Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Disordered Individusls with Evil Intent

Evil intentions come from a toxic person who is manipulating AKA a sociopath. It serves the sociopath best to have others involved in their toxic drama games. In these cases, the sociopath uses others in order to drag as many people in possible into the toxic swirl of their schemes as lies. The more people they can manipulate, the more power or more gratification they feel. A sociopath does not want to work toward any resolutions. They only want to “stir the pot” to cause more conflict and drama.
It is helpful to remember that there are two kinds of people in the world. People with Good Intentions and people with Bad Intentions. The people with evil intent create and maintain the bad patterns in 
the first place because it gratifies them to manipulate in order to get what they want, or to and make others feel bad in order to get what they want. The evil intentioned person suffers from a personality disorder. There 4 types of major types of Personality Disorders 
Anti-Social Personality Disorder (APD) • Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) • Borderline 
Personality Disorder (BPD) • Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD)
Disordered people with Evil or Bad intentions need to have a willing and interactive accomplice. In order to avoid becoming caught in the middle of the drama that the individual with bad intentions has. You must never accept or believe any information the disordered person feeds you — and never pass it along. Do Not get involved! 
You must remember that they do not want to do anything that is helpful. They are not looking to resolve conflict (even if they act like they are distraught over the conflict) They only pretend to be concerned but that is not the case — the opposite is true. They pretend in order to make the person they are targeting look as if they are the incompetent one, or as if it is that person who is “disordered and dysfunctional” — not them. If you remain neutral and give no opinion on the matter. Hopefully they will stop trying to bait you into spreading gossip about the person. They will more than likely stop talking to you in general. Because they see you are not going to feed into the bullshit, therefore you serve no purpose to them. 
If you must deal with a disordered person w/evil intentions, to avoid becoming a target yourself — show no interest in gossiping with them, always stay grounded and never take sides. 
Avoid saying anything to the person with bad intent that may give them the impression that you are willing to pass the gossip and information along to anyone. Make sure the sociopathic/disordered  person knows that you have nothing to offer them.  In doing so you may be able to stop them or  at least discourage them from dragging you in their conflicts and gossiping. They will start to look for someone else to manipulate and put in the middle of all their drama. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

When the Sociopath won't Go Away!

The Sociopath is a Toxic individual with no remorse for what they do to others. The most harm is usually to the people they "say" the Love. 
The toxic person doesn’t truly care about anyone but themselves — they just want to keep others around to feed on emotionally, and when a person they think should do everything they ask (regardless if they are still in a relationship with them) decide to go NO CONTACT -- they don’t plan on letting that person get away that easily.

Many female sociopaths have traits of borderline, narcissistic, antisocial or histrionic personality disorder.  People with Dependent Personality Disorder may also resemble a toxic sociopath as well, the difference is the sociopath is truly evil, the dependent person is just needy and afraid to be alone. (Read my other post about when you are the target of a sociopath, they mention many if the tactics the sociopath does to destroy, the dependent disordered person doesn't do these things. I.e. - spreading vicious rumors to destroy your reputation, that is a sociopathic trait only) j
When a sociopath ends a relationship with you, and they still feel that you "owe" them something (usually this is when you share children with them). They will never leave you alone. They always need more money, but no matter how much money you give them, it will never be enough. Sadly even when the children turn into adults, the sociopath will still find reasons to contact you. They pretend it's about your adult children. When in reality they are actually just probably bored... Yes bored... It is pathetic but true..
Sociopaths manipulate to gain control over you and if you have choose to distance yourself from them, they will become desperate to make contact. Below are some of the tactics they may use:
~ Ignoring your requests to stop texting or calling you, pretending as if nothing has happened. When they cheat, they will give you space for a few weeks, then after they think enough time has gone by (to a sociopath, since they have no genuine feelings or emotions, they don't understand that cheating is so hurtful and trust Is so broken, that it can't be fixed with time) so they attempt to continue on as if nothing has changed. 
~ Asking you when you’re going to “get over it” and start being normal again. 
~ Sending you a Fake Apology to give you hope that things have changed. If you are really done with the sociopath, you will able to see right through this, and won't fall for any apology. Sociopaths usually won't apologize, they may say something like “let's wipe the slate clean for the children's sake” or “we have both done things to hurt each other, let's be civil to one another”. Knowing they are the one who has done 99.99999% of the hurting..
~ Trying to trick you into contact by saying someone needs you, is sick, or in trouble. {sociopaths 
love the drama of someone being sick or dying, so when someone really is sick or dying, they use it 

