Thursday, December 17, 2015

Obsession and Being a Victim of a Sociopath

Victims of sociopathic/narcissistic experience so many different painful emotions. These emotions do not stop just because the sociopath is now out of your life. In fact those painful emotions become even stronger at times. Especially during times of reflection and instrospection. The pain soon becomes anger. This anger is rightly justified. What the sociopath has done to us, is horrific.

The problem is with this anger, is that it becomes an obsession. We become obsessed with hatred of the sociopath/narcissist. Again, these feelings are certainly justified. But the problem with obsession is that it takes over our life. It interferes with our ability to regain control of our life, and move forward in a positive direction.

We were hurt and violated by a person who has no moral compass, unable to feel empathy, and is devoid of good and of a soul.  Usually hurt people, hurt people. We want to see the person who caused us such an enormous amount of pain and turmoil suffer some kind of consequences.
We even become somewhat obsessed with thinking about revenge, feeling ill will towards the person, thinking about what they did to us a majority of the time, and when doing so, we are re-living that nightmare all over again.

So you see, the problem with obsession is that is wear us out. It takes away precious moments of life that are waiting to be lived.
Do not feel ashamed if you have become obsessed in this way. It is normal. What is important is that you become aware of these feelings and thoughts, and you have the ability to change them.
We must cope with obsession by compartmentalizing it, only allowing ourself to dwell on it for specific periods of  time. This way you will be able to schedule your way out of it.

The sociopath/narcissist has stolen so much time from us, and we must accept that what happened, happened. Be thankful that now this evil individual is out of your life. Because now you are able to actually LIVE LIFE genuinely and joyfully.