Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The narcissist

Narcissist are extremely abusive. Emotionally, mentally and even physically. 
It's hard to leave a narcissist – because after years of mental abuse. You become brainwashed by the narcissist. You feel you need the narcissist, you recognize the relationship is not healthy. But you believe that one day they will change. You hope that they will realize how much you love them and that they will change for you. 

Unfortunately the narcissist will never change. The narcissist does not want to change. The narcissist does not believe they are to blame for anything. It's always YOUR fault as far as the Narcissist is concerned.  

If you ever have tried to leave the narcissist. You know that they will pursue you. They all the suddenly become the person you want them to be, for a short period of time. They treat you with love and care. They tell you they are sorry for what they have done. You believe them, because you want to believe that they are capable of being a good person, a good boyfriend, a good husband. But unfortunately their kindness is short-lived...

As soon as they know they have you back, the old behaviors begin to rear their ugly head. You catch them in lies, they deny anything you ask them. You suspect them of cheating again, they adamantly deny it. They have done it before, so you know they can do it again.  And the narcissist will. 

You may think you need to narcissist, but in fact it is the narcissist that needs you. They need you to feed them their narcissistic supply. If you are not giving them the narcissistic supply that they need, they have no problem finding someone who will. 

Narcissist love to cheat on their partners with strippers, prostitutes, anyone who will make you question your own self. Many women ask themselves "why would he cheat on me with someone like that". Many women feel they are to blame for their partners infidelities. Maybe they feel they were not meeting their partners needs. This kind of thinking is exactly what the narcissist wants you to think. When you have been a good girlfriend, wife, or partner to the narcissist. The narcissist knows that he must keep you feeling inferior to him in order for you to do what he says. 

Some people leave their narcissistic partners, others do not. 
It can take years and years to recover from the mental abuse the narcissist inflicts. Your self-esteem is shattered, your confidence is gone, and you feel very alone. You  feel depressed and defeated because you  have wasted a majority of your life, that you will never get back on the narcissist. While you are in a pit of despair, the narcissist is doing what he does best. He is out with his fake friends, hooking up with women, and acting as if the breakup between the two of you has no effect on him. Honestly the breakup does not have an effect on him, because he lacks the ability to feel empathy for anyone but himself. He actually blames you for the demise of the relationship. 

Once the narcissist realizes that he cannot get you back, he stops pretending to care and the real monster comes out. You see who he really is, and you have seen this before. He is cold, mean, and has no sympathy, and no remorse. This person is the real person. Any kindness he had ever shown was just an act, it wasn't real. 

You must know you did not waste your life. You were manipulated by one of the best. Even if you only live one more day. It is a day well lived once the narcissist is out of your life. But once you realize that, you will live many well lived days. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Parasites... in the form of a woman,

Sociopathic people are black holes.  Sociopathic females are black holes, with black hearts, and lack spirit and soul. They are horrible mothers. They are sluts, whores, cheaters, and commonly spread STD's to their unsuspecting partners

They are parasites, and are capable of inflicting unspeakable psychological abuse
They will blame you for everything that they perceive is wrong with their lives (and there will always be plenty). 
If you ever are going through a tough time, or any difficulty, prepare to be kicked while you are down by a sociopath. They love to prey on the weak and the defenseless.

The Female Sociopath is fake to her evil core. She uses her fake charismatic and charming personality to draw victims in. She plays the helpless or needy, pitiful, inept or emotionally unable to cope. She has no problem taking from total strangers, she gratefully accepts or she aggressively TAKES.  Always claiming to be the victim, she is the most passive parasite living among us. She lures and abuses the men who have instincts as a protector.  When her real self comes to the surface — she is cunning, ruthless, predatory, and loveless.

SPREADING DIRTY RUMORS  is the specialty of female sociopath. She will make up a lie about her target (victim) and tell others this lie in an attempt to discredit the person. The female sociopath wants to destroy others. She takes pleasure in this. 

Normal people do not go around spreading lies about another person. It's just not in their minds to do this. Only in the minds of the truly evil - go about this method of character assassination. 

Female sociopaths are accomplished in cheating, conniving and manipulation with malicious intent. 
Like all sociopaths they have an uncanny ability to find a character flaw that can to be exploited to their advantage


Female sociopaths never pay their bill, they fails to honor other promises and commitments. She blames her behavior on somebody else. 
She never takes responsibility and will never admit to be wrong. But she knows exactly what she did and difference between right and wrong. Because she’s out to control, she manipulates and punishes at will. She is the witness, the judge, the lawyer, the jury, the executioner - but never the accused.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

No contact

No contact is the only way to go when dealing with a sociopathic predator. It does not matter if you have children with this predator. You will need to find a third-party to communicate between the two of you. A sociopath is a master manipulator and would do anything to manipulate you, lie to you and continue to cause harm to you. By finding a third-party to communicate between the two of you the third-party will not be affected by the sociopaths lies. You will need to inform the third-party that the person is a sociopath and give them information on how to deal with the sociopathic person. Sometimes it is best to hire a lawyer or a trained professional to help you with this.