to their advantage}. If no one is sick or dying they just make it up. 
~ Saying they’re worried about you, concerned about whether you’re okay, need to know where you are, they feel you are not acting normal... They are worried for your safety. 
~ Sending unwanted cards, messages and gifts. They will send gifts from your children, as they know you are likely to feel guilty about not taking a gift from your kids. Don’t allow this – exposing your children to manipulation is far worse!
~ Constantly telling that this or that is still at the house you may have shared and they need to come get it back. Never let them back in your home. Make sure anything they left - you return to them. EVERYTHING!  
~ Baiting you with drama games. Especially if you share children. Everyday there will be a new problem with the children. Especially as the children get older. They start losing control of the children and you. So they will tell you your child is going through a "tween depression" and it's important for the child to see his parents together and getting alone. Or they will say "Sally failed her driving test and is devastated and crying and has lost all confidence, please be there for your 
daughter!" When you call to check on your child, she is not devastated or crying. She didn't even take the driving test yet... Sociopaths will lie about everything. They feel confident you won't confront 
~ Contacting you about “important” things they “forgot” and suddenly have to tell you. Those "important" things are usually lies. Remember the sociopath Lies just to Lie. There is no rhyme or reason behind most of their lies. They are just really crazy and messed up.   No one understands why they lie and make up story's when there is nothing to gain from the lie - again they are usually bored.... 
If you have told someone you do not want contact, and they continue to bother you, that is harassment and the police should be able to help you. They are well-accustomed to dealing with skillful manipulators and have many ways of handling them, so do not hesitate to ask for help. If you ever feel that someone you are trying to break off a relationship with may be capable of more than simply annoying you mildly, make sure you make authorities aware of this person and how they are stalking or harassing you, before the sociopath decides to play victim and talks to your local police first, and tells them lies about you, therefore when you threaten them with calling police, they don't care because they have a plan for that.  (And remember, you have nothing to be ashamed about; you’re not the one behaving badly, and the police are there to protect you from abuse.) 

You must Never Under Estimate a Sociopath, do not give them the benefit of the doubt. Once you realize the person you thought you knew, doesn't exist, and the person you have been in a relationship with is a monster, it will be hard to accept. But the sooner you accept it, the safer you will be. 
They have no conscience telling them to not do something because it's wrong, they feel no remorse after they have destroyed lives. They are hard wired to manipulate, lie and deceive. Especially empathic people. They believe that if you are sensitive and care, you are weak. And they target the weak and the vulnerable. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sociopaths Do Not have Friends

Sociopaths DO NOT have friends, they have acquaintances who they use for gossip, and to spread their vicious lies.   The sociopath may think they have followers, fans or friends. But the Sociopath is a friend to NO ONE.  They lack the ability to be a good human being, much less a friend to anyone. They cannot form healthy emotional connections with others, or really any emotional connection at all. They are unable to bond with anyone in a genuine way. The Sociopaths definition of a friend is far different from “the normal” persons definition. 

The sociopath perceives anyone who doesn't disagree with them, or openly despise them as their “friends”.  They Do Not know the difference between having acquaintances and friends because they lack the emotions to be a friend or relate to people in a manner other than deception and manipulation. So there is no difference to the sociopath, as to whether you are a friend or acquaintance. 

The sociopath is very delusional.  They believe when someone makes an effort to say hello, or talk to them, that person must admirer them, and like them, and they scan the person to see if that person is of any "use" to them. If they see something in the person that that will come in handy for them when they are trying to destroy their victim, they will pretend to be interested in this person 
and pursue friendship. If the personas healthy boundaries and refuses to 
beused, or isn't drawn into the sociopaths game of lies and deception, the sociopath will quickly reject them. 

There are many images most people have of sociopaths, and while they are right a tiny percentage of the time, the reality is far more frightening. The fact is that sociopaths are all around us and play a role in our daily lives. They are our neighbors, our colleagues, our fellow church-goers. They are the soccer moms, the PTA moms, the overbearing mom. 

If we have no connection to them we are probably safe from their 
reign of terror but behind the scenes they are tormenting their 
family, their spouses, their ex-spouses, the ex spouses new wife or husband and even their own children, by using them as pawns against their ex, and neglecting them. 

