Sunday, September 7, 2014

Psychopaths - Lies, Rumors, and Spoof Calling

The Sociopath LOVES to spread LIES and RUMORS in order to destroy a persons reputation. They tell half truths, and distort them to make a person look mentally unstable. The sociopath doesn't even need half truths to spread a rumor. They will just tell people blatant lies about their victim. 

Here are some examples of how a sociopath twist and distorts stories to slander their victim;

You graduated from Harvard - the sociopath will tell people you never attended and your creditials are fake. 

You married at an early age - the sociopath will tell people you got pregnant and illicit drug use forced you to marry 

You bought a new car - the sociopath will tell people your old car had DNA evidence of your murder victim 

You own your home - the sociopath will tell people your swindled some retiree out of their home 

You took a vacation in Vegas - the sociopath will tell people you were laundering money for the mob. 

You are divorced - the sociopath will tell people your spouse left you for infidelity 

Your children are adults - the sociopath will tell people they are finally free from your abuse (possibly sexual abuse) 

Your friends and family love you - the sociopath will tell people they only love you cause they don't know the truth about you. 

Your dog died - the sociopath will tell people you killed your dog only after torturing it first..

And so it goes, ad infinitum... Sociopaths are extremely gifted in spinning a story about their victims in an effort to destroy any sense of credibility that they may have. 

The internet has become the sociopath/psychopaths favorite tool. They are able to destroy others under an anonymous veil. They are the most dangerous predators to the common person. They love to leave comments and make statement using ones first and last name. So when a potential employer googles the sociopaths  victim, negative statements appear. Usually statements portaying the person as “unstable”, “dangerous” and “crazy”. The sociopath usually accuses their victims of what they know they are capable of. 

The obsessed psychopath - the obsessed psychopath uses today's new technology to their advantage in destroying their victims. A psychopath "spoof" calls their victims. Spoof calling enables the phone to change the caller ID they are calling from. The psychopath may call the victim pretending to be the police or the local news. Sometimes the psychopath will call the police using the victims number. The psychopath does these things because they are vindictive and evil. They are also immature. They have no limits to what they will do to destroy someone they view as a threat. 


  1. Some ofriends these examples that were given are so far-fetched and crazy sounding that they're actually funny...that is of you're onot reading it and it didn't happen to you. I've had people that I've known my entire life, who love and adore me look at me like a lunatic when I've told them some of the lies my spath has spread or told my child about me. The most recent...that the last man that I dated was my stepbrother. And that my child saw a huge sand footprint in my car, so he knows I've been fu**ing someone new and taking my child around it. CRAZY, right? These are just two things that have been said in the last week. Imagine the stories over ten years. There's nothing funny about it. It's caused so much pain and destruction.

  2. Spath... good word.
    Having the same issues regarding the SPATH I'm dealing with. I've spent alot of time trying to get law enforcement to step in. Even they look at me like I have two heads sometimes because of all the crazy coming from the SPATH. Following you on google+ - you are so spot on.

  3. SPATH... good word. Seems like SPATH's of all kinds have the same character assination traits and techniques. Dealing with a SPATH presently that is just a crazy nut bag on facebook. Started a friendship by getting sucked in to defending her. Realized what was happening, exposed and then bailed. Months passed and the full blown SPATH appeared using FB ... over a year later... here I am, finding out just how common this shit is. I cant even give specific details because I worry it will send the SPATH into a tizzy and attack me some more. Don't give them the reactions is the best advice out there. Document and just roll with it till they fuck up enough... they will.