Monday, November 18, 2013

What Doesn't Work With a Sociopath

The sociopath is still playing the game. She is hell bent on carrying out smear campaigns against you, ruining your reputations with business associates, friends and even your close family. They will financially, socially, and emotionally stop at nothing, until you are destroyed. They gain too much pleasure from seeing you destroyed. This is just how a sociopath operates. They do not know how to end a relationship like "normal" people. This is what separates "THEM" from "US".

What Really DOES NOT work (and will make things worse)

Showing at any time, how upset you are, and how his/her actions are affecting you. The sociopath is looking for emotion. Is looking to control you. Is looking for reaction.

Do NOT give emotion/reaction anything. By doing so, this motivates the sociopath to destroy those emotions (you are still living), so the game continues

Do not respond to contact

Do not write a personal blog about them, and mention them by name

Do not write how you are feeling over social networks

Do not engage with the Sociopath in any way at all BLOCK ALL CONTACT

Do not talk to, or confide in people who are mutual friends. Only confide in people that you trust

Do not expect other people to understand. Unless they are trained psychologists, they won’t understand

When you respond, in anyway at all, you are feeding the Sociopath further Narcissistic Supply. 

This is what they want. It makes them feel good.

Remember that they are the expert liars, and experts at being manipulative and deceptive – NOT YOU!

You need to stop playing the game. Each time you respond. Each time to give a reaction, you are playing the game.

The sociopath likes two things
1. Winning
2. Being in Control

Take away those two things. The Sociopath will get bored eventually. Has he/she not taken enough?

What Can You Do?

-Use the law to control the Sociopath. Each time something happens, call the police!

*Keep evidence of EVERYTHING*

***Keep calling the police***

Contact a local DV unit in your area, to ensure that you get support (Google or your phone directory for domestic violent services in your area) find someone else who is trained has experience to help you with this – A DV worker offer support and help you to obtain an injunction order. This is harassment, there are legal remedies against harassment

Find victim support groups, and talk to others who really do understand.
The Sociopath is NOT the person to ask to stop the behaviour (he/she likely won’t)

ONLY spend time and confide in those people who you trust. Remember that the Sociopath is likely spreading lies about you, saying how ‘crazy and obsessed’ you are. REMOVE yourself from this, even if only temporarily

Withdraw from ‘mutual friends’ so that the Sociopath is unable to use third party people to continue the abuse (whilst looking like an angel and you looking like the nut job) SOCIOPATHS LOVE TO VILIFY THEIR VICTIMS -- this is one of their specialties  

Remember that this will NOT go on forever

By responding you are giving the Sociopath supply

Only legal remedies will stop the Sociopath – they will not listen to begging, pleading any of this, in fact this can make things worse

Remove yourself. Stop focusing on the Sociopaths behaviour. Instead focus on you

Do NOT. I repeat DO NOT respond in anyway. When you respond with tears, begging, pleads to stop. You are simply giving the Sociopath exactly what they want.

Please stop playing the game with the Sociopath. Yes I know that this is affecting YOUR life. It is. If someone was at you with a knife and terrorising you… who do you think would help you more? The Psycho, or the Police and third party services who could offer support?

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