Thursday, September 25, 2014

How do I block you in real life

Blocking a sociopathic ex DOES NOT mean they will leave you alone. They will always find a way to harass and stalk you. 

They will call from a number you don't recognize. They will use spoof calling methods. They become so desperate to reach you, that there is nothing they will not do to contact. 

A normal person would take a hint if an ex blocked them from having any contact. The they would simply accept the fact that the person wants nothing to do with them. They may be upset or angry, but they move on. 

A disturbed person on the other hand, continues to contact their ex, through Anonymous numbers and addresses. This is a sign that the person is not all there...

They have lost touch with reality and they have become delusional, and possibly dangerous. They do not see that their creep factor had reached a new low... They refuse to accept that their ex WILL NO LONGER BE CONTROLLED BY THEM ANYMORE. 

All you see is a deranged, and pathetic individual that has no life. Nothing better to do than to find random phone numbers so they can call you and send you messages. The messages are teetering on the verge of complete and total insanity. Demanding you to do ridiculous things. 

If you have a psychopathic ex, that has lost touch with the real world. And seems to be obsessed with you. Refuses to leave you alone. This is frightening. It's important to document everything. Watch your back. And be ready to defend yourself when attacked by them. 


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