Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The psychopath is by far the most destructive, the most successful, and the least understood.  It's hard to know you are dealing with a ruthless psychopath unless you have been targeted and victimized by one. It's hard to recognize what you are dealing with until you see her/him do something that requires them to have a conscience. 

You are more likely to find psychopaths who come from wealthy families and who are CEO's, attorneys in a position of higher power (like a prosecutor, district attorney of high profile murder cases) than a psychopath that is from the wrong side of the tracks.

Psychopaths have no empathy. Empathy is the ability to experience within oneself, the feelings and emotions expressed by others. It is what allows us to feel what others are feeling. Empathy allows us to experience the life, to be truly alive, and it is one of the defining characteristics of what makes us human. Psychopaths may look human, but they are far from human. They have more primal animal instincts than human instincts.

Psychopaths realize at an early age that they are different, but they they try to act as everyone else does, in order to be accepted into society. They mimic what they see others do, such as pretending to care and be genuine. Acting like a human would but they can never understand why they should act this way.

Psychopaths live in a false reality in a world that they themselves have constructed. They think highly i themselves. They believe they are better and smarter than everyone else. A psychopath is a megalomaniac. They think of their needs and no one else's. 

Psychopaths have a overblown sense of entitlement.   Psychopaths are irresponsible because they refuse to ever admit that they make mistakes (another trait that makes of human) Psychopaths will never admit that they are at fault, either because their warped and twisted mind actually believes they are incapable of being at fault or because it's easier to blame someone else. Either way they will always claim nothing is ever their fault... Psychopaths believe that nothing wrong can ever originate with them and so their logic dictates that everything bad is always someone else's fault. (this is why they spend a majority of their life blaming and accusing)

The psychopath makes us second guess ourself. They will attempt to make us feel like the “crazy” one.  As most of us who have been targeted by the ruthless psychopath, we have realized that they are masters of manipulation, and experts on knowing how to push our buttons to use our emotions against us. They do this to keep those around them confused, unable to think clearly, and off balance. 

A psychopath spends their entire life faking being human. This gives them the ability to assume the roles of virtuous public servant, the perfect mother, the perfect husband, advisor, mentor, and pillar of the community. In addition when things get rough they have no inhibitions in playing dirty and readily resort to character assassination, persecution, and even murder..

You cannot change the psychopath.  You cannot reform them, you cannot find the goodness inside them, you cannot show them the way to god, and you cannot teach them about love. The psychopath can never understand and they do not care to understand. While they may lead you to believe that you are getting through to them, in reality, your empathy only makes them hate and loathe you more, they do not admire you for your attempts or  your compassion, they despise you even more. While you try to 'understand' the psychopath, they are secretly calculating how they can destroy you. 

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