Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The psychopath is by far the most destructive, the most successful, and the least understood.  It's hard to know you are dealing with a ruthless psychopath unless you have been targeted and victimized by one. It's hard to recognize what you are dealing with until you see her/him do something that requires them to have a conscience. 

You are more likely to find psychopaths who come from wealthy families and who are CEO's, attorneys in a position of higher power (like a prosecutor, district attorney of high profile murder cases) than a psychopath that is from the wrong side of the tracks.

Psychopaths have no empathy. Empathy is the ability to experience within oneself, the feelings and emotions expressed by others. It is what allows us to feel what others are feeling. Empathy allows us to experience the life, to be truly alive, and it is one of the defining characteristics of what makes us human. Psychopaths may look human, but they are far from human. They have more primal animal instincts than human instincts.

Psychopaths realize at an early age that they are different, but they they try to act as everyone else does, in order to be accepted into society. They mimic what they see others do, such as pretending to care and be genuine. Acting like a human would but they can never understand why they should act this way.

Psychopaths live in a false reality in a world that they themselves have constructed. They think highly i themselves. They believe they are better and smarter than everyone else. A psychopath is a megalomaniac. They think of their needs and no one else's. 

Psychopaths have a overblown sense of entitlement.   Psychopaths are irresponsible because they refuse to ever admit that they make mistakes (another trait that makes of human) Psychopaths will never admit that they are at fault, either because their warped and twisted mind actually believes they are incapable of being at fault or because it's easier to blame someone else. Either way they will always claim nothing is ever their fault... Psychopaths believe that nothing wrong can ever originate with them and so their logic dictates that everything bad is always someone else's fault. (this is why they spend a majority of their life blaming and accusing)

The psychopath makes us second guess ourself. They will attempt to make us feel like the “crazy” one.  As most of us who have been targeted by the ruthless psychopath, we have realized that they are masters of manipulation, and experts on knowing how to push our buttons to use our emotions against us. They do this to keep those around them confused, unable to think clearly, and off balance. 

A psychopath spends their entire life faking being human. This gives them the ability to assume the roles of virtuous public servant, the perfect mother, the perfect husband, advisor, mentor, and pillar of the community. In addition when things get rough they have no inhibitions in playing dirty and readily resort to character assassination, persecution, and even murder..

You cannot change the psychopath.  You cannot reform them, you cannot find the goodness inside them, you cannot show them the way to god, and you cannot teach them about love. The psychopath can never understand and they do not care to understand. While they may lead you to believe that you are getting through to them, in reality, your empathy only makes them hate and loathe you more, they do not admire you for your attempts or  your compassion, they despise you even more. While you try to 'understand' the psychopath, they are secretly calculating how they can destroy you. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sociopaths are Internet trolls

Sociopaths are Internet trolls. 

This troll reminds me of my sociopath, with iPhone in hand!!

The Internet is the sociopaths favorite weapon of mass destruction against their targeted vicitm. Sociopaths troll the Internet because they enjoy making others feel bad. Even if they don't know the other person (persons) 
It is a way they can harass anonymously and terrorize others. All while hiding behind their computer screen. 

Sociopaths are sadist, and love to cause others distress. Normal personalities become upset or feel guilty if they have hurt someone. Not the sociopath. Once they realize that someone is upset, they take advantage of that, by provoking some more.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

How do I block you in real life

Blocking a sociopathic ex DOES NOT mean they will leave you alone. They will always find a way to harass and stalk you. 

They will call from a number you don't recognize. They will use spoof calling methods. They become so desperate to reach you, that there is nothing they will not do to contact. 

A normal person would take a hint if an ex blocked them from having any contact. The they would simply accept the fact that the person wants nothing to do with them. They may be upset or angry, but they move on. 

A disturbed person on the other hand, continues to contact their ex, through Anonymous numbers and addresses. This is a sign that the person is not all there...

They have lost touch with reality and they have become delusional, and possibly dangerous. They do not see that their creep factor had reached a new low... They refuse to accept that their ex WILL NO LONGER BE CONTROLLED BY THEM ANYMORE. 