Of course the sociopath will lie to third-party communicator in an attempt to manipulate you and cause harm to you. That is why it is so important to give information on how the sociopath works.
Once the children have reached a certain age you will be able to communicate with your children and will no longer have to communicate with the sociopath. The sociopath will do anything to get your attention. They want to be in control. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO BE. The sociopath will tell lies about the children. They will tell you one of the children has cancer, or one of the children is depressed and needs counseling. That's why it is important that you keep in communication with your children because the children will verify that they are not depressed or have cancer. The sociopath is so good at portraying something that feels real. It is so important to remember that everything is sociopaths says is a lie. When they tell the children something and the children tells you remember it is a lie.

The sociopath uses half-truths to make the lie seem more believable. It takes a while for a person to really understand the depth of evil in a sociopath. Some people can see right through the sociopath very quickly. They understand that the sociopath has nothing but evil intentions. They do not fall for any of the sociopaths crap, they do not believe a word the sociopath says, and they do not fall for the trap the sociopath has set.

If you have been fooled by a sociopath — do not feel bad. They are master manipulators and they
excel in lies and deception. Good and honest and kind people fall for the lies, empathic people fall for the guilt trip the sociopath makes. And there is nothing wrong with being a kind empathetic person.
Unfortunately the sociopath depends on the kind and empathetic people, in order to manipulate and deceive.

Anyone who has been targeted by the sociopath knows the destruction and damage that they can cause to another human being. The sociopath has no conscience, has no heart, and has no soul. They
use, they abuse, and they inflict pain on anyone who crosses their path. They have no kindness in their hearts because they have no heart. They are evil. You can never change the sociopath, they are
hardwired to be evil, bad, manipulative, and destructive.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

They hate you because They Want To Be You

You could be in the best mood, and have the best of intentions and a sociopath will cut you down, make fun of you, give you a dirty look, (or even have their followers give you looks). They will accuse you of something that you NEVER did or said.  Sociopaths have a way of ruining your life, and your good moods. 
And if you dare to challenge their perceptions of you or something that they say you did, they immediately blame you and make everything your fault. The bottom line is, knowing a sociopath will make life difficult. Being in a relationship (or worse - sharing children with one of these twisted evil predators) you are sure to suffer from PTSD and feel emotionally drained and burned out. Sociopath take such a toll on our well being some people even become physically sick.


Well basically sociopaths are the shit people who can’t create their own joy. They see your joy and the light inside you that they will never have. So they want yours. Sociopaths have an entitlement issue, they do not ask - THEY TAKE. They are TAKERS - they are NOT GIVERS. They covet what you have and what you are. They are insecure and jealous of everyone who is happy. And they’ll stoop to the dirtiest of tricks just to destroy you.

Watch out for the charismatic liars....

Sociopaths pretend to care. They pretend to like you. They manipulate in such a deceptive way that it's impossible to identify one the minute you speak to one. They give people who are social, loving and caring and charismatic a bad rep..

But it does not take long for the sociopaths true colors to Shine. Most people are unaware of sociopaths and do not have the knowledge they need. But if you have the knowledge you will know one of these predators after about a week of knowing them and even then it will be hard to break away from their destruction and sometimes to late to save yourself. Because by rejecting the sociopath there sure to seek revenge. And to stay with one is an even worse fate. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sociopaths and Entitlement

In a casual sense, the term "entitlement" refers to a notion or belief that one (or oneself) has a right to some particular reward or benefit – if given without deeper legal or principled cause, the term is often given with pejorative connotation (e.g. a "sense of entitlement").
Sociopaths believe they are entitled....

Entitled Sociopaths Do Not work or strive for what they have. They simply take it. They believed it is owed to them. Sociopaths are preposterous and delusional to believe they are somehow entitled to take everything they covet and desire. 

The sociopath will argue that she does deserve what she has and what she takes. The sociopath will argue that she earned everything. She will even argue that she has worked long and hard to get what she has. The “entitled” sociopath is often very convincing in her arguments. Entitled sociopaths are good at justifying their con games. Entitled sociopaths believe that the art of arguing, manipulating, conning, and lying to people is synonymous with working hard.

