Sunday, June 29, 2014

They put others down - to make them look better

Sociopaths think that in order to make themselves look better, they must make others look bad. Sociopaths boost their egos by putting others down. The confident and arrogant act the sociopath, is just that — An Act.. They are actually self-centered individuals. The feel greed, rage, and jealousy.                             

They want what they don't have. They are not grateful for the things that they do have. They are always jealous of family members, such as a sister or brother, their own mother, any step or half siblings. Sociopath can even become jealous of their own children – if the child shines brighter than the sociopath. 

Sociopath usually befriend people that they think they can dominate - i.e. – caring, empathic people, nice guys. Basically anyone who has a good conscience and is not confrontational.  

The Nice Guy - Nice guys are easy targets for the female sociopath. They are  easy prey for the sociopath. The relationship will start out with the sociopath being nice. Always telling you how sweet and nice you are. As the relationship goes on, she will randomly be nasty and mean. Pretty soon the nastiness and mean performances become more frequent. Before you know it you are trapped in a negative, unloving, and exploitive life. While the sociopath disappears for days at a time. Leaving you to care for any children and household responsibilities. If the sociopath works don't expect her to put any of her money in the bankin account and contribute to the house bills. She becomes ruthless and cold toward you. But she has ripped your self worth into shreds, so much so – you don't have the strength to confront her anymore. 

Female sociopaths are just as predatory as the male sociopath. They are just more covert about how they destroy you.

All sociopaths have a lifelong history of lying, manipulating, using, ending relationships abruptly - without any warning, distorts facts, shows no remorse, use children to manipulate, vilifying victims, does not get along with family members, always is in conflict with someone and always the victim. 

Sociopathic individuals do horrible things, destroy lives and families. They feel no remorse for anything they do. They leave a trail of shit behind them, expecting someone else to clean it up. They cheat, they lie, they abuse and they use the innocence of children to exploit others. 

They are the worst people in the world. They are capable of killing, although most never do. They kill your spirit and slaughter you emotionally but they won't physically kill you- usually. There of course is always exceptions 

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