All you see is a deranged, and pathetic individual that has no life. Nothing better to do than to find random phone numbers so they can call you and send you messages. The messages are teetering on the verge of complete and total insanity. Demanding you to do ridiculous things. 

If you have a psychopathic ex, that has lost touch with the real world. And seems to be obsessed with you. Refuses to leave you alone. This is frightening. It's important to document everything. Watch your back. And be ready to defend yourself when attacked by them. 


Emotional manipulation - the dangerous crazy

When we enter a relationship, most of is have pure and good intentions. We are attracted and interested in our partner. It is devastating to find out that person we fell in love with was nothing but a lying, cheating, controlling, vindictive emotional abuser, with their own secret agenda and desires. 

It hurts to realize that we in fact were not loved by this person. We hurt because we are a loving human being. It's ok to feel hurt. It's a normal reaction to feel pain when we realize that the person we thought we would spend the rest of our life with has stolen years from us that we will never get back. 
As strong and smart as we may think we are —it is unfortunate that psychopaths are so well versed in manipulation that they can pick up on even the tinest of our insecurities and use it to threaten us and control us. 

Psychological manipulators aim to change our perception or behavior through underhanded, deceptive, and abusive tactics. The emotional
manipulator will attempt to get what they want at the someone else's expense.  They will use methods that are exploitative, abusive, devious, and deceptive. These evil people damage our core. They try to steal our soul. (Probably because they do not have one and the only way they believe to get one is steal someone else's)

Psychological and Emotional Manipulation involves 

1. manipulator concealing aggressive intentions and behaviors

2. manipulator knowing the psychological vulnerabilities of the victim to determine what tactics are likely to be the most effective.

3. manipulator having a sufficient level of ruthlessness to have no qualms about causing harm to the victim if necessary.

Consequently the manipulation is likely to be covert (relational aggressive or passive aggressive). 

Psychopaths and narcissist devastate their victims. Leaving them broken and alone. Normal people cannot fathom how a person can be so evil and vindictive. But there are many psychopaths out there. And it seems they are only getting worse...

Saturday, September 20, 2014



If you are a victim of cyber stalking, cyber bullying, online harassment, such as impersonation, defamation, slander, bullying. 

Click on the site below to check out the CYBER STALKING LAWS in your state. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Knowledge is Power (when you are dealing with a sociopath

Knowledge really is power. The is especially true when you are dealing with the sociopath. When you have become the target of this vile person. The more you know, the more things will start to make sense. AND THE SAFER YOU WILL BE. The sociopath wants you to think that they are organized, working, and doing it all, when the truth is... They are unorganized, lazy, and having everyone else doing all their dirty work. It's even more important to realize that YOU ARE NOT CRAZY OR IMAGINING  THINGS! You have not been dramatic, or exaggerating things, and your not insane! 

Beware that the sociopath will attempt to make you feel like you are losing your mind. They will even tell people that your are "unstable and dangerous". When a sociopath says these slandering things about you. You can pretty much bet that whatever they are saying you are, they are projecting what they are capable of, onto you. 
Example — If the sociopath says you suffer from “borderline personality disorder” and you are obsessed with them, you are jealous of them, and you are stalking them and they fear for their safety. THIS IS A RED FLAG!!! The sociopath always projects what they are feeling onto their victims. What that means is that the sociopath was diagnosed with borderline personality (because it is impossible almost for a psychiatrist to diagnose a sociopath, since they lie to everyone about everything) It also means they are obsessed with you, and making your life a living hell. They are jealous of you, and the only way to rid themselves of that jealousy is to knock you down, by slandering your name, and destroying your reputation.

One of the scariest feelings you will have is when the sociopath is playing the victim to others and even telling others-"you are stalking them". This usually means that they are  stalking you! They will stalk you and violate you emotionally in every way; cyber stalking, physical stalking, following you, or having one of their minions follow you, and keep them up to date on your whereabouts.

