Sunday, July 20, 2014

Doing the Devils Dirty Work

There are normal people who manipulate, but it isn't an evil type of manipulation. As human beings we do things we aren't always proud of. But normal human beings will usually feel bad about manipulating someone or lying to someone they care about. 

This is Not the case with the Sociopath. They have NO shame or guilt. They don't feel bad or remorseful for the horrific pain they cause others. Sociopathic manipulators are pathological liars. They NEVER TELL THE TRUTH. They Do Not even know the truth anymore, because lying so much more familiar to them.  Sociopaths withholding import at information from people. Sociopaths deny that they are ever responsible for causing pain or lying. They will Always find an excuse or justify what they did or they blatantly deny it. 

Sociopaths are notorious for playing the victim. If they are confronted they may pretend to be confused, or they try to convince the person that is confronting them that his or her tactics are intended to help because they are very concerned. It's all a bunch of bullshit.  

Sociopathic Manipulators frequently use gas-lighting. They love provoking someone, just to get an angry reaction out of them, then the sociopath will  blame the victim and tell them and other that the 'victim' is acting crazy and is unstable because of their reaction. The sociopath will proclaim that they are the victim of this angry person. When in reality the sociopath has been pushing the persons buttons and provoking them to react.

As normals human beings, we can only take so much poking at us, harassing, slandering, provoking before we do react. After all WE ARE HUMAN... 

The sociopath may look human on the outside, but inside they act nothing like a human being that God intended. They act more like a product made by Satan himelf. Sociopaths seem to be working for satan. Doing the devils dirty work. They are puppets for satan. They are skilled abusers. Sociopathic individuals exploit the trust they have gained through deception.

Sociopaths are very much like venomous snakes... 

Plain and simple — Sociopaths are bad people. They will always be bad people. They will never change. Their brain is dysfunctional. They are deprived of the very thing that makes us human – COMPASSION. 

Sociopaths — HAVE NO COMPASSION for anyone. They will destroy whoever it is they feel is a threat to their situation by slandering, mocking and ostracizing their victim. A sociopaths harassment is not violent, but it is covert and persistent 

Sociopathic men tend to be physically abusive as well as emotionally abusive. 
Female sociopaths on the other hand, portray themselves to be kind and caring and helpful, and are rarely violent. But the abuse and emotional scars they inflict on their victim is so damaging, that some never heal from it.
The lucky ones sometimes are able to get out of the clutches of the sociopath and can overcome the pain and abuse they have suffered at the hands of the sociopath.
Those people live to tell their story and to help others who are victims. They become stronger, and make others aware of the "sociopaths" among us. How sociopaths operate. These people are not victims of the sociopath anymore... They are Survivors 

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