Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Knowledge is Power (when you are dealing with a sociopath

Knowledge really is power. The is especially true when you are dealing with the sociopath. When you have become the target of this vile person. The more you know, the more things will start to make sense. AND THE SAFER YOU WILL BE. The sociopath wants you to think that they are organized, working, and doing it all, when the truth is... They are unorganized, lazy, and having everyone else doing all their dirty work. It's even more important to realize that YOU ARE NOT CRAZY OR IMAGINING  THINGS! You have not been dramatic, or exaggerating things, and your not insane! 

Beware that the sociopath will attempt to make you feel like you are losing your mind. They will even tell people that your are "unstable and dangerous". When a sociopath says these slandering things about you. You can pretty much bet that whatever they are saying you are, they are projecting what they are capable of, onto you. 
Example — If the sociopath says you suffer from “borderline personality disorder” and you are obsessed with them, you are jealous of them, and you are stalking them and they fear for their safety. THIS IS A RED FLAG!!! The sociopath always projects what they are feeling onto their victims. What that means is that the sociopath was diagnosed with borderline personality (because it is impossible almost for a psychiatrist to diagnose a sociopath, since they lie to everyone about everything) It also means they are obsessed with you, and making your life a living hell. They are jealous of you, and the only way to rid themselves of that jealousy is to knock you down, by slandering your name, and destroying your reputation.

One of the scariest feelings you will have is when the sociopath is playing the victim to others and even telling others-"you are stalking them". This usually means that they are  stalking you! They will stalk you and violate you emotionally in every way; cyber stalking, physical stalking, following you, or having one of their minions follow you, and keep them up to date on your whereabouts.

The most chilling accusation the sociopath says about you "that they fear for their safety and the safety of their children" 

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