The most chilling accusation the sociopath says about you "that they fear for their safety and the safety of their children" 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Accusations of the disordered Ex

The Ex Spouse - There are some people (the lucky ones) who actually get along with their ex. Most of us are not so lucky....

Why can't your EX get a life? Why won't he/she just move on and leave you alone? After all he/she has remarried and claims to be so happy, especially now that you are no longer in their life...  
When your ex continues to call, text, email to tell you the what you need to do while the children are with you (as if you are so incompetent that you can't figure it out yourself) You are probably dealing with a controlling, demanding, and disordered ex. You have noticed that the intention with your ex is not good. They are not doing what they do because they truly are thinking only about the children. They are doing this, because they want to be in control of you. The ex knows you have moved on, you are happy with your new spouse. This drives your disordered ex insane (more insane than he/she already is) Scary huh.....

The mere thought of your psycho ex -- the person who lied, manipulated and ultimately left you -- is enough to make your stomach turn, even if the contact is sporadic.  It's hard to understand why they are still trying to have contact with tho everyday. You think to yourself “does my ex know what the word DIVORCE means?”
“Why is she demanding I attend her families Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Fathers Day, and Mother's Day with her”? Yes, that is exactly what I want to do on my holidays, spend time with my ex who has attempted to destroy my reputation, turn my children against my new spouse. The same person who has made one false accusation after another... (Sarcasm)

It's important to always keep in mind, YOU EX HAS A CHARACTER DISORDER. Your EX is not in touch with real human emotions, therefore they live in an altered reality than the 
rest of us.  A normal, stable person Does Not attack you one minute (in an anonomyous fashion online, or by spreading rumors to your children's school about you) then expect you to be present at their Christmas party the next. 

Sociopaths, malignant narcissist, and character disordered individuals have a convenient way of forgetting all the horrific things that they have done to you. In their whacked out brain, they truly think that if they pretend that everything is good, and they did not do anything wrong to you - That you will just go along 
with it. And sometimes we will go along with it, because it means a break from the constant drama. It means a day of peace, without the harassment. We are desperate for peace. Unfortunately when we go along with their delusions, it only compels them to continue to think they can always treat you a certain way, with no consequences. 

It is hard to stand up to your psychotic ex. You know they will make your life hell when you decide to spend time with your own family, instead of theirs on holidays. When you first stand up to them, expect to recieve calls and numerous text, about how hurt the kids are that you didn't come to Christmas. (Your ex seems to have forgotten that you have a family and the kids are coming to spend the other part of their holiday with you) REMEMBER YOUR EX WILL ALWAYS USE GUILT INORDER TO GET YOU TO DO WHAT THEY WANT. 

You know your ex is going to use guilt to try to get their way. It's important for you to stay strong. And remember it is not about the kids to them. It's about them, wanting to continue to control your life, your money, your holidays, your free time, your family — even though you are divorced. The reason you ex divorced you or you divorced them was because you no longer wanted to be together. Right? That means you no longer spend Christmas mornings together. You no longer attend their family functions, because their family is no longer your family. 

Yes, it is hard on the children. DIVORCE in general is hard on children... That is a FACT. 

When your ex decided to cheat on you with other men, or women. Were they thinking of how THAT would Hurt the children??    Of course they didn't.. But now your ex wants to tell you that you are emotionally damaging the children because you don't want to spend your Father's Day and other special holidays with them. 

So when your ex starts their usual guilt tripping, and letting you know that you are a horrible parent, and that your children are suffering because of your selfishness (because you remarried and decided to be happy) If you are a good parent, then none of it should bother you. Your ex claims that your child needs counseling because of you. When your child is with you, is your child happy? Do the children seem withdrawn or depressed when they are with you and your spouse? 
If the answer is No, then you know that your ex is the pathological liar, they have always been. Just another desperate attempts to control you. They are pathetic.

