Saturday, October 19, 2019

HELL on EARTH - Being the Ex-spouse of a Sociopathic Narcissist

Being the victim of a sociopath can be pure hell. Especially if the sociopaths is an express that you share children with. Or if the Sociopath is your new spouses ex that they share children with. The harassment of you and your spouse seems to never end. They use the children against you. They spread lies about you. They tell the children’s teachers, the children’s friends parents, what a crap parent you are and it will spread rumors about you and your new spouse or girlfriend.

They do this to socially destroy you. To ruin your life. And anyone who is in your life that you love.

You must disengage from the dangerous Sociopath. Sometimes it is not always realistic to go totally “NO CONTACT”  when you have children.
So in order to minimize their ability to exploit, deceive, manipulate and harm you.
You must detach, distance, and disengage.
The Sociopath thinks because you share children together, that they can talk to you every day, send you harassing messages. When you tell them that if it is not concerning the children, and you have nothing to say to them. The sociopath will make up stories about the children to you, just so they can talk to you, the only reason they want to communicate with you is to make your life difficult. 
The sociopathic narcissist wants to control you in every way they can. And they are going to do this by using your children, that you love, against you.

They will use the children as their greatest weapon against you. They will deny you access to your children, they will tell you how bad of a parent you are, they use guilt, they will do anything and everything to try to stay in contact with you in order to maintain control over you.
Once you go no contact with them. They become desperate to make contact with you, it will become an obsession for them. They will make up lies about the children, saying things like one of the children has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, one of the children is so upset about the way they are not communicating that that child needs therapy. When the child really does not know what is going on. Unless the Sociopath has told the child something, but you as a loving parent have not involved your children and letting them know what an evil mother or father they have.

Do not rely on any information the sociopaths gives you. Always verify all information concerning the child’s health with the child or with your child’s doctor, teachers, counselors. You will more than likely find that everything that the sociopathic narcissist told you was UNTRUE. 

Do not put up with their harassment. If they continue to harass you and call you, and you have told them that you refuse to deal with them because everything out of their mouth continues to be alive. Tell them that you only want to communicate with them through an attorney. But not directly. And then blocked their number from your phone.
This will in rage the Sociopath, they will become obsessed with getting you to respond. You will get text message from random numbers, that the Sociopath has found online to text you with. They can become dangerous, even moThis will enraged the sociopath, they will become obsessed with getting you to respond. You will get text message from random numbers, that the Sociopath has found online to text you with. They can become dangerous, even more so than they already are..

Always remember that narcissistic sociopaths take pleasure and making other peoples lives difficult, and watching them suffer... 

Dealing with one of these individuals is HELL on earth.

Monday, July 8, 2019

When the narcissistic sociopath is a parent...

Toxic parents who abuse their partners and children are some of the darkest, and most evil people in our world. They are the most evolutionary caustic types  of human beings on the planet, if they can really even considered to be human at all...

Truly, as parental figures, such people with a known propensity for sociopathic traits and Malignant Narcissism should never be encouraged to breed.

Unfortunately though, they feel they must have children and a husband/wife in order to blend in with the world. They paint a picture to the world as the perfect all American family. When they are anything but that. But their goal is to appear as normal as possible to the world. They fear being exposed for the monster that they really are.

When sociopaths and narcissist decide to start a family and bring innocent children in the world, they do this for ALL the wrong reasons. Their intentions are not good. They only want the children as pawns to manipulate situations.

I am really referring to the female sociopath/narcissist.  Because having children makes people assume you are maternal and as a mother and caretaker of a small innocent child, the women is less likely to get exposed for the evil that she is. And she is also able to gain more sympathy from others with the children. Since she always will have a poor poor pitiful me story to tell everyone.

The female narcissist/sociopath is the most evil of evil, because she  gets away with abusing, manipulating and hurting for so long, because having children she is less likely to be suspected of being such an evil vindictive individual. 

She has a only evil reasons for wanting children so badly.

