Sunday, June 15, 2014


Psychopaths are very similar to sociopaths. Both do not have a functional conscience. Both wreak havoc on the lives of their family members. 
Psychopaths are more organized and have more self control than the sociopath. Psychopaths are usually more intelligent than the sociopath. While the sociopath embellishes their professional life and education - convincing others that they are some sort of 'genius'. Psychopath are usually very intelligent, and do not have to boast or lie about their intelligence. They are usually above average intelligence (from my own personal observation)

Psychopaths often have charming personalities. They say what their “victim” wants to hear, in order to gain trust. The manipulation is covert. They have learned to mimic emotion, so they usually appear “normal” to other people. 
Psychopaths are often educated and hold steady jobs.  Some are so good at manipulation and mimicry that they can have families and other long-term relationships. The people who the psychopath considers to be close to them, usually have no idea they are dealing with a psychopath. They know something is just “not right”. The psychopath is so good at deflecting, blaming, projecting, and twisting a situation when confronted. The normal person feels they are the problem, not the psychopath. 
The mental and emotional abuse that the psychopath inflicts on their victims can be permanent. 
After the relationship is over, the victim will need therapy to understand wahh has happened to them, and to be able to get their life back. 

The psychopath leaves their victim(s) in ruins — financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and sometimes even physically. 

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