Friday, February 14, 2014

Sociopathic Apologies

Sociopaths rarely apologize. They never accept responsibility. If you confront one they will try to turn the situation around on you. Blaming you or whoever for the things they have done. The believe they are smarter than you. They have a grandiose sense of entitlement. They feel justified in doing what they do. Even if they destroy a life or a family. They convince themselves that the person deserved it or the family was already in ruins anyways .
Sociopaths want notoriety, and take credit for someone else's hard work. They like the finer things in life. But they don't believe they should have to work hard for it. Since working hard is for other people, not for them. They have many people who they are manipulating to do their dirty work or get them what they want. When a sociopaths desires something. They will simply take it without permission, or manipulate a person to get it.

When a sociopath is confronted or in the wrong, it's no use in talking to them to get them to see your point of view, or how they hurt you, because they truly don't care. 
~When you try to tell a sociopath you feelings, even in an attempt to make the situation better, sociopaths invalidate the listener’s experience or feelings.
~They also try to make excuses for themselves, so that their actions are justified. They will even say "well if you hadn't have done this, then I wouldn't have done that".
~Sociopaths shift the focus and responsibility off the themselves and place all the blame onto the listener, or the person who is trying to tell them how they are hurt.
~Sociopaths will imply that the it is you who is being unreasonable, oversensitive, irrational and "crazy" for the way you feel. They don't care if they have hurt you. Confronting them just makes them irritated, and more likely to continue to do more hurtful things to you.
~Sociopaths will not ever take any responsibility for their actions, they will blame you  for what happened to you. As if you "had it coming". They don't want to hear what you are trying to say, so they will dominate the conversation me won't let you get a word in edgewise.
~On the rare occasion they do apologize, it will not be genuine. They may say " Im sorry you feel like that but...... "
~Sociopaths always send you the message that they aren't actually listening to you, and they aren't really willing to consider the way their actions made the person feel. So you will not get closure with a sociopathic person by talking to them, and expressing the way you feel. Simply because they don't give a crap about you. They only care about themselves, they are not interested in you and your feelings.
~If they act interested in you it is only because they see something in you that they can use or that they want.  That is the reason they are with a lover or spouse. Usually because there is something in it for them. Sociopaths are unable to love others. Although they are experts in pretending to love.

If you are in a relationship with a sociopath, they sweep you off your feet, pretend to like everything you like. You may feel you have found your soulmate. Because they have so much I'm common with you. That's only because, as they have done their whole life, they are mimicking your emotions, so you feel you have a special bond with this person. They have a certain charm and charisma about them which makes you feel drawn to them.  It isn't long before the real "thing" they are is starting to expose it's ugly side. Once they feel they have you hooked, that is when the mask comes off and you start to see them for who they really are. So then once you see this, why do you stay? Because you have the memories of the relationship in the beginning, and you hold onto to hope that things will get better and the person you first met will return.

Sociopaths are horrible friends. They expect you to back them up, but they will never back you up. More than likely they are spreading lies about you because of their jealousy and insecurity of you. Anyone on their life, they feel jealous of. Even lovers. They feel insecure, even though they are bold and confident. It's only a facade.

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