Monday, March 24, 2014

Emotional blackmail - sociopath/psychopathic individuals

Sociopaths aka Psychopaths aka Emotional Blackmailers make it nearly impossible to see how they’re manipulating us, because they lay down a thick fog that obscures their actions. All the while, if we attempt to fight back, they “ensure that we literally can’t see what is happening to us.”

The Sociopath — will often take the intimate, embarrassing moments of your life that you have shared with them and any secret they know about you (only because they manipulated you into believing they could be trusted, by charming you and gaining your trust, only so that you will feel comfortable enough to confide in them - then they will have something to use against you when they need or want something. They sociopath does not care about you. They want you to think they care about you. 
That way when they fear they won’t get their way or you may tell them no, they use this intimate knowledge to shape the threats that give them the payoff they want.... This is because they are evil. Mean spirited. Vindictive. Hateful. Dangerous. Callous and Cold Monsters. 
                                             The Sociopath is a 

Sadistic Predator. Who preys upon the kind, the weak, the vulnerable 
and the elderly. They are insecure and know deep down inside that 
they are not good enough to pick on strong confident people. They fear that those are the people who will see right through their facade. The strong person with a healthy set of boundaries is capable of exposing them for the filthy slime they really are.

Emotional blackmail is how the vicious sociopath gets what she wants. 
The emotional blackmail is how she threatens people covertly to get what she wants. An example of how a sociopath thinks is: If you don't behave the way I want you to, you will suffer. The sociopath might threaten to use knowledge about a person's past to ruin her reputation, or ask to be paid off in cash to hide a secret. And if you still do not comply after threats. The sociopath will not only use private information they know about you, but they will make nasty lies just for fun. 
The sociopath does all this just because they didn't get their way.... They are willing to destroy another human life ALL BECAUSE Someone Told them “NO”. 

Normal people accept that people will not always do as we want them to. They simply accept and respect the rights of others. When a person is disordered and has mental illness and personality defects such as sociopathic personality disorder, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic, or sadistic psychopathic personality disorder. They are emotionally retarded basically. They still act like a 2 year who is throwing a tantrum at the age of 50. It's really sad to watch, unless you are their target. And you realize this is NO 2 year old. “This is a dangerous person who is going to try to harm me.”

Stay away from the sociopath. She is dangerous. She will destroy anyone who threatens her position of power (which is all imagined in her crazy brain - she actually has no power). 

Sociopathic women start to get worn down with age. They have less creditability and no 
real friends. They usually have alienated their kids, or they have alienated their children's 
relationship with the healthy parent. Everyone distances themselves from the sociopath. 
They want to be far away from the evil, consciousness, cold blooded sociopath. So any connections or acquaintances the sociopath has {including any children} people will make the choice to distance and stay away. They realize that the sociopath is so toxic, that they put themselves at risk of more abuse to even speak with the sociopath, or live in the same town with them. 

I know a guy who is currently in the process of moving up north just to get away from his sociopathic ex wife. She has harassed him, annoyed him, slandered  him, ruined his reputation, threatened him so many times.  Although he has been divorced from this witch for over 7 years - she calls him everyday, sends novel long text messages everyday and since they are not physical threats - the police can't help.  So he has lived in fear of her pulling a Betty Broderick for the past decade. 
He is taking such drastic measures because nothing else has worked. The NO CONTACT RULE has not worked. No matter how much he ignores her, her calls only get more crazy and scary...

Remember Sociopaths will harm you and violate you in anyway they can. These people do not have a conscious. They feel no remorse or guilt. Therefor they are capable of anything 

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