Sunday, June 8, 2014

Self centered sociopaths

All sociopaths are self centered - 
Self-centered sociopaths like to make other THINK care about them, and will often go to great lengths and put great effort to convince everyone (and you) that they care, but their behavior is actually very different from what they say they do and what that actually do.

Sociopaths are the most vindictive and hateful individuals there are. They will steal from a child. They will hurt the elderly. They do not care about the well being of humans or animals. They care about themselves, being in control and who the next sucker is they can con. 

If you are involved with a malicious sociopath. You will learn the hard way how they will attempt to damage you and destroy your life. They want to see you suffer - no matter how much you cared for them. Even if they are cheating and end the relationship. They make you pay for it. They have no remorse over anything they try to do to screw up your mental state. They want to break you down. They actually enjoy seeing someone tired and stressed out and afraid. 

After a sociopath you will find it hard to trust other peoples motives. But always remember that a few dirty polluted drops of rain into the ocean doesn't destroy the entire ocean. People are basically good. It's unfortunate if you meet a sociopath. Even more unfortunate if you have children with one. But you will make it through and become a stronger, better person. After the sociopath you - it may take time to heal. But you will heal. And you will appreciate life more than ever. Don't let a nasty sociopath steal your light. 

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