The sociopath is threatened by the creativity and ingenuity of others. The sociopath must be surrounded by people who they can easily manipulate. People who are in a lesser power than the sociopath. The sociopath wants those around her to think just as she thinks, by manipulating their thoughts, this makes her feel complete, and powerful. The sociopath is very aware of the difference between what is Right and Wrong. They are just hard wired in their brains to do the wrong thing. Even when doing right is more beneficial, the sociopath will still lie, and cheat and do what is wrong in order hurt others while in the process of getting what they want. 
Sociopaths are delusional predators. Sociopaths are notorious for brainwashing and convincing others of thinking how they think.  A sociopath chooses their victims carefully. They choose empathic people, who are easily manipulated by guilt, and kindness. The sociopath pretends to be compassionate and caring {in the beginning} They convince their victims to think that the non-delusional people, that the victim once admired and respected, are the delusional ones. The sociopaths goal is to convince you that she is completely sane and reasonable (the sociopath is everything but sane and reasonableVictims become convinced that the sociopath’s entitlement is justified and all others are simply too jealous or too stupid to understand.

Friday, April 4, 2014

You can't beat a sociopath but a BiGGER Sociopath can

Living well is the best revenge you can get on the sociopath...

Do not try to get the sociopath back for the harm they have caused you and your family. The truth is “NOTHING CAN OBSTRUCT THE WILL OF A SOCIOPATH”. You will fail if you are a normal person with a conscience. It's best to accept what happened to you and LEARN from it. But you must let it go. You are not going to get closure from a sociopath.

The reason we have a hard time letting go of the emotional harm that the sociopath causes is because they don't feel bad for what they did to us. They even continue to cause us more harm, well after they have slandered our name, stalked us, made us feel helpless and afraid. They are dangerous individuals.  Sociopaths are notorious for spreading lies, and attempting to destroy a person spirit, career, reputation, and life. 

The sociopathic predator turns on the charm, or plays the victim, and tries to convince everyone that you are mentally unstable. 

  • The best way to deal with a sociopath is knowing the person is a sociopath. Which most people associate the word sociopath with killers, rapist and those who commit sadistic crimes. They do not think the blonde, blue eyed, soccer mom is a candidate. In this particular situation (involving a female sociopath) usually takes an intelligent person on the outside looking in at the situation to identify what is going on.

I will not sugar coat this any. Because I have been targeted by a sociopath and I know the pain they cause. I have done my research. I realize that most people don't understand what a sociopath is until they are the victim of one. The sociopath can be anyone, and once targeted by one, you are going to lose everything. 
The only thing that can beat a sociopath is a bigger sociopath/psychopath. This means- only a person who is more cold and calculated, more heartless, smarter, and more physically at an advantage, while also lacking any conscience can take the "everyday sociopath" down. (Do not go searching for a bigger sociopath to take your textbook sociopath down)  Yes your chances of defeating one yourself is slim. But you put yourself in more danger by searching for an befriending someone you think is worse than the current sociopath you are dealing with. If you are lucky the sociopath will eventually target the "wrong" person - being the "bigger sociopath".  That will be the sociopaths demise. 
You will not see the sociopath demise, especially if you have no contact with them. And that is fine. The only reason you might see the demise of your sociopath is if you share children with the sociopathic slut. Then you have no choice but to deal with the sociopath occasionally. Knowing that you cannot beat the sociopath, you will get the advantage of seeing her slow demise when she has targeted a bigger sociopath accidentally. The sociopath is a bully and will target many people in her life. Eventually she goes after the wrong person. Due to drug use, and aging she is not as strategic as she use to be. A sociopath will not admit that her life is shit and she is losing all control of things she once had a strong control over.
All of the sudden she is not in control anymore. She is somehow exposed for a majority of her fraudulent dealings. Her career is what the “bigger” sociopath goes after first. The bigger sociopath will not stop until her career is destroyed. (The bigger sociopath has connections and has contacted people in high places that have the power to shut her down). Then the bigger sociopath goes after her finances. The bigger sociopath will figure out where and who she is getting money from and contact those sources. Until she no longer is financially secure. The bigger sociopath doesn't care in the least the impact it has on her children or her way of living. (Remember the bigger sociopath IS IN FACT A SOCIOPATH AND HAS NO 
CONSCIENCE OR REMORSE). The bigger sociopath is doing to the everyday sociopath what he/she has done to you! The bigger sociopath will not stop until the little sociopath loses all power and control they once possessed.  The bigger sociopath is able to take the
 typical everyday sociopath down. But DO NOT FORGET THAT THEY ARE STILL A SOCIOPATH. AND YOUR SOCIOPATH MESSED WITH THE WRONG PERSON – a more horrible person than them.... But the bigger sociopath has targeted the innocent before, and they are not a hero.  They are just doing what they do. Someone targeted them and they are fighting back, and they will win. 
The every day sociopath has no idea why their luck has turned and who is targeting them. They do not know they just f*cked with the wrong person. Because the bigger sociopath is able to cover all their tracks and unable to be exposed or discovered 

