Thursday, June 19, 2014


Stalkers are disturbed people. They do not consider the rights of others. They violate boundaries, the cause problems, the inflict fear on their victims. They intentionally do malicious things to interfere in their victims life. 

Being stalked can be frightening and horrifying for the victim. The stalker has shown how unstable, and out of touch with reality they really are. So a person who is being stalked via; online, followed, harassed by text messages, phone calls, threats, showing up to their work or home, lying about the victim is very afraid of what the stalker is capable of doing to them next. So the victim lives in fear and after a while becomes withdrawn and can become very depressed. 

Stalkers have usually been involved in an intimate relationship with their victim. Stalkers will often stalk the new person in their victims life I.E. - the new girlfriend/wife, new boyfriend/husband. Often the stalker begins obsessing over their victim once they begin to lose control over them, even if the stalker is the one that has ended the relationship — that's how mentally screwed up stalkers are...  

A person who stalks former spouses or intimate partners, are often domineering and abusive to their partners during the relationship and use this domination as a way to bolster their own low self- esteem.

The stalker wants one thing CONTROL. They use the children to try to exert control over their ex. This gives them a feeling of power they can’t find anywhere else. They tried to control every aspect of their partner’s lives when the relationship was active and they continue to try to control their partner EVEN AFTER THE RELATIONSHIP/MARRIAGE has ENDED.. 

The stalkers worst fear is losing control over people over whom they use to have control over..

The stalker suffers from extreme mental instability and personality disorders. Anti-Social personality disorders such as borderline, sociopathic, narcissistic, histrionic, and psychopathic. These individuals are emotionally immature, extremely jealous, insecure, have low self-esteem . 

These people have a distorted view of reality. They feel they have the right to control someone just because they use to be in a 'relationship'. They want to be in control. They feel that their ex (especially if children are involved) are endowed to them for the rest of their life - simply because they share kids. When the individual refuses to let their stalking ex control them – the stalker uses the children in order to gain back control. 

Victims have no choice but to establish NO CONTACT - because of the stalkers consistent harassment, lies and guilt trips, the victim must find a 3rd party to communicate between themselves and the stalker. 

Stalkers are desperate people. They use any means necessary to be in control of their victim. And unfortunately no matter how hard the victim ignores and continues to establish the "No Contact" rule – the stalker will still attempt to communicate and text and call the victim. The children are a great excuse for the stalker to remain in constant contact. The stalker will make lies, such as telling the victim "one of the children is sick or been diagnosed with a rare disease" or "one of the children need counseling, therapy, a psychiatrist" because of the victims refusal to cooperate with the sick stalker. 

This can lead to life long problems and difficulties for the victim, and also the children who are being pushed and pulled into the chaos by the disorder, unstable stalker...

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