Friday, January 10, 2014

Cyberpaths - sociopaths - INSANITY

“Cyberpath” is a colloquial online term that describes an individual with a pathological disorder who uses the internet as a medium for acting out their pathology. The alternative definition is a psychopath who uses the internet to find, stalk and exploit others either online or in real life.
Cyberpaths use the Internet to defame, slander and stalk their victim/target. Being a target of a cyberpath/sociopath/narcissist myself. I know the torment that one of these sick individuals is capable of. ONCE YOU EXPOSE THEM YOU WILL MOST CERTAINLY BE SUBJECT TO THEIR SOCIOPATHIC RAGE. THE CYBERPATH MAY/WILL DO THE FOLLOWING:
- harrass you by phone or email (BLOCK their emails and instant messages or DO NOT REPLY - just save them. If they threaten you, impersonate you, go immediately to the 
- do everything they can to make YOU look like the "crazy one". The want others to believe it's you that has the problem. You are the sick, mentally ill, distrubed ("scorned) or not credible person
- use their 'minions' (friends/ spouses in denial, other predators, etc) to help them discredit and smear you
- they make up many fake profiles to comments anonymously about how they know you and you are the crazy one. And that it is you that is stalking the sociopath. They will act as if you have caused the sociopath so much pain. YOU ARE PAINTED AS THE BAD GUY.
- they will smear you, they will go for you at full speed ahead. Slandering your name in every way. All lies. (My sociopath said that I was a horrible father and willing to sign my rights away on my child - just so I could continue to live in the house I bought) - she also said I had stolen money from her then lost it all gambling. 
* I have been accused of physically beating her, breaking bones, abusing our child, being a pathological liar, an alcoholic, a drug user, dead beat dad. -( I am worried of the lies she will tell next about me). I worry as soon as I do not do what she wants - like give more money, get her a car (she has wrecked 5 cars in the past 4 years) that she will accuse me of more horrendous things. This has bedn so frustrating. I can't defend myself. The more I try the crazier her 
accusations become. 

The female sociopath possesses TWO symptoms always. They are verbally abusive, and they are serial cheaters. These are only 2 common traits of the female sociopath. When a sociopath has chosen you as their target, she will stop at nothing to destroy you. Your reputation. Your spirit. She wants to break you down, and will enjoy watching you fall into a million pieces.  
She will socially destroy you, by spreading vicious lies that are vile and disgusting.
My ex wife is a coward sociopath, she does all her creepy stalking online and spreads her gossip there. She has over 30+ blogs,  some in her name and most are blogs created by her impersonating someone who is not Real. I always know what she is doing to me and others just by reading her blogs. In her blogs she portrays herself as poor pitiful victim. She always uses her children as her weapon of mass destruction. In order to manipulate people to feel sorry for her and then give her what she wants. 

About four years ago, she made some very defamatory statements about me. These statements could have cost me my job. She was accusing me of everything from stealing money from her, being an alcoholic, a compulsive gambler, and even being physically abusive to her and breaking her bones. 
She had also stated that I was willing to sign my rights away on my child, in order to stay in the home I currently reside. Which is untrue. The home I am living in with my new wife. I purchased this home with the sociopath, and at the time she was having affairs with other men, and she wanted me to live out here because it is 30 minutes away from town. That way she could be in town having her affairs with numerous men. She never made one payment on the home, she has never invested a dime in the home. She had no interest in the house or our child.  She would claim to be working and sometimes I didn't see or hear from her for 3-5 days at a time.  She was always gone. She stayed at our old home, in town, even tho it was for sale. My old neighbor told me he saw many different men coming in an out of house. 

I was working my ass off and taking care of a young child, although she always claimed to have a job and work. She never had a job or worked. She only claimed she worked because she didn't want to take care of our child, but she would claim to be a working mother, and a successful business woman. She chose men, some who were strangers, some she knew “well” over her daughter.  I knew it was going on but at that point I didn't care. I HAD TO WORK FULL TIME TO SUPPORT MYSELF, MY WAYWARD WIFE, AND MY CHILD. And I had to take care of my child with no help.  I didn't have time to confront a person who was only going to look me dead in the eye  and LIE. Lying is second nature to her. I hate using this word, but this bitch was an evil, selfish, cunt..

Sociopathic  stalkers believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing and entitled to every wish. Such people have no sense of personal boundaries and no concern for their impact on others. To a sociopath she is always “the smartest person in the room,” and can outwit anyone. She knows how to change her IP address.  So it's hard to trace whatever blog, domain suet she has made up about me back to her. She doesn't work. But she claims to be a working attorney. She was an attorney 10 years ago, before she was disbarred. She had stolen in a matter of 2 years over $250,000 from her clients. In order to avoid going to jail, she pleaded with the state bar that she was bi-polar. And she also put all the blame on her secretary. 
I really regret marrying this person. She lied to me our entire marriage. What is so crazy is that I actually believed her lies. No matter how many times she would lie to me - even if it was the same lie, I would believe it.. She was so convincing. Sometimes I think I did not want to believe the truth. I did live a lot of my life in denial of it. Now I'm fully aware of what I'm dealing with. A monster. A person that has no conscience, no heart, feels sorry for no one and is just downright mean. 

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