Saturday, October 8, 2016

How the sociopath will silence the victim

Truly evil people avoid extending themselves. They will take any action in their power to protect their own laziness, to preserve the integrity of their sick self. 

Rather than nurturing others,they will actually destroy others in this cause. If necessary, they will even kill to escape the pain of their own spiritual growth.

                                 —M. Scott Peck, Psychiatrist, 

                                Author People of the Lie

Narcissists, Sociopaths, and psychopaths are not mentally ill. There is no therapy to that will ever be able to help them. There is no amount of medication for them to take to balance their brain chemicals. 
It is not their brain chemistry that is off balance. 
It is their soul and conscience. The simple fact is, these types of people have no soul, no conscience, they feel no guilt, no remorse. They find ways to fly under the radar, doing just enough to convince others they are productive. But those who are unfortunate enough to live with a person like this, know the truth. Most are usually to afraid of callling the sociopath out on their lies and deceptive behaviors. This is because they know the damage the sociopath is capable of doing to them. 

The sociopath will stop at nothing to silence someone who they believe could expose them for who they really are. They will do this by spreading lies about the person who they deem as a threat before the person can expose them. The sociopath will begin making accusations toward the target. Staying that the person is crazy, unstable, and a liar. Sociopaths play the victim while vilifying the real victim. They will say they are afraid of what this person will do to them, accuse the person of being obsessed and stalking them. 

Social media makes this very easy for them to do these things. After the sociopath has created enough doubt in the minds of others and spread enough destroying information about the person. The victim is usually silenced, because they are traumatized by what is being said about them. The disgusting lies that the sociopath has said, damages the self esteem of the victim. The person no longer has the confidence to tell their story and what the sociopath has done to them. 
Even when the sociopath has silenced their victim, .this doesn't mean that they will stop mentally and emotionally tormenting the victim. 

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