If the answer is Yes, then YOU need to get your child evaluated by a psychologist and find out why they are feeling this way. It is not because you didn't attend your exes family event, as your ex has said. If your home is a safe and healthy environment, it is important to find out what is causing the child to be withdrawn. 

Your ex is a liar. You know this. They will try to portray to you that they are the  picture perfect parent. You know better... They seem to have conveniently forgotten (again) that you use to live with them. You know behind the scenes how dysfunctional they are. They haven't made a miraculous turn-a-round. They are still dysfunctional. There is numerous people coming and going from their home. They allow their cousin who is a convicted felon to do their yard word and home repairs, for a cheap price. They are not around to supervise anything. Are the children at home alone a majority of the time?  

The more your ex is accusing you of emotionally damaging your children, you can bet it is because they are incompetent, and they think projecting their dysfunction onto you will take some of the focus off of them. 

I have seen too many times where the disordered person has emotionally abused and battered their spouse. To the point that they will not defend themselves or stand up to the disordered person. They are afraid. They have witnessed them destroy others. They know of the damage they are capable of. They know they are ruthless, heartless, and have not one Ounce of conscience in them. 

Psychopaths - Lies, Rumors, and Spoof Calling

The Sociopath LOVES to spread LIES and RUMORS in order to destroy a persons reputation. They tell half truths, and distort them to make a person look mentally unstable. The sociopath doesn't even need half truths to spread a rumor. They will just tell people blatant lies about their victim. 

Here are some examples of how a sociopath twist and distorts stories to slander their victim;

You graduated from Harvard - the sociopath will tell people you never attended and your creditials are fake. 

You married at an early age - the sociopath will tell people you got pregnant and illicit drug use forced you to marry 

You bought a new car - the sociopath will tell people your old car had DNA evidence of your murder victim 

You own your home - the sociopath will tell people your swindled some retiree out of their home 

You took a vacation in Vegas - the sociopath will tell people you were laundering money for the mob. 

You are divorced - the sociopath will tell people your spouse left you for infidelity 

Your children are adults - the sociopath will tell people they are finally free from your abuse (possibly sexual abuse) 

Your friends and family love you - the sociopath will tell people they only love you cause they don't know the truth about you. 

Your dog died - the sociopath will tell people you killed your dog only after torturing it first..

And so it goes, ad infinitum... Sociopaths are extremely gifted in spinning a story about their victims in an effort to destroy any sense of credibility that they may have. 

The internet has become the sociopath/psychopaths favorite tool. They are able to destroy others under an anonymous veil. They are the most dangerous predators to the common person. They love to leave comments and make statement using ones first and last name. So when a potential employer googles the sociopaths  victim, negative statements appear. Usually statements portaying the person as “unstable”, “dangerous” and “crazy”. The sociopath usually accuses their victims of what they know they are capable of. 

The obsessed psychopath - the obsessed psychopath uses today's new technology to their advantage in destroying their victims. A psychopath "spoof" calls their victims. Spoof calling enables the phone to change the caller ID they are calling from. The psychopath may call the victim pretending to be the police or the local news. Sometimes the psychopath will call the police using the victims number. The psychopath does these things because they are vindictive and evil. They are also immature. They have no limits to what they will do to destroy someone they view as a threat. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Obsessed, Dangerous, and Desperate Sociopath

Sociopaths are toxic. They destroy others. They inflict emotional harm on family, ex spouses, spouses, children, and even strangers. Sociopaths will never leave you alone. Most ex spouses of a sociopath will usually  try to have "NO CONTACT" because of the harassment they receive on an everyday basis. 
The sociopath will obsessively call, text, email and harass. It can become so frequent, it disrupts the victims work, personal life, and peace. 

No Contact Does Not Always Work

Even when the victim establishes no contact with the sociopath, refusing to return or answer calls, not responding to text messages, or emails. The sociopath does not always get bored with you, and move on to their next victim. Sometimes they become obsessed with you. They will become desperate just to get a tiny response from you. They will make up lies to try to get a response. Some will tell you that they have a terminal illness (such as stage 4 ovarian cancer). Knowing you are not a monster, you probably will respond, because a normal person with a normal brain, will feel sad, and guilty to ignore someone who is supposedly “dying” . A person with an abnormal brain, that lacks so conscience and no heart is the only kind of person who will tell you they are dying when they are not, just to get you to respond. 
Why does a sociopath go to such extremes just to get a response?

