Saturday, February 8, 2014

Do Not Help the Sociopath

If you have ever been in a relationship with a sociopath, had a family member who is a sociopath. Then you already know the pain they are capable of inflicting on you, and your family and even your children. People who have been fortunate enough never to have been a target for the sociopath, will never understand what you have gone through or what you are going through. Although they will be sympathetic to your situation, (if they are a supportive and caring friend) but they will never understand what the sociopath has done to your mental health, self esteem, and over all well being. They probably will not understand why you cannot pull yourself out of the depression you are in. 
A sociopath can cause psychological damage and mental trauma, and even physical harm.  Having to deal with a sociopath is not just hard, it can feel like a fight for your life.  Because the sociopath is trying to emotionally destroy you. Even the strongest of people become broken down and weak after having to repair the damage the sociopath has done to them. The reason it is so hard to heal from being attacked by a sociopath, is because they are still trying to destroy you, while you are trying to heal. They are still out launching more smear campaigns, spreading more lies, and ruin you socially. They want others to question your morals and agenda. 
Although most people cannot beat a sociopath, that does not mean that you should just lay down and  die. Because that is EXACTLY  what they want you to do.  You do not have to be a low life as the sociopath is, and stoop to there classless low level, by seeking revenge. 
This means having Absolutely no contact with the sociopath AT ALL!  It means lcutting them out of your life. Don't respond to any text they send. Don't answer their calls. If they show up to your home, call the police ASAP. Because you are not dealing with a normal person. You are dealing with a monster. With no remorse, conscience, morals, ethics, and regard for human life, the sociopath is capable of the unthinkable. They are able to commit horrific acts and feel no guilt about it whatsoever. 
IF YOU ARE A VICTIM OF A SOCIOPATH YOU MUST GET HIM/HER COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR LIFE FOR GOOD!  This seems radical, but it is the only option you have to keep yourself safe, and your family safe. You MUST Protect yourself from the drain that the sociopath has on your time, attention, money, and good attitude. 
Do Not Even Consider or Believe that you or anyone else can try to help and heal the sociopath. It is a pointless waste of your time and of your life. It’s not your responsibility. The sociopath can't be healed, and the sociopath doesn't want help. In fact if you try to help them, they despise you even more.  Because they hate all people but they loathe people who are good and compassionate. 
You have your own goals and your own life, and those are your responsibility. YOU OWE OTHING 
TO THE SOCIOPATH! The sociopath has a huge sense of entitlement. They believe that they should 
have whatever they want and desire, without having to work for it, like everyone else.. 
I recommend that you severely challenge your need to be polite in absolutely all situations. Sociopaths take huge advantage of this automatic courtesy in exploitive situations. Do not be afraid to be unsmiling and calmly to the point.

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