First off she needs these children to manipulate others with them. If she is married she manipulate her husband with them. If she is divorced, she uses the children to manipulate her ex husband, and control his life. She will attempt to get as much money as possible out of him for the children. Child support will not ever be enough for her. She will ask for money for this and that for the children. And the money never is spent on what the children. The ex husband will usually have to end up getting the children all the things that they need. Although the sociopathic mother said she needed money for it, she never uses any of the money on the children. She will control the ex husbands life with the children. This makes it hard to find love again. The female sociopath loves to waste the time of others. When it is the fathers time with his kids. She will hide them from him, sending him on a wild goose chase for hours until enough of his time is wasted then she will finally be available so that he can get them from her.
I witnessed a sociopathic mother do this to her ex husband for years. He was to pick them up at her home at 5 on Fridays. But when he arrived at 5, the children were not there. She would tell him they went with a friend to go look at kittens somewhere or play in the park, but to come back in an hour and they would be back. The father would come back in an hour. The children were still not home, and she always had an excuse, like they decided to get ice cream they will be back soon. So the father could wait in driveway awkwardly or go to grocery store and get some food and things for him and the kids for the weekend. When he would return around 7, no one would be at the sociopathic mother’s house. He would call her, and she would say that he took so long they decided to get something to eat. He would ask her if he could just pick them up at the restaurant they were at. She would say no. She would say come back at 9. So he has just wasted 4 hours trying to pick up his children. Finally when he would come back at 9. They would be home. And of course each kid (there were 2, a boy around 8 and and a girl around 12) they would have friends with them.

The sociopathic mother never told him about friends being with them, ask if that was ok. But at 9pm he was to good of a person to not allow the children’s friends to come with him. So she basically wasted his entire evening with his children and when he finally got them, they had friends over that he was going to have to care for as well.

He would also have to get the kids bags together. They stayed with him until Tuesday so he would have to get their backpacks for school and school clothes.

The sociopathic mother would intentionally take out certain items that she knew the kids would need for school or need in general, just to inconvenience her ex husband and waste more of his time. 

This is just one true example of how things were when this loving father would try to pick his children up on Friday. And how the female sociopath would make it so hard for him to do this.
This only what she did to him when he was trying to see and get his children. She did much worse than this. He never knew what she would do to make life hell for him next. But he was a smart man, so he was always expecting something.

She made everything miserable for him. Every birthday for the children was filled with her making it into drama. She would throw her own party for the kids (or actually her mother did all the work) And she also expected to be 100% in control of whatever the father had planned for the kids. And she expected him to pay for both.

It was hard for him to plan vacations to the beach with his children without her controlling every aspect of it. She would tell him last minute that the kids wanted to bring a friend with them to the beach. So his family beach vacation, turned into him having to watch his 2 children and his daughters 2 friend and the sons 1 friend. He didn’t say no, I will not do this because of the wrath that she would cause.

He basically lived life, trying to just have a minute of peace. Which he got very little.

She not only manipulated him with the children. She manipulated her mother with them as well. Mainly to get money out of the mother. Which she would say was because their POS dad refused to give to her. Even though he had given her the money, then she collected money from the mother, but never spent it on the kids. The father always had to end up getting whatever it was she claimed they needed.
As if the $3500 a month child support was not enough.
It was not enough. 
Nothing would ever be enough for this evil woman 

Why did This man never take this evil vindictive woman to court and fight for custody? Because the fax was she was never taken care of the children when they were at a young age because she did not want to take care of children that were younger and not self-sufficient. She was a very selfish woman. But she was an attorney and she knew the law very well. And she knew how to manipulate the system and as most of you know it is very hard to beat a  this man never take this evil vindictive woman to court and fight for custody? Because the fact was she was never taking care of the children when they were at a young age because she did not want to take care of children that were young and not self-sufficient. She was a very selfish woman. But she was an attorney and she knew the law very well. And she knew how to manipulate the system and as most of you know it is very hard to beat and sociopath or narcissist in court.
 They are able to turn everything around on you making you look like the horrible parent.  They will make up lies and they will end up making it so they have even more power over you. And still collect your money at the same time.