The Sociopath will never have friends. They will never know how to love or be loyal. They will never change. They have no conscience, no morals and are horrible human beings. What has made them so evil? They are capable of hate, but not love... Once a sociopath has targeted you, you must be a very strong person to get thru the ordeal. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Victims of sociopaths become strong survivors

The sociopath sees you as someone that they own. After they have discarded you, they then need to destroy you. We already know that there are some people who are serial killers. Most Sociopaths are not like this. In fact a lot are not even violent. What this type of Sociopath will do is to ruin and damage your emotional state, your life, and damage or destroy everything left that you ‘value’ so that you are left feeling absolutely destroyed (metaphorically killed). Whilst the sociopath will not destroy you and kill you in a literal sense, they kill you in another way.
You should remember in the beginning, when the Sociopath mirrored you, acting just like you, mirroring you to offer you everything that you wanted. Moving on from that the Sociopath played victim, you felt sorry for him/her and they ‘exposed’ their weaknesses and vulnerabilities (which were mostly manipulative lies), you felt safe to expose your own weaknesses.
It is now those very weaknesses that the Sociopath uses to control you. He/she will threaten to expose you and will lie about you, using a thread of truth to make the lies that they tell sound believable.
The Sociopath has no conscience. So she does not feel bad about terrorizing your life. He does not feel remorse, guilt or shame. The sociopath will continue to make your life hell, until in her mind you are literally “dead”
That's when the smear campaign starts. The sociopath will spread lies to make you feel alienated from your friends and the community. By the time you realize what is happening - the damage is already done. The worst thing you can do is get angry and react to the sociopath. That's what they want you to do is to lose your temper and act out. Then they will say "I told you that they are crazy, look at how she I going off on me, and I haven't done anything wrong". They taunt you til you break no when you break and react they play the victim, all while vilifying you. 

Unfortunately, you are left disarmed when this happens to you. There is little that you can do about it. After all, you are not the master manipulator, the sociopath is. The worse thing is if you have been unfortunate to meet more than one sociopath in a row. This makes the sociopath’s job relatively easy, as they can build on lies told by the previous one.
Even if this hasn’t happened. And this is the first one that you have met, he will continue 
with his hate campaign against you, whilst smiling with kind eyes, and appearing to be the 
victim, and ‘caring about you’. Yes that is right, the sociopath will NOT talk about you in an “attacking way”. Often, he will act as rescuer and carer for your friends. Selling them information that they need to hear, to heal the hurt that they feel about your rejection of them.
For you, this can be absolutely devastating. In truth you have been involved in an abusive relationship, where you were used, abused, and controlled. You now want to go back to your old life. You need grounding and reality. So you reach out for help. But face third party abuse.
You sink further down. Things cannot get possibly worse, you think.
That is the truth. Things CAN’T get worse!
Coming out of the other side, is like passing through a storm. You are stronger than you think you are. Remember this:

~Just salvage what you can. Focus on the inner YOU. Remember that true happiness, comes from within. Only YOU can make YOU happy. Nobody else.
~Yes, it is hurtful, but this is exactly what the sociopath operates on. Causing hurt, pain  and damage. So that they can make themselves feel better about their own actions.
~If you are reading this, if you can identify with this, if this has happened to you. Even if you feel alone and isolated after this has happened. Take heart. You are not alone. I write this, as it happened to me. Just as it has happened to me, it has happened also to millions of victims all over the world.
~You are not a victim, you are a survivor. Try not to think about others reactions and don’t fight back. Fighting back will simply reinforce the lies that the sociopath is telling about you, especially if you lose your temper.
~Take time out to focus on yourself. Learn to trust you again. Leave it a while, let the dust settle. Remember that you can never change someone else. But you can change you.
**Also remember this – lies will take speed….. but the truth will always have endurance!!!

Sociopathic Apologies

Sociopaths rarely apologize. They never accept responsibility. If you confront one they will try to turn the situation around on you. Blaming you or whoever for the things they have done. The believe they are smarter than you. They have a grandiose sense of entitlement. They feel justified in doing what they do. Even if they destroy a life or a family. They convince themselves that the person deserved it or the family was already in ruins anyways .
Sociopaths want notoriety, and take credit for someone else's hard work. They like the finer things in life. But they don't believe they should have to work hard for it. Since working hard is for other people, not for them. They have many people who they are manipulating to do their dirty work or get them what they want. When a sociopaths desires something. They will simply take it without permission, or manipulate a person to get it.

