Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DONT SEEK REVENGE - Sociopaths will destroy themselves sooner or later

Sociopaths are notorious for lying. To a sociopath, lying comes about as natural to them as breathing... They are not capable for telling the truth. They only know how to lie. They are aware of their lying though. They are aware when they are telling people you know lies about you in an attempt to ruin your reputation. They are seeking to destroy you. Why? Because they want to kill you emotionally. This is how they break you down. They are convincing. They are psychopaths. No conscience or remorse about anything. They are aware they are ruining your life, hurting your children, and they just do not give a crap. They want you to feel their wrath. They want to see you suffer. To a sociopath, the more they can destroy a strong person, the more proud they feel of what they see in their "warped" mind, as an accomplishment. 

If you confront them or retaliate, they will use that against you as well. Letting you act upset gives them ammo to say "I told you she was unstable". They are truly the product and proof that evil does exist in this world and they are morbidly evil. They are ruthless and unhappy people (if you even want to put them in the same category as human beings). 

Luckily as the sociopath ages, they become sloppy. They have more lies to remember and have more than likely lost many supporters and creditability. It is completely normal for you to want to seek revenge on the sociopath who has ruined your reputation, ruined your career, destroyed you financially and any of the other horrific things they are capable of. But PLEASE LISTEN TO ME ON THIS AS I KNOW FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE! PLEASE Do Not Try to get Revenge. YOU CANNOT BEAT A SOCIOPATH. NOTHING CAN OBSTRUCT THE WILL OF AN EVIL, LYING SOCIOPATH. YOU MUST REMEMBER THESE CREATURES HAVE NO CONSCIOUS. THEY DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. THEY ARE UNABLE TO LOVE.UNLIKE NARCISSIST A SOCIOPATH IS NOT EVEN CAPABLE OF LOVING THEMSELVES.
If you are a Normal person, with a heart. You can't win against something made purely of hatred and now as an adult is pure evil. Remember a sociopath doesn't do hateful things to protect themselves because they have experienced pain in their life. They do HATEFUL things because they simply like to see the pain in others eyes. They feel proud if they can breakdown a strong person. If the person has accomplished many things the sociopath is even prouder of their evil work. SOCIOPATHS ARE EVIL. THEY DONT ALL KILL AND THEY ARE NOT ALL SERIEL KILLERS. BUT THEY ARE ALL RUTHLESS HATEFUL LIARS. THEY ARE TERRIBLE MOTHERS WHO VERBALLY AND PHYSICALLY HURT THEIR OWN CHILDREN, ELDERLY PARENTS AND ANYONE ELSE.  Everyone to the sociopath is prey, ready to be used and abused.

My suggestion is get as far away from them as you can. Leave everything you had with them behind. I have fought for my child and lost because the sociopath is so convincing in court. She is a woman also.  What I have learned that if You give them enough rope, they will hang themselves eventually.
The sociopath that targeted me for so long, has hung herself. Metaphorically speaking. She has lost any support within community. Everyone knows from dealing with her she is nothing more than an old washed up druggie. Unreliable, dishonest, scandalous. My child hates her now and lives with me. It took years to get to this point. But I left the whore alone and she used up all her resources. She even had the nerve to try to come back to me and as for help. I laughed at her. She looked like an old bag lady. She lost all her looks. She looks 70 and she is in her 40's. Everyone that sees her tells me how horrible she looks. My child says she took them to the stores with a flip flop and high heel on she was so whacked out in drugs.

She is a loser,  it will take time but I promise revenge against a sociopath is not the answer,  they are so self destructive. Just let them hang themselves. They will. That is a fact.

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  1. Stay as far away from those monsters as you can. Don't fight back, don't argue, don't seek revenge, just run - run as far and as fast as you can and never ever let them or their minions find you.