Watching a parent lie and manipulate others is absolutely brutal for children of narcissistic and sociopathic parents to have to endure. Not only does it cause them unregulated amounts
of Social, EMOTIONAL, and PHYSICAL PAIN to see a villain succeed, it 
shakes their faith.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Narcissist are broken and want to break you.

Narcissist are broken mentally and emotionally. You made them feel amazing for a certain period of time obviously that time is over since you are asking this question.
Narcissist  fear abandonment so deeply that they could leave you for someone else and be so hurt that you moved on and are dating again.
The reason to make you suffer is because they are the ones suffering worse then you ever could. 
 But this the only way they know how to function. 
So by punishing you they are desperate for a reaction good or bad makes no difference to them as it is attention and shows they still have control.
Ignoring them causes a HUGE blow to their ego and they HATE it! It EATS them ALIVE!
They will abuse the new supply or smear you to their friends and family to try and maintain control over their own emotions since YOU wont give them what they want.
Seeing you hurt give the narcissist power!
 Seeing you happy makes them ANGRY!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The sociopaths intentions

Psychopathic individuals do not appear to care whom or what they use or ultimately destroy.

In the beginning of a relationship with a sociopath, psychopath or a narcissist, an person who is being targeted is usually unaware of the sociopaths true intentions.  Also to any possible vulnerabilities potential victims may have that can  make them more receptive to their advances, psychopaths also look for those who will “invest” in relationships with them.  Often things may feel wrong.  However, in the absence of any solid reasons or evidence as to why things do not feel right, the relationships, whether romantic, business, or otherwise, often continue.  The simple passage of time can further deepen the connections and perceived obligations to the psychopath.  It may seem that victims are weak, but this is not the case.  Normal human vulnerability should not be confused with weakness.  Anyone has the potential to be targeted.  

Although interactions with individuals with psychopathic traits can often be conflictual, even when things are considered “good,” most psychopaths are easily bored, like excitement, and steadily move through victims.  It is common for them to leave trails of destruction as they go.  Often, psychopathic individuals simply decide to leave a situation, partnership, or relationship unexpectedly.  

At any point, they tend to have disdain for anyone they see as threatening to their position and will very likely attempt to disarm those individuals who they consider to be threatening.  This stage may present further challenges for the victim.    Many with psychopathic traits do not like to be questioned.  Often, at this point, the victim searches for answers.  It is not uncommon for people to seek answers from those with whom they are involved.  In these cases, doing so can often lead to conflict and meet with further retaliation and  victimization.  Unfortunately, even though they are ready to move on to another situation or relationship, they may enjoy watching a victim’s distress.  Sometimes, they even enjoy the challenge of a fight.

Evil evil evil

Friday, November 3, 2017

Narcissist Do not need a reason to destroy you

A narcissist needs NO reason to be hostile to their target. Normal people attack for natural motives like revenge or retaliation. This is NOT the case for the narcissist. They simply attack people who possess something they want. 
The narcissist believes that everything belongs to her, and if someone has a little of it, then she's not getting all of it

Pathological greed, entitlement, and covetousness are what makes the malignant narcissist a dangerous predator. 
They are forever out to take, keep from, destroy and besmirch whatever they can get their grimy paws on: be it your job, you home, your relationships, or your reputation.

It is sheer malevolence to want to damage the most valuable possessions of another. 
It is sheer malevolence to be hostile to others getting what makes them happy and feel good about themselves. 
And, it is beyond sick to have ill will toward people who aren’t harming you, have never harmed you, and have never threatened to harm you. 
Malignant narcissists are pure evil. Just look at who they target: vulnerable children, people who love them, family, and the innocent.

Convicted criminals who steal out of necessity, or shoot someone who tries to fight them off in a robbery, or commit murder for anger or revenge are better than the malignant narcissist. The criminal isn’t a threat to anyone else because he doesn’t go around wishing to hurt others or see harm come to them. But the malignant narcissist does - in every waking moment of her sad, sorry existence. The malignant narcissist is a pestilent, disease spreading low-life and the driving force behind her predation is insecurity, greed, entitlement and covetousness. Remember; she's not normal. She's incapable of aquiring positive attributes for herself, so she must take from others to even the score.  