When a sociopath is confronted or in the wrong, it's no use in talking to them to get them to see your point of view, or how they hurt you, because they truly don't care. 
~When you try to tell a sociopath you feelings, even in an attempt to make the situation better, sociopaths invalidate the listener’s experience or feelings.
~They also try to make excuses for themselves, so that their actions are justified. They will even say "well if you hadn't have done this, then I wouldn't have done that".
~Sociopaths shift the focus and responsibility off the themselves and place all the blame onto the listener, or the person who is trying to tell them how they are hurt.
~Sociopaths will imply that the it is you who is being unreasonable, oversensitive, irrational and "crazy" for the way you feel. They don't care if they have hurt you. Confronting them just makes them irritated, and more likely to continue to do more hurtful things to you.
~Sociopaths will not ever take any responsibility for their actions, they will blame you  for what happened to you. As if you "had it coming". They don't want to hear what you are trying to say, so they will dominate the conversation me won't let you get a word in edgewise.
~On the rare occasion they do apologize, it will not be genuine. They may say " Im sorry you feel like that but...... "
~Sociopaths always send you the message that they aren't actually listening to you, and they aren't really willing to consider the way their actions made the person feel. So you will not get closure with a sociopathic person by talking to them, and expressing the way you feel. Simply because they don't give a crap about you. They only care about themselves, they are not interested in you and your feelings.
~If they act interested in you it is only because they see something in you that they can use or that they want.  That is the reason they are with a lover or spouse. Usually because there is something in it for them. Sociopaths are unable to love others. Although they are experts in pretending to love.

If you are in a relationship with a sociopath, they sweep you off your feet, pretend to like everything you like. You may feel you have found your soulmate. Because they have so much I'm common with you. That's only because, as they have done their whole life, they are mimicking your emotions, so you feel you have a special bond with this person. They have a certain charm and charisma about them which makes you feel drawn to them.  It isn't long before the real "thing" they are is starting to expose it's ugly side. Once they feel they have you hooked, that is when the mask comes off and you start to see them for who they really are. So then once you see this, why do you stay? Because you have the memories of the relationship in the beginning, and you hold onto to hope that things will get better and the person you first met will return.

Sociopaths are horrible friends. They expect you to back them up, but they will never back you up. More than likely they are spreading lies about you because of their jealousy and insecurity of you. Anyone on their life, they feel jealous of. Even lovers. They feel insecure, even though they are bold and confident. It's only a facade.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Victims of the sociopath

It is not unusual for the victims of sociopaths to question their sanity and self worth.   Psychopathic/sociopathic individuals may even try to convince victims that it is they, who are “crazy.”  

The people who have been subjected to the manipulation, control and punishment by the sociopath. Looked wretched and start to exhibit behaviour best described as disordered, dysfunctional, sullen, aggressive, defensive, hostile, retaliatory, counterproductive.  

Life with a sociopath can be a mental terror. Everything is based on lies, emotional abuse, and clever manipulations.  It can be devastating for victims to discover that almost none of what they viewed as facts actually were.  It is hard to accepting the relationship they believed was real was never real and the person they loved doesn't exist. The person is only a shallow, evil and ruthless individual who has no emotions. And is incapable of loving anyone. Now that they are done with you, they discard you like trash. 
If that isn't bad enough, they set out on a mission to destroy you. 

The sociopath is contemptuous of anyone who tries to discredit them. Then he/she will cause great damage and destructive consequences for that person. She will stop at nothing to ruin whoever poses as a threat to expose her or who can see her for the devil she really is....

For example, it is common for psychopathic individuals to lie about their victims or portray them unfavorably in gossip, so as to damage their reputations.  
Sociopaths attempt to ruin to ruin the lives of their victims, through social aggression. They spread llies about their victim in order to cause them to lose  their job, harm their friendships, and drain their finances. 
This can cause tremendous stress on a victim. It harms their well being, self worth, and confidence. Not only have they found out the person they loved was a monster, but now the monster is trying to destroy them....

The combined stress of the struggle presented by daily living and extreme emotional or 
physical abuse or both, weakens the body, as well as stresses the mind.  Such stress, 
generally speaking, is linked to medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes mellitus. 

When you are under attack, and the target of a vicious, cold, ruthless sociopath. You have a few options. You can choose to move out of town, and run because that is the only way to escape the wrath of the sociopath. Or you can stay, stand your ground and fight like hell. I can guarantee, it will be the fight of your life.  The sociopath is relentless, and since they have no conscience, and feel no remorse for destroying lives, they are capable of anything. 