I have actually seen this happen to a friend of mines ex wife.  She caused so much chaos and problems. Used the kids against him to hurt and manipulate him. She tried to assassinate his character, and would just tell lies about him to his childrens school.  He paid her whatever she wanted just to get her to leave him alone. Then all the sudden she was exposed from stealing from clients and family. It was like it all just started going down hill for her. She lost her job. Was even publicly humiliated by having her name on the front news of the paper. Rather it was for the money she was stealing from clients, or for the hot checks she was writing. It was in the paper for everyone to see.  My friend had nothing to do with his ex wife spiral downward. We have come to the conclusion she picked the wrong person to target. Now she is an unemployed loser, and every time she tries to come back and regain trust in the community – but is unsuccessful. I'm assume a bigger sociopath is responsible... 

That's karma —

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Exposing a sociopath

It may be difficult to recognize a sociopath because such a person is overly charming, and seemly wanting to help others – but the sociopathic traits are present below the surface. You may have to dig a little deeper to recognize the signs. 
Some sociopaths will go on for years without being caught. They get away with the evil and chaos they cause by family believing them to be mentally ill with a psychiatric disorder such as Bi-Polar, Depression, Mania, or Drug Abuse..
The family rather believe that their blood is mentally sick and cannot help what they do, rather than believe their loved one is evil, who has no heart and no soul and is capable of damaging and abusing others for their own entertainment. 

It only takes that ONE person, and outsider who has been welcomed in (usually an Empath) to see through the sociopath and see that they are not mentally ill they are not depressed.
THEY ARE JUST EVIL. THEY ARE MALICIOUS AND VINDICTIVE. THEY SEE THAT THIS PERSON IS NOT A GOOD PERSON. The person who sees the sociopath for exactly what they are, usually become willing to risk everything to make sure that the sociopath is exposed and can not hurt anyone else. 
The sociopath is manipulative and everyone who is catering to them and obeying them is their puppet. It will take that ONE person to stand up to the sociopath and point out what they see. They risk being attacked by the sociopath and all the sociopaths minions. They risk their reputations being ruined, and lies spread about them by the sociopath. This attack will be hard, especially if the person is an Empath. Being that the Empath is sympathetic, loving, and feels everyone else's emotional pain. 
Fortunately for the  Empath - the Sociopath and Psychopath have no emotions, except anger and rage. So the sociopath is unable to manipulate the Empath.  The sociopath is the only person or thing that the Empath feels no empathy for. The Empath is smart and caring and lives life with passion and a purpose. This is a disadvantage for the sociopath. They have no love in them, and no passion. That is why they waste so much of everyone's time. They are living for nothing. They exist only as a bi-product of the devil... 

The Empath sees the evil, the damage the sociopath has done, the lives the sociopath has destroyed and the pain and suffering the disordered has caused so many people. 

It is basically Good vs Evil...

I do not advise anyone go against the sociopath. Unless the sociopath is directly affecting their life, and hurting their children, spouses, or family members. It's best to avoid and have NO CONTACT with the sociopath. If you suspect that the person is a sociopath, stay the fu*k away from them. You have no idea what danger you are putting yourself in by just being friendly to them. Don't get involved in a friends drama with a sociopath, because you will be their next target. 

The only reason to expose a sociopath and fight one, is to protect your child, or loved one.. I.e. – spouse, parents, siblings. 
Fighting a sociopath is a fight you will more than likely not win, because nothing can obstruct the will of the sociopath. 

I have seen very few cases where the sociopath was taken down. In those few cases the sociopath was older than 40 and they already had a tainted image. Due to years of deceit, failed marriages, uncollected debt, dysfunctional 
behaviors, lying, and having burnt every bridge they ever had. In this case, a good person stands a chance to expose the sociopath. 

Just because a sociopath is exposed does not mean that they will stop hurting others. Their focus will change and the person who exposed them will be their new target. Making others aware that this person is a sociopath or trying to destroy their life, will help the person out. Because when the sociopath starts telling their lies on their smear campaign — NO ONE WILL BELIEVE THEM

The difference between Sociopaths and Psychopaths

Of the more distinguishing traits of the sociopath is that they tend to be less organized in his or her demeanor – they are actually nervous acting and easily agitated – