his children to court in attempt to get full custody - for the sole purpose of hurting her. He doesn't really care to have custody of his children. He hates responsibility.  So it isn't because he LOVES his children so much... It's because he want to hurt his ex-wife.
What better way to continue to hold control over his ex wife?  The sociopathic father, tries to annihilate his ex-wife in court. He comes across as the victim of this "unstable and unreliable" woman. When his ex wife tries to defend herself, it is emotional and to the judge it looks like she is unstable. 

Unfortunately sociopaths come across cool as cucumbers in court. Child Services and Family Protection Agencies and judges need to be better informed about the manipulation of a sociopath, and the effects and fear the sociopath has on his victims.. It's important to be aware that the sociopath has the ability to make their ex look bat shit crazy. By smear campaigns, gas lighting, verbal abuse, neglect, emotional abuse, and terrorizing..