The malignant narcissist's spiteful envy compels her to steal from you and she wants to make damn sure that you are severely harmed in the process.  This clandestine power game is priority number one, and all of the malignant narcissist’s energies are devoted to it.  The objective is POWER, CONTROL, and DOMINATION and she will stop at nothing to win. Causing the downfall of others gives her pleasure and victory means disempowering the target to a state of suffering and loss while aggrandizing herself. So sad, that the pathetic little narcissist must resort to such tactics but she knows no other way, she's abnormal: socially, morally, emotionally and psychologically retarded. 
However, beneath her extreme treachery, the malignant narcissist is still able to project an "image" - albeit campy and over-the-top.  So, when people don’t incite her jealous rage, she lays on the smarmy charm thick with a spoon and slyly uses those dimwits to spread vicious rumours about her victim. All the while, maintaining a false front as a well meaning, do-gooder. Blech! That is precisely why these sickos - particularly women - can continue harming people. Why is the average person so dense? Narcissists are lousy actors.     

Malignant narcissists love their perverted sport, and they never want the game to end. It's all they have. Let's face it; their lives are sad, so very sad.  Take away the narcissist's only reason for living  – to hurt others. Don’t be their play thing. Stay Far Far Away.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Healing from the Sociopaths Abuse

There is life after the sociopath/narcissist. In the beginning after the sociopath has left you, and they have moved on with the partner they had been cheating on you with.
You will feel shock, pain, hurt, devastation, denial, anger, and depression.
But it's so Important to remember that "this too shall pass..." 

Yes, you wasted a great deal of your life on this sorry excuse for a human being.. And if you have children with one, well that's another post... 
After the sociopath has moved on you must NOT CONTACT this person anymore. You will want too, because you are looking for closure. There is NO closure with the sociopath or the narcissist. They will not allow you to get any closure. They only allow you to feel pain.  
They KNOW the pain you are in (they have done this to others before you) 
Your pain is how they exercise their control on you without even being in a relationship with you. Do not let them control you anymore. 

As hard as it may seem, you must find the strength to interact with others. Talk to the genuine people in your life, and most importantly - TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. 

When the person you loved has betrayed you, and emotionally and mentally abused you for years, sometimes it may seem that in order to keep the peace, you must keep quiet about the abuse. You become an unwilling victim of your abuser. The sociopath wants to destroy your self esteem, because it elevates their own self esteem. The sociopath has no boundaries with anyone, they do not respect anyone. 

They believe they can do whatever they want, to whoever they want. The way a sociopaths mind works is so distorted and twisted, that a normal human being cannot even begin to try to understand why the sociopath does what he/she does.

The sociopath lives their life without ever taking any responsibility for any of the lives they have destroyed. They bounce from one victim to the next. 

Some sociopaths actually convince themselves that they are the "victim". When the relationship is over (because of their cheating, lying and stealing) they take no responsibility for anything. The sociopath will start spreading lies about their victim as soon as the relationship is over (sometimes they begin their smear campaigns before it's over - to ensure that their victim has no credibility)
The sociopath will tell people that they finally left you because you were an abusive alcoholic. 
If you have children with the sociopath – expect the sociopath to tell everyone you both know (friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances)  that you are a "dead beat" parent. They will try to make you out to be a monster. There is no limits on what lies they tell. Even if the lies could land you in jail or to lose your job. 
THE SOCIOPATH DOES NOT CARE! I have seen lives destroyed by a females sociopaths lies about her children's father. I have seen a female sociopath say that her ex husband had slapped or hit their children.  Other examples that the female sociopath will say;
He abused me and our daughter, even breaking bones in my wrist; He gambled away all my money, I have gone broke trying to pay off all his debts and loan sharks ; He is a pathologic liar and a minimizer and his job is aware of this; He has left me in debt, and refuses to pay back owed taxes from when we were married.  

Because the female sociopath is never happy until she breaks you down, crushes your soul, socially destroys you, isolates you from the world. 

