Thursday, July 17, 2014

Knowledge is our best defense

More than likely if you are reding this, you have been or currently are a victim of a evil sociopath. I know, because I have also been targeted by a sociopath. My life was turned upside down, my self esteem was broken, and I became someone I did not even recognize anymore. 
When you are targeted by a sociopath you do not enter the relationship or friendship looking for the "red flags" of a sociopath. But after knowing the sociopath for a small time, you began noticing that something is just not right about the person. Unfortunatley by the time you realize what you are dealing with it is usually too late...

Knowledge is the best defense we can have against the sociopath. Living Well and Moving forward is the best revenge we can have on the sociopath. 

Most people initially feel hurt, confused and devastated after realizing the person they have been with for however long, was lying the entire relationship. After the hurt wears off some, Anger starts setting in. How dare them do this to us. We realize that they wasted a period of out lives that WE WILL NEVER GET BACK. So we want Revenge. But getting revenge on a person with No morals, No conscience and no limits to what they are capable of doing to you is not a good idea. 

Sociopaths are destructive. They will destroy anyone. And for no reason. Makes are NOT the only sociopaths out there. Females can be sociopaths as well – they are much harder to spot. They could be the soccer mom, PTA mom, they cause so much pain in lives and go undetected for years and years. 

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