Sunday, August 9, 2015

SoCioPatH and ReVEnGe


We realize that to attempt to get revenge against someone who has no moral qualms, no conscience, and no limits on what they will do to cause pain is a wasted effort on our part. Any move you make, you know that the sociopath will make a counter move even more damaging than anything you are capable of or can even imagine. The Sociopath has no limits to what they will do to ruin another. They are completely soulless, heartless, and their seems to be not an ounce of humanity in them. 

Sociopaths are far more skilled in Revenge than we are. 

It is a natural human response that when we are attacked, want defend ourselves. When we cannot  defend ourself, and we continue to get attacked. Eventually we begin to want to get revenge. 
Sociopaths are skilled at lying, manipulating, and abusing. They lack normal human emotions..
So whatever you do to the sociopath or want to do, is not going to affect them much. They will simply just move on and continue their destructive lifestyle. 
Remember, sociopaths don’t care about the future. They only care about themselves and getting what they want, ‘right here and right now’.  They do not care how they damage their children, their parents. They feel no responsibility for NO ONE, not even themselves. They expect someone else to be responsible for getting their needs met. 

The sociopath will always be intent on making your life as difficult as possible.

It's important for your own sanity to remember that the sociopath will take a person down as far as they can, and then they will back off, and suddenly try to act nice, make promises to reform or just simply behave as normally as possible while the individual regains their strength (assuming that they are not totally depleted) and then the sociopath begins the vicious all over again. Of course, if the person is so down and depleted, that they have nothing left to give to the sociopath, the sociopath sees them as too pathetic to use and manipulate anymore, and they simply just move on, to their next victim....

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