The female sociopath will try to destroy her ex husband. When in fact the ex husband is a wonderful, kind and a caring father {and the only healthy relationship the children involved have with an adult} the ex husband has never hit or broken the bones of anyone, believe me - IF HE HAD, the sociopath would of called the police and had him arrested the second it happened (they love being able to be a victim)
The sociopath says that her ex gambled away all their money and now she has had to pay off debts - Hahaha! The female or male sociopath ALWAYS LEAVES THE VICTIM IN FINANCIAL RUINS, but it is usually the female who cries wolf, and plays the hero by claiming to have paid off the debt (so she can gain sympathy from others in hopes they will want to help her poor pitiful situation). 
When the sociopath accuses her ex husband or her other victims of things like pathological lying, and mental disorders - it is because she is projecting what is wrong with her into her ex or victim.

AND REGARDING financial ISSUES (oh this one I could go on forever about) The sociopath will NEVER pay off taxes (unless threatened by IRS jail time). I have personally
 seen in my profession where the sociopathic ex wife was writing blogs, tweeting, posting it on Facebook; how her ex (father of her children) owed so much money in taxes and it was affecting her credit, and she was unable to pay her mortgage on the home she won in divorce because of the tax situation that her ex husband was responsible for. Even saying that every child support check was seized by the IRS as soon as she deposited it into her account. ALL LIES !
In fact she was trying to save face because the home she "owned" was in foreclosure due to the fact that she just stopped paying the mortgage and the sheriff seized it and it was up for public auction. As far as the taxes are concerned. The ex husband had to hire a tax attorney to sort out the clusterf*ck of a mess that was accumulated while he was married to the sociopath. Knowing the sociopath would NOT pay her share of the taxes, the husband paid them all off (hers and his) because he knew she wouldn't pay them, and it would negatively affect his business. Of course his crazy ex-wife didn't work (although she claimed to) so it would affect her. She already had 20 judgements against her for other debts, loans that she never made good on. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How the Female Narcissist Operates

The female narcissist is jealous of you.  She is jealous of who you are and what you have. She is jealous of other females. She does not have many female friends because it's difficult for her to maintain female friendships because her jealously comes out and most women do not want to keep that kind of friend in their circle. If you invited her into your circle, when you did not know what kind of female you were dealing with, she may have already started triangulation within your circle. Telling one person this, and another person else. Then turning those people against each other so that they do not speak. If they were to speak with one another - her lies would be exposed.  So always communicate in a group setting with any problems that are arising. 

You think your problems with the high school petty drama, were over in high school, right? Wrong, if a female narcissist has entered your life. 
A female narcissist will bring all that drama in, she always has and always will. She is not capable of having normal relationships with other females. Just like she can't be in a normal and healthy relationship with men.  

If you have caught on to her behavior, and she is unable to continue to manipulate and control the situation or you. She will attempt to control you another way. That is usually by controlling how others view you.  She will control you behind the scenes. By turning your fiends and others against you with lies. She will spread lies about you to your work. She will attempt to destroy you in the most covert way. After all she cannot allow you to possibly expose her for the evil manipulative human she is. She was prepared for this to happen long before you were. So the lies she began telling about you began long you became suspicious of her.  She was prepared to get revenge on you before things began to fall apart. 

She does so many manipulative, calculated, and underhanded things, the victims find themselves on the defense. Under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t feel insecure or like people were turning against you. But because your ex has etched it into your brain that you are at fault. You have begun to question everything about yourself. 
Don't question yourself. Go with your first instinct, trust your intuition. If you think this disordered soulless person is doing these awful things to you (even you have no proof) - they probably are!

Either way, the desired result is that you feel anxious, suspicious, and insecure about every little thing. You may even begin to feel guilty about your jealous thoughts and doubtful of your ability to act “normal”.  When and if you do confront the Narcissist/sociopath about your suspicions, she'll call you delusional or needy or bi-polar. 

The narcissist accuses you of everything that she really is herself. She also will do to you everything she accuses you of. 
So be alert and listen when she accuses you of something - because that accusation is about to happen to you! 

She will never admit to anything at all. She is able to look at you in the eyes with no emotion and claim she doesn’t have the slightest clue what you’re talking about…