Thursday, November 14, 2013

Female sociopaths are more dangerous than males

Male sociopaths are dangerous, but female sociopaths are even more dangerous. Our society has more protections available for female sociopaths than the males ones due to traditional norms held by society. Generally, women are viewed as nurturers, caregivers, compassionate, and the primary pillars holding up their families. However, in reality, there are a lot of women that fail to meet those standards. They get joy from breaking down others, playing mind games to deteriorate a person’s sense of worth or get people to join their mission. These women are treacherous, remorseless, 
leeches, narcissistic, and lack the ability to emotionally connect with others. Thus, making them a danger to their significant other (or husband), children and anyone of their targets (or projects). Dr. Robert D. Hare, a psychopath expert and an author ofWithout Conscience The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us, “believes that about 1% of the population fits the profile of [sociopath], 
and male [sociopaths] are 7 times more common than female [sociopaths].

Female Sociopaths are much more subtle, covert, and manipulative than their male counter parts. They wouldn't dare pick another sociopath as a partner. They prefer men who are kind, compassionate, forgiving, and have the ability to feel guilt. They choose someone that is stable and hardworking, so that they forgive their affairs, or so that they can use their children as pawns against them the rest of their life to get what they want - money, bills paid, etc... Basically the father will be taking care of the children, and the mother wants the status quo of "wonderful doting mommy" while she does nothing.

Healthy, real relationships are built on mutual respect and trust; they are based on sharing honest thoughts and feelings. The reason the sociopath is so dangerous because she Is able to convince you that you are being in an honest thoughtful and genuine relationship, for as long as she must until it's yo late.. Then when you realize what you are dealing with and what has happened you are so confused, so scattered, trying yo put together the pieces, she is tying up any loose ends to destroy your creditability you may use against her..

Dr. Hare goes on to say that the psychopathic bond can take place very quickly, sometimes within hours. That means it could happen over coffee, drinks, in a business meeting or, as Dr. Hare mentions, on a cross-country airplane trip.

The abandonment phase begins when the psychopath decides that their victim is no longer useful. They abandon their vicim and move on to someone else. In the case of romantic relationshps, a psychopath will usually seal a relationship with their next target before abandoning their current victim. Abandonment can happen quickly and can occur without the current victim knowing that the psychopath was looking for someone new. There will be no apologies for the hurt and pain they cause because psychopaths do not appreciate these emotions.

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