Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Happiness is easy - Once you delete the toxic people

Happiness is actually quite simple.

Delete the toxic people in your life.. You know who they are. 
They are the people who constantly demand more from you. What you have given them is never enough. They always want more. The demands are unrealistic and ridiculous. 
You find yourself exhausted and tired. You have no energy physically and mentally. Just getting a simple text message from them, stresses you out.

These toxic people truly do not care about your well being. They don't care if their demands are causing you to feel sick. It feels like they are trying to make you drop dead with their constant ridiculous demands. 

These people use to guilt to manipulate you to do what they want. They are experts at using others to hurt you, and hurt everyone else they know. 

You are not their only victim
They do this to everyone that is in their life, ex- partners, siblings, parents, children. These people have FEW close friends because of their selfishness and toxicity. You will find anyone who is their “close” friend usually reside out of state. That is the only way to keep a friendship with a toxic person. 

Toxic people TAKE TAKE TAKE. 
They never GIVE anything back. 
A relationship with a toxic person is so draining because you are the only one giving and working to make the relationship work. 

Toxic people DO NOT care about the people they hurt when they CHEAT, LIE, and ABUSE. If children are involved, they do not think about how their actions will affect the children. You can guarantee that after you have divorced, they will use the children as a way to hurt, control, and manipulate you. 
They are the first to say – “do you care about your children, do you know what you are doing to them?”   
They want to beat it into your head that you are a bad parent, if you say no to their demands. It doesn't matter how much you actually do, they never mention that. They just beat you down when you say NO to one of their many outrageous demands. Painting you out to be a horrible parent that doesn't give a crap about your children. 
They will tell you that you are a cruel person that doesn't care about your kids. All because you said No to them. This is typical narcissistic/ sociopathic behavior and traits. 

THERE IS NO RATIONALITY BEHIND THE THINGS THESE PEOPLE SAY. The more you can ignore them, block them from your phone, never speak to them, the happier your life will become. They NEVER change. 
If they are not tormenting you, I will bet they are tormenting someone else. 

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