Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sociopaths, Psycho's & Narcissist - The Most Dangerous Predators

Psychopaths lie to everybody because they are predators. 
If you are reading this, more than likely you have been attacked, hurt, betrayed, deceived, or discarded by a psychopath. 
You are well aware of how destructive and painful just knowing such a disordered individual can be. They are takers, not givers. They steal precious energy and time from you. stealers. It is a soul crushing reality check. It feels unfair that you were so unfortunate to have become entangled with a person that is unable to feel remorse, love, or care about the harm they have caused you and many many others. Yet they are still standing, and look as if they have never suffered any kind of loss, ever. 
While you feel your energy has been drained, you are alone, and completely defeated. 

Anytime with spent with a psychopath, is dangerous. If they don't kill you physically, they sure will kill you emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. The is no use in trying to get revenge on this morally corrupt individual, because they never fight fair. They  also have no conscience to stop them from completely ripping you to pieces. The more hurt they see they have caused, the more they will continue to rip into you. Your hurt is their motivation.

They have no care in the world, when you are their perceived target, they will have no qualms spending every minute of their day trying to destroy you. They will spread rumors to your friends, to people who barley know you, and warn people who don't know you, about you. The play the victim the whole time. Telling others how you have wronged them, how you are stalking them. When in truth, they are spending all of their time doing all of those things to you.  It doesn't cost the psychopath any energy to do these things, because they are using your energy to do it with, and probably using the energy from all their other victims. And believe me, there are many of victims.  You are not the first victim and you surely will Not be the last. 

Healing is your only option after being targeted by one of these predators. Do not think of ways to get revenge, because it will only drain more energy out of you. They have stolen enough of your precious energy. Focus on healing your mind, body and spirit. 


  1. This is so true! I have been through pure hell the last 4years. It has resulted in eeviction, isolation, and having to have my 10year old only friend put to sleep in a few days.(dog).Imagine having over 200 of them on u at a time...pure hell. The whole community assist in playing this game, haven't had a trip or conversation without them in my face in 4yrs.It's. an insane situation,but they cannot steal my ability to love and be loved.I dont know what's ahead as i will be homeless in a few days.At 60yrs. old i never imagined my life would end up like this, but I'll find someplace to heal.

  2. Wow you have are really going through a lot. My thoughts are with you. You sound like a strong survivor to me. And I do hope you have gotten away from these toxic people, and have found peace else where. Let me know how you are ❤️

  3. Wait4world2change... Wow its been a yr since your life has changed. I hope you are in a much better place one yr. later..Good Luck to you...