Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sociopaths And Stalking

Sociopaths stalk their victims and exes because they feel as if their victim belongs to them. They see their victim not as a human being but as a ‘material possession’. 

This story is from a friend of mine who has been dealing with a sociopathic ex now for over 12 years. 

It can be quite a scary experience for the victim. Sociopaths stalk in different ways. Some in personate their victim online to destroy their victims reputation. Others keep up with their victims online activity. And the real psychotic sociopaths actually follow their victim. Making the victim feel their life and the life of their children is in danger. 

Stalking is a crime in most states. But unfortunately by the time police interact the victim has usually been harmed.

When my ex stalked me, she also stalked my new girlfriend who is now my wife. She kept up with my online activity. And also my wife's. She would get information from our children about what we did at home we are we were going. It became to the point where I could not tell my own children basic things because I was afraid the information would get back to my psychopathic ex. 

She really targeted my wife, by impersonating her online. She started a blog pretending to be my wife and pretending to have an in mental illness. She wanted other people to believe that it was my wife who made the blog and was looking for help for ‘borderline personality disorder’. 

My ex-wife has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, when her mother made her see a psychiatrist or else she would cut off her from the money she gave her monthly. I don't believe that she has borderline personality disorder. I believe that she is a sociopath, a common every day sociopath. - this is just my opinion from what I know of her.   

I have had emails made up in my name. I have had credit cards in my name that my ex-wife applied for. She has financially done everything she possibly could to destroy me. 

I have had no contact with my ex-wife now for over a year. But that does not stop her from continuingly contacting me. She gives our children notes for me to read. I do not read them throw them away. She believes that I am her material possession and I ‘owe’ her my loyalty. 
Even though when we were married she was anything but loyal. 
It seems to me that sociopaths have a really “bad” memory. When it comes to remembering the cheating and lying they do. But they have an excellent memory when it comes to bringing up any small mistake you have made, or any kind of help/service they “think” they did for you. For instance - the 1995 model Lexus that I drove for years was in my ex wife's names, she still continues to bring up “that if it weren't for her I wouldn't have had a car to drive”. Though I gave that car back to her 7 years ago when she didn't have a car due to all the accidents she had. Yet she is still bringing it up. 

She got extremely angry when I bought my wife a new car. I simply told her, “that's my wife, it's not your business, tell your husband to buy you a car if you need one". As she had remarried as soon as our divorce finalized to the man she was cheating with so long. 

My children are almost adults (17 and 15). My daughter is responsible and has a car of her own now. Even though I was always planning to buy her a car, my ex wife's mother bought her the car. 
It's just another thing that my ex wife throws in my face. “What father doesn't buy his child a car on her 16th birthday?!” 
I wasn't given the option to even get my daughter a new car. Yet my ex wife is constantly telling anyone who will listen, what a piece of sh*t father I am. How I have completely abandoned my children, for my “new family”. Which could not be further from the truth. 
My daughter is on our insurance policy. I have paid my ex wife $3500 monthly since the day she said she was going to work out of town (she was really going to the Bahamas with her married boyfriend). She left me to take care of our then young children. I still had to work. It was hard for me, but I stepped up and did it. My children remember that. Though they rarely bring it up. 

I have never spread rumors about my ex wife. I remain Anonymous if I speak of my experience. Just as I am remaining anonymous on this blog post. 

I wish I could tell readers that this story has a happy ending. Unfortunately I cannot though. Even after being divorced for over 10 years, she has not stopped any of her craziness. 

I no longer try to please her, or give in to her, just for a day or two of peace. I realize that nothing I do will ever be enough. So when she tells people what a crappy father I am, I no longer get upset. My children know I am a good father. I support them emotionally, financially, and in any way they need me. My daughter now 17, comes over to spend time with us every week, and she brings her 15 year old brother. 

My ex wife wants to punish me. For what, I don't know. She cheated and left on her own. I was too busy caring for our young children to get angry or ‘revenge’.

It seems as though when I remarried, that is what really angered her. I suppose she feared that I would no longer be her puppet, and my new wife would influence me and point out that the way my ex treated me was not appropriate or right. And she was right.
I stopped allowing my ex wife to verbally abuse me and steal from me.
This has angered my ex, she really believed that she would be able to control me until the day I died. 

Unfortunately the only people who are really suffering from my ex-wife's a erratic and irrational behavior is our children. 

But fortunately my children have turned out to be wonderful, amazing, and brilliant little adults. It amazes me everyday at how smart and sweet they are. They have been through so much. 
My ex wife tells them terrible things about me and my wife. The children have chosen to make up their own minds about me and their step mother.  They see our actions, and how we do not speak ill of their mother, and we are consistent. 

I know that by having children with a sociopath, that my life will always have some sort of drama. My children will marry one day and have children and I  sure my ex wife will use what is suppose to be a wonderful occasions to make life unbearable. 



  1. Very good post. So sad for children that are involved

  2. Thank you for the post. Living it right now. This site has been enlightening and empowering. Thank you for the wonderful articles. Spot on!

  3. Thank you very true I'm living it also with 3 young kids.

  4. Only God knows If it will be any drama. Maybe God cures her someday.

  5. I have been living it for a while too. So NONE of you are alone in this. I know it feels like we are alone and living in fear of what are they going to do next. I have accepted I can't control the psychopath who torments me. I have no contact. But I can't stop her from posting defamatory post and blogs about me in attempt to destroy my reputation. She tries to sabotage my job, my relationships with others. But I have one thing on my side - the community I live in is a small town and she has lived here her whole life. So i wasn't her first victim and i am not her last. She has created her own reputation. You can only screw people over so much before they want nothing to do with you. And that is where my sociopath is in life. Everyone thinks she Is bat sh*t crazy. Doesn't stop her from trying to continue To destroy me tho