Sociopaths are masters of manipulating others into making fools of themselves. The sociopath will put the victims in situations where they cannot back down or from which they cannot withdraw. The sociopath always leaves behind a trail of dysfunctional organizations, destroyed businesses, ruined careers, stress and mental breakdowns and unexplained suicides.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Female Monster

We all know a sociopath is a person without a conscience, who doesn’t feel empathy or affection, although they are excellent at pretending and faking it. When combined with intelligence, a sociopath can rise to the heights of society and become or a successful CEO of a major company, or even the city's district attorney/prosecutor.  It’s much easier to grab power when you have no qualms about hurting others, or no moral code whatsoever. Most sociopaths are not killers, they just tend to wreak havoc on the lives of those around them.

Sociopaths manipulate, lie and scheme against you. They think nothing of spending countless hours on their computer making up false websites in your name or writing about you in blogs to discredit and ruin your character. They will tell anyone and everyone lie after lie about you. Your reputation will be in ruins by the time they are done. All sociopaths have no remorse. They do not feel sorrow when they destroy your life. In fact they feel a sense of accomplishment. And if they are able to bring down someone who is wealthy and successful, they feel very proud of what they have done. 

While the average person is working an honest job to support their family, and throughout the day they are thinking of the people they love, like their children, husband, parents, friends. A sociopath is not capable of having any emotional connections with anyone. So she spends her time scheming and manipulating ways to take you down and destroy you either literally or figuratively. In order to survive the sociopaths emotional abuse, you must remain consistent, and stop all contact with them.  You must change your phone number, if you are able you should move to a different area. And tell only trusted people where you live.  Do not let the sociopath fool you a second time with her charm. Although she will claim that she has changed, DO NOT believe this person has changed. Remember sociopaths can not be rehabilitated.  They cannot change. They are pathological liars, and will always be manipulative and self serving. 

Take steps to protect yourself and your family. Consider drastic solutions like moving, changing jobs and making new friends. Life is all a game to the sociopath. She does not care if you're hurt. She will always pretend to be the victim, and prey upon people with kind hearts and compassion. The sociopath wants to win at all cost. 

The only way you can beat a sociopath is to get away from a sociopath. Accept the harsh reality that sociopath cannot and  do not change.  They are ruthless, heartless, hateful, 
vindictive, and dangerous. 

To a sociopath, you are just an object to be used. You are their source of money, sex, housing and even though she says, "I love you," and "I'll never do it again," the words mean nothing. Her sole 
objective is to take everything you have, emotionally, spiritually and physically and materially. Once you realize the person you are with is using you, you must cut your losses and GET OUT ASAP. If you're FORTUNATE enough to not have married the monster, you don't have children together, and you don't work together. You can just walk away and never see the whore again. But many situations are more complicated than that. If you have to deal with divorce or child custody, expect it to be nasty and the one of the most challenging experiences you will ever go through. The sociopath does not actually care about you or the kids. She only wants to win, and make your life miserable as miserable as possible. She wants to humiliate you, and portray you are a horrible human being, her goal is to destroys you before you can speak the truth and expose her for the monster she really is.  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Revenge Against the Sociopath...

My advice for others is if you are going to expose a sociopath, make sure you have the most very solid of evidence to use in any sort of court case, because they have zero qualms about lying and trying to ruin your life. They will lie and do it convincingly without hesitation. To a sociopath Lying is as natural as breathing.. They are able to lie when under pressure or stress and maintain composure and be cool and calm. I personally feel that sociopaths are capable of such mental and emotional damage, that it is not worth it to try to expose them. They have done you very wrong. Left you in ruins. Yes, one would want revenge. But when dealing with a sociopath the only way you can win is to forget about them, never speak to them again. Change your email and your phone number. Then begin to pick up the pieces of your life and start LIVING AGAIN...  

Best to go NO CONTACT when a sociopath is involved. When you respond to sociopath you are taking their “bait”. They want you to respond, they want a response or emotional reaction. This is how they take up all the spare time they have. So don't give them what they want. You have probably given them enough. They have taken enough of your life. Don't allow them to take anymore...
The sociopath, of course, will continue a life of destruction with or without you.. Eventually, she will target the wrong person.  Someone who will fight back. This person may one day try to contact you to find out what you know about this disordered individual. Then, in a calm and collected manner, you can describe your experience, provide evidence that proves a pattern of behavior, and contribute to some type of justice whether  it’s getting the individual prosecuted, exposed in the media, or just ruining her efforts with yet another potential victim.
It's natural and normal to want revenge against a sociopath. The things the sociopath has done to you has forever changed you, who you are, and what you believed. You want justice. You want your old self back. You must heal one day at a time.  And not waste anymore of your life. Thinking about revenge means that the sociopath is still controlling you. Don't allow it. Put them out of your thoughts. Just call the years you were with the sociopath a "loss" and cut your losses and let it go.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Do Not Help the Sociopath