The sociopath wants control. They had control over you at one time and they intended on keeping control over you. So when you move on with your life, and no longer allow the sociopath to control your life. They become desperate to get that control back. The sociopath can become most dangerous when they become obsessed with you. Most sociopaths go their entire life, and never kill anyone. Although they make life hell, and ruin many people. Many do not ever murder. An obsessed sociopath is dangerous because the fact is, they do not have a conscience. Since it is our conscience that keeps us from doing awful things to others, the sociopath is capable of almost anything. When a sociopath is stalking you, and has become obsessed with you. It's important that you live cautiously. Never forget what you are dealing with... A monster..

When you are the victim of a sociopath who is obsessed with controlling you, even though you ended the relationship. It's important to try to stay one step ahead of them. This can be difficult and exhausting, and not recommended, unless you feel you are being stalked by the sociopath. Being involved or around a sociopath for a long time, you will be able to see the patterns and can predict  some of their manipulation patterns and behaviors. Trying to stay one step ahead of the sociopath will eventually wreak havoc on your own sanity and health. So it is best to contact your local police department, let them be aware of the harassment. 

Most importantly DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT everything. Save emails, text, and record any phone calls, save any voice mails. You may need these things in order to file a protective order or restraining order against the sociopath, when they will not leave you alone. 

The sociopath will always have what seems to be a valid excuse to contact you. If you have children with the sociopath, the harassment you will get from the sociopath can cause stress, anger, frustration, depression, and even physical illness. Having children gives the sociopath a reason to contact you everyday.. Even though there is no reason to actually speak to your ex EVERY SINGLE DAY, the sociopath will find one – the children

The sociopath is going to call, text and email just to bother you and annoy you most of the time. Sending text so minuscule like "Suzie has a dentist appointment today, and she is very scared of going" or "Bobby has a test in science and is worried he will fail". The strangest thing is when you speak with your children you will usually find out that Susie never went to the dentist. And bobby wasn't worried about a science test. The sociopath has no rhyme or reason why they send you text that are random and made up. It is just to disrupt your day. They hope you will respond, become upset (that your children are worried).

The sociopath loves keeping you on your toes and causing drama in your life. Even when you have moved on and they have moved on. They still want to bother you just because they can. They want to be able to feel that they have that control over you. They need to know that if they want to, they can disrupt your mind state, foil your plans, stress you out, cause chaos in your life, and control your emotions. 

They do this because they are disturbed people. They are desperate and pathetic. They do not realize what they are doing is harming their children emotionally. Most of the time the parent who is being harassed on a daily basis. Will feel anxiety and fear about having to deal with their ex spouse. They want to avoid the ex. Because of the constant contact and harassment. This affects the children, because they may not be able to see both parents as much. THE SOCIOPATH MAKES GETTING THE CHILDREN SO DIFFICULT, and So STRESSFUL. The other parent shuts down. They are emotionally drained after dealing with a psycho for so long. They even suffer from a form of Emotional PTSD. 

Once the sociopath sees that their ex is avoiding them. They will push even more. By be-littling, degrading, putting down, trying to instill shame and guilt about not being a good parent. How the children are embarrassed by their family and it is all that parents fault, because of the lack of co parenting. It is all a ploy to get control and to get that response. 

The best thing the parent who is being harassed can do is; do right by your children when they are with you. Know that you cannot control what the sociopath does. Taking the sociopath to court will only make the situation worse. Sociopaths are able to work the legal system and you will probably lose that battle. So don't take them to court unless you feel the children are being physically or sexually abused. Do the best you can for your children when they are in your care. DO NOT EVER speak negatively of the sociopathic parent. Just be the best parent you can be.