Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sociopaths are Stalkers..

Cowardice This is one of the major traits of a stalker/sociopath, rather if the obsessed stalker is on the street or online.  People with a stable mind, and who are emotionally and mentally healthy  have no need or desire to engage in stalker like behavior. 
When someone is truly being stalked or harassed, they will call the police, and take the legal measures necessary to protect themselves from a dangerous stalker. 
Many stalkers/sociopaths will vilify their victims. This is a common tactic they use. For example: to know if someone is being truthful about being stalked, they WILL NOT TAKE TO SOCIAL MEDIA TO DISCUSS IT. A person being stalked is usually frightened and afraid. They will try to hide from their stalker, they will not take to social media to announce that they have a stalker. 
*RED FLAG* - When you see a person claiming that "they are being stalked by a cyber troll, or mentally unstable person" - **THIS IS A RED FLAG**  
When a person is TRULY AFRAID they will NOT do anything to provoke the stalker. For example - they will NOT claim they have a Stalker, or use first and last names. When you see someone using a persons first and last name - it is usually in an effort to defame the person, accusing them of the exact behaviors they are inflicting on the REAL VICTIM

Facebook or twitter are a stalkers favorite way to keep up with their victim. And also it is a sociopaths favorite tool to slander and ruin the reputation of their victim - if someone's social media uses a persons full name negatively - THE SOCIOPATH WANTS TO VILIFY THE VICTIM SO THAT THEY LOSE SUPPORT OR CREDITABLY. Also female sociopaths Use their children to play victim. They know children are innocent, and they prey on people's kindness by saying "my kids are so scared of Firstname Lastname". They will exploit and use their kids to elicit pity from kind people. 

Real Victims DO NOT want to instigate or provoke the stalkers behavior. A PERSON BEING STALKED is afraid and should call the police and file a police report, to let the police be on alert about the situation. Speaking of the stalker 
on social media could put their families life and their own life in danger. 
Having a stalker can be a truly horrific ordeal. A person being stalker will keep a low profile and disappear from social media because they do not want their 
stalker to know what they are doing or where they are at.

**Also if a person has a blog and they are slandering and accusing someone of stalking or other unlawful acts on their blog - if you see that they have put the person full name in the "labels" section, so that if that persons googled - the negative info the sociopath has provided will be the first thing to come up**
SO ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU SEE SOMEONE POSTING COMMENTS AND USING A PERSONS FIRST AND LAST NAME. THIS PERSON IS 99% MORE THAN LIKELY NOT BEING STALKED, BUT THEY ARE ACTUALLY THE PERPETRATOR AND THE STALKER. ** What they are doing is vilifying their victim, in order to convince others that they are the victim, so they can continue to stalk, harass, and mentally torment the real victim. This is a very common tactic of any sociopath. They are attempting to discredit the person they are stalking and harassing. BY DISCREDITING THE REAL VICTIM, IT GIVES THE STALKER SOCIOPATH MORE ACCESS TO CAUSE HARM TO THE VICTIMThey will accuse others or committing criminal acts but rarely take legal action. Because they know that if an investigation was to take place - THEY WILL BE EXPOSED AS THE ACTUAL PERPETRATOR. It is much easier to play victim and get pity from kind people.
The Internet is the perfect domain for the Stalker/Sociopath. The sociopath seeks to avoid all personal responsibility for her/his behavior.  Not only do “normal” people have no need to engage in stalking behavior but the intelligent, self-confident, well balanced person (one who can feel love, empathy, joy and compassion) wouldn’t even consider stalking another person.
The very thought of it would be abhorrent to them. ------------------------------------>>>For a sociopath however, stalking is like second nature to them; a 
skin they feel very comfortable in.

The ultimate coward stalker is the man or woman who stalks a former lover or spouse. And the worst of the worst cowardly stalkers actually stalk their former spouses/lovers NEW SPOUSE OR LOVE INTEREST. THIS IS TRUE PSYCHOPATHIC OBSESSION! The psychopath is not satisfied with stalking only their former spouse, they stalk their former spouses new lover or partner, because they want to know what their former spouse is doing, and know everything about the person they are doing it with. This is the most DANGEROUS of all situations, when the obsession has gone to these extremes.  Unfortunately this can result in a homicide. The stalker/sociopath murders their former lover/spouse and also the former spouses new partner. Since the sociopath is such a coward, they will usually takes his or her own life to avoid prison, and all responsibility.  They take their own life NOT because they feel ANY REMORSE or GUIL for the person they slaughtered, or the lives they have destroyed. They do it to avoid 
being held legally responsible for their actions. When you think stalker, also think coward. They are one and the same. This also means that cowards, in the right circumstances and possessing the right frame of (twisted) mind can be extremely dangerous, even those who have never before committed of a serious crime of violence. (That only means they haven't been caught yet for their disgusting and perverse behaviors) 
*¡!¡* I am going to post more on this subject later. I have a good friend who has been accused of stalking by her husbands, ex wife. This woman(the ex wife) has taken slander and false accusations to a new extreme of creepy and dangerous. She is accusing my friend who I have known for about 20 years, of stalking her. She claims to be scared for her life and her children's life (red flag) If this deranged and mentally unstable woman is so afraid for herself and her children - why does she make post on Facebook about her children's life and activities. If she is being stalked she would not be giving out so much personal information of where abouts. Also she has no problem with my friend picking her children up from school. What this psycho ex wife is doing is attempting to ruin my friends reputation, because she is jealous of the fact that she married her ex husband, although the ex wife is remarried as well... She has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (so her mother and other family members have reported) but it is a clear case of sociopathic disorder. Sociopaths are rarely diagnosed because they can fool the most qualified psychiatrist. So it is a hard diagnosis to make ..

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