Thursday, October 2, 2014

Narcissist do Not allow their Ex's to Move On

Sociopathic narcissist will do horrendous things to others. They will lie, cheat and steal from their family, their spouses and their exes. Sociopathic narcissist will slander anyone's name who they feel inferior to, or threatened by. Threatened by meaning the other persons success, good looks, youth, and status. Especially in the work place or if a new person has entered the sociopaths exes life. 

When the narcissist shares children with their ex, and a new person enters the picture, the narcissisit immediately feels that the new person will be liked more than they will, by their own children. So the narcissist begins to try to turn their children against the new person in their ex's life. The narcissist is notorious for slandering others. Making up lies about the person to destroy their reputation in the community. The narcissist knows that by doing these things, it will cause stress in the relationship of the other person, and the narcissist hopes that will be enough to cause the person to leave.

The narcissist does not want their ex to ever move on with their life. They have a ridiculous expectation that they should be able to move on with their life, but their ex should stay alone and single forever. When their ex tries to move on, the narcissist makes it extremely hard to do so. They will attempt to sabotage the relationship by causing problems, creating stress, and spreading lies about their ex and their ex's new love interest. 
It takes a strong person and confident person to stay in a relationship with an individual with a disordered ex with narcissistic personality disorder, with sociopathic tendencies. 

When the narcissist needs cooperation from their ex because of children, the narcissist will pretend they have done nothing wrong, and expect everyone else to pretend that everything is bunnies and rainbows as well... They do not expect anyone will call out their bad behavior. No matter how Nasty their behavior has been — and the narcissist can be very NASTY! 
They expect bygones to be bygones, until the next time they don't get their every demand met, and go on the attack again.. Narcissisit may come off as "better than everyone else". It is only a mask to hide their deep rooted insecurities and jealousy of others. Most narcissist are very materialistic. They think they are entitled to the best of everything. Keyword - entitled. They believe they are entitled. It's an over sense of entitlement. 

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