Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The sociopath will NEVER change. Ever

Sociopaths,  narcissist, psychopaths, and also the dark triad personality disordered person  has mastered how to attack and retreat. This is how they keep their victims off balance. They sociopath undermines the victim and works to lower the victims self esteem, confidence and independence 
Abusive sociopaths suffers from internal discomfort and conflicts that they have no clue how to deal with, due to their lack of being able to genuinely connect to others. Sociopaths do not have much practical and logical thinking inside their mind. Rational reasoning, kindness, and empathy, is just NOT there.  They do so many damaging things to their victim  is to compensate or satisfy their own insecurities. Sociopaths and narcissist will work  hard to give others the impression that they are Confident, self assured, independent, and basically “awesome” Human beings.
The sociopath does not ever look within themselves.  Because “within" them is hollow and empty. They don't seek to understand or respect others because they do not understand or respect themselves. The ONLY understanding the sociopath wants to find is how to better manipulate and control their victim.
The Truth is that narcissist and sociopaths are very insecure. The narcissist more so than the sociopath. The narcissist is very skilled at hiding their  own weaknesses. Their strategy is to make the victim look ‘unstable, dangerous, and suffering from low self esteem. The sociopath hides their insecurity and self-hatred by exploiting others, and portraying them as weak. 
Since these abusive types of people CaNNoT control their own life, and (malicious) emotions, they try to control others, through manipulation, lies, threat, blackmail, and for a lack of better words, causing their victims to doubt their self, and feel unworthy and not good enough. While if these malicious types may have some positive qualities. Although I have never seen anything positive come from a sociopath, ever ..  
The narcissistic sociopath will always hold very toxic and unrealistic expectations of victims and their family members, these expectations are to ridiculous to ever really met. Those who try to meet these expectations will become exhausted and drained. The sociopath convinces them that they a failure, and they will constantly berate them, and be verbally abuse. This is a game that the sociopath loves to play with people in their life. The sociopath has mastered this "game" and they know it is a game that they will win, and that their victims cannot win. 
Narcissist and sociopaths are ABUSERS. It's vital for all victims of these vile individuals to remember, the abuse more than likely has nothing to do with you. If they are not abusing You, they would be abusing someone else. They abuse family members as long as the family member stays in the sociopath life. The actions of the abuser are not Your fault. Even though the sociopath will have you convinced and brainwashed that you are to blame for anything they may have done to hurt you.  One of the hardest things to accept and understand is You will have little or no impact on the sociopath. They will never change. They are wired the way they are. They aren't suffering from a mental illness, but they have a malevolent personality and are basically soulless. So never expect these types to change. There may be a temporary change but it will not be lasting. It is only another tactic to get back in your life, once they do the abuse will start again. 
The abusers seldom wants to change.  Narcissist don't believe  that there is anything wrong with them. Sociopaths (this is my opinion) either know there is something wrong with them but refuse to admit it. Or they are so delusional. They really feel like the circumstances of their life and how it has turned out, is truly the fault of everyone else - but not them...they are never at fault. seldom want to put any real effort towards changing. Victims of sociopaths and narcissist often believe they can change them, and often end up blaming themselves for the state of the relationship.
The narcissistic sociopath wants to control you. And when you stay after all the abuse they subject you to. They feel in control of you
GET AWAY FROM YOUR ABUSER ASAP. It never gets better. It only gets worse 



  1. Great post! You get it exactly right every time. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for reading! And for such a kind comment :)

  3. I've read almost all of your blogs in two days. You couldn't be more right. It's like MY thoughts have been put on paper. I feel validated. The mind games that my spath has subjected me to has left me so confused, I often ask myself if I'm imagining these events that take place in my life...if I'm overacting...it's really strange, sometimes I feel like I'm living in a dream. I can't describe the emotional toll this has had on me. Things were quiet for a year or so, I thought finally, he's moved on. I was so wrong. He waited for the perfect time to weasel his way back into my life at one of my most vulnerable times, and it's been a living hell ever since. It amazing me how delusional these people are. He honestly thought that I was going to reconcile with him and that we would be a family unit. These people know no boundaries. I ignored his advances for a month, and when the hundred texts a day got to be too much, I finally stood up to him. I rejected him, again...and the complete madness started all over. This time, he's using my child to relay his messages too. He's turned my child completely against me. It's absolutely heartbreaking. It's amazing to me the damage one person can do. I get comfort in prayer, reading your blog and knowing that one day I WILL escape my abuser. Thank you so much for educating people on this topic. So many people are completely unaware that these people exist and will ruin your life. We, the victims, are NOT the crazy ones!

  4. Oh my God thank you I needed to read this especially the part how they manipulate and know how to attack in retreat. Yes I needed to except that he will never change and when he does seem to change yes it’s just a tactic.

    I’m not the same person as I was four years ago when I met this man he has lowered my self-esteem I am damaged by this person and he has me saying sorry for it wish me luck getting away from him permanently he always seems to be able to get me back please god not this time please let me break free of him forEver

    1. Sorry you have been thru so much. Yes, a sociopath will drain you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritual. They will steal your self worth, they will steal everything you love.
      Usually by the time they have sucked you dry, they leave. And you are too exhausted to do anything about it.