If you have ever been in a relationship with a sociopath, had a family member who is a sociopath. Then you already know the pain they are capable of inflicting on you, and your family and even your children. People who have been fortunate enough never to have been a target for the sociopath, will never understand what you have gone through or what you are going through. Although they will be sympathetic to your situation, (if they are a supportive and caring friend) but they will never understand what the sociopath has done to your mental health, self esteem, and over all well being. They probably will not understand why you cannot pull yourself out of the depression you are in. 
A sociopath can cause psychological damage and mental trauma, and even physical harm.  Having to deal with a sociopath is not just hard, it can feel like a fight for your life.  Because the sociopath is trying to emotionally destroy you. Even the strongest of people become broken down and weak after having to repair the damage the sociopath has done to them. The reason it is so hard to heal from being attacked by a sociopath, is because they are still trying to destroy you, while you are trying to heal. They are still out launching more smear campaigns, spreading more lies, and ruin you socially. They want others to question your morals and agenda. 
Although most people cannot beat a sociopath, that does not mean that you should just lay down and  die. Because that is EXACTLY  what they want you to do.  You do not have to be a low life as the sociopath is, and stoop to there classless low level, by seeking revenge. 
This means having Absolutely no contact with the sociopath AT ALL!  It means lcutting them out of your life. Don't respond to any text they send. Don't answer their calls. If they show up to your home, call the police ASAP. Because you are not dealing with a normal person. You are dealing with a monster. With no remorse, conscience, morals, ethics, and regard for human life, the sociopath is capable of the unthinkable. They are able to commit horrific acts and feel no guilt about it whatsoever. 
IF YOU ARE A VICTIM OF A SOCIOPATH YOU MUST GET HIM/HER COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR LIFE FOR GOOD!  This seems radical, but it is the only option you have to keep yourself safe, and your family safe. You MUST Protect yourself from the drain that the sociopath has on your time, attention, money, and good attitude. 
Do Not Even Consider or Believe that you or anyone else can try to help and heal the sociopath. It is a pointless waste of your time and of your life. It’s not your responsibility. The sociopath can't be healed, and the sociopath doesn't want help. In fact if you try to help them, they despise you even more.  Because they hate all people but they loathe people who are good and compassionate. 
You have your own goals and your own life, and those are your responsibility. YOU OWE OTHING 
TO THE SOCIOPATH! The sociopath has a huge sense of entitlement. They believe that they should 
have whatever they want and desire, without having to work for it, like everyone else.. 
I recommend that you severely challenge your need to be polite in absolutely all situations. Sociopaths take huge advantage of this automatic courtesy in exploitive situations. Do not be afraid to be unsmiling and calmly to the point.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Narcissistic psychopaths are particularly ill-suited to participate in the give and take of civilized society. Many of them are misfits or criminals. White collar psychopaths (better known as the sociopath) are likely to be deceitful and engage in rampant identity theft, the use of aliases, constant lying, fraud, and con-artistry for gain or pleasure.
Sociopaths are irresponsible and unreliable. They do not honor contracts, undertakings, and obligations. They are unstable and unpredictable and rarely hold a job for long, repay their debts, or maintain long-term intimate relationships. They are unable to be faithful, they are cheaters and liars and even if they are married they will have numerous sexual relationships on the side. A sociopaths may marry up to 7-10 times in their life. The reason that sociopaths marry, is to have the look of the normal person - which they are not. So they want everyone to believe they are functioning in normal. They mimic what functioning normal people do; which is usually to get married, have a few kids..

Psychopaths are said to be fearless and cool and composed under pressure, or times of fear. . Their pain tolerance is very high. Still, contrary to popular perceptions and psychiatric orthodoxy, some psychopaths are actually anxious and fearful. Their psychopathy is a defense against an underlying and all-pervasive anxiety, either hereditary, or brought on by early childhood abuse, or neglect.
Most all psychopaths and sociopaths had an absent father in the life. They may have had a stepfather who never excepted them. And they feel rejected and insecure and have no sense of identity. A sociopath does not know who they are, they have no identity Of their own. The emotions that they display are what they have mimicked from others.. They are cruel, ruthless, soulless individuals...