Friday, August 7, 2015

Sociopaths and Narcissist Both Cheat, but for different reasons..

Sociopaths and Narcissit are both serial cheaters. They cannot be faithful ever! 
Male or Female. Narcissist or Sociopath. They are all cheaters, in every way.  They cheat their way through life, they have affairs with other people while in relationship or marriage. Just like they not capable of the truth or remorse, they are also not capable of being loyal to anyone. 

Sociopaths and narcissists have different motivations for cheating. 

A narcissist, is truly a very insecure person. Even though they come off very self assured and confident. The narcissist cheats to build his/her ego. It is a constant source of narcissistic supply and reassurance. They do not feel good or energized with one partner. Their ego needs to be stroked and fed. This is how they get their narcissistic supply. And it's YOU ( the one person who has supported and loved them ) that will pay the price. And that is ok with the narcissist. You love them and they believe they will always be able to manipulate you into forgiving them. They will take advantage of your love and kindness just because they can...

A Sociopath on the other hand cheat because... well they can. Sociopaths feel entitled to do whatever they want, and expect to suffer no consequences, or ever even be held accountable. Sociopaths take what they want because they want it. 
There is no moral issue involved as far as they are concerned. Since the sociopath believes they are entitled to anything and deserve everything, they recognize NO RuLeS that apply to them. They believe there can be no violation against and no wrong. The rules normal people  follow, do not apply to the sociopath. This is what makes the sociopath very very dangerous. There is no limits on what they can do, and since they are without any conscience, they are capable of horrible things. Sociopaths have absolutely no sympathy  to the damage they do to innocent people.

To a sociopath, cheating is like a game where she/he maneuvers the man/woman into giving her/him what they want, and  it has no special meaning to them, though they will do everything to make you think otherwise. Sociopaths are all con artist. They are skilled pretenders and liars. 

You will notice that to both a sociopath and a narcissist, they think they can  have sex with many others, and arrogantly say  “Hey, I've still got it, I'm good looking. I'm irresistible.” But, to get what they want, they will focus on YOU, feeding you what they know you want to hear. They make you believe you are special, but in fact, you are like are just another thing  to be used. They are sick and twisted and cause so much pain and hurt to anyone who knows them. 
The sociopath and narcissist  both wreak havoc and destruction on the lives of the innocent.
There is only one way to deal with one once you have discovered that they are this way. 
It is to get far, far away from them. SEVER ALL TIES AND CUT OFF ALL CONTACT, immediately and totally.


  1. My soon to be ex wife cheated. I don't believe that she was a serial cheater. She is certainly either a narcissist or a sociopath, not sure which - it's hard to say. She has caused so much destruction.

  2. If she is a sociopath or has a cluster B personality disorder, she is a serial cheater. They cannot and will not ever be faithful. My close friends life has been destroyed by one. She wanted children so so badly. She was infertile and unable to have children. After many failed IVF's she finally had a child, was premature, in the hospital for 4 months. When the child was still in the hospital on a breathing machine, my friends wife was out cheating. She only wanted a child for shallow reasons, to feed her own ego. They are now divorced, and his ex wife spends most of her time making my friends life as difficult as possible. He has cut off all communication, and things have gotten better.