Thursday, September 25, 2014

Emotional manipulation - the dangerous crazy

When we enter a relationship, most of is have pure and good intentions. We are attracted and interested in our partner. It is devastating to find out that person we fell in love with was nothing but a lying, cheating, controlling, vindictive emotional abuser, with their own secret agenda and desires. 

It hurts to realize that we in fact were not loved by this person. We hurt because we are a loving human being. It's ok to feel hurt. It's a normal reaction to feel pain when we realize that the person we thought we would spend the rest of our life with has stolen years from us that we will never get back. 
As strong and smart as we may think we are —it is unfortunate that psychopaths are so well versed in manipulation that they can pick up on even the tinest of our insecurities and use it to threaten us and control us. 

Psychological manipulators aim to change our perception or behavior through underhanded, deceptive, and abusive tactics. The emotional
manipulator will attempt to get what they want at the someone else's expense.  They will use methods that are exploitative, abusive, devious, and deceptive. These evil people damage our core. They try to steal our soul. (Probably because they do not have one and the only way they believe to get one is steal someone else's)

Psychological and Emotional Manipulation involves 

1. manipulator concealing aggressive intentions and behaviors

2. manipulator knowing the psychological vulnerabilities of the victim to determine what tactics are likely to be the most effective.

3. manipulator having a sufficient level of ruthlessness to have no qualms about causing harm to the victim if necessary.

Consequently the manipulation is likely to be covert (relational aggressive or passive aggressive). 

Psychopaths and narcissist devastate their victims. Leaving them broken and alone. Normal people cannot fathom how a person can be so evil and vindictive. But there are many psychopaths out there. And it seems they are only getting worse...

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