Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The sociopathic grin - Smiling or Baring Teeth

This quote is talking about a sociopath.
And it is so true! 

Sociopaths smile so nicely to everyone, and look so friendly. Little do most know that they are actually planning on destroying someone.
The person they will always target is the caring, sympathic, loving and most genuine person. 

After all why  would a sociopath target someone like themselves? With someone with the same intentions that they have? When it's much easier for them to target a kind, trusting and giving individual. 
Sociopaths and narcissists have an unhealthy deep love for themselves and their own reflection in the mirror. 
Of course you will only see the hatred they have for you after the honeymoon phase is over of course.


  1. They do have a soul. Every human has a soul but sociopath have a personality disorder and that is what makes them different.

    1. i dont believe every human has a soul. you should look up "organic portals" that is what a true psychopath is. sociopaths, narcissist, yeah they may have a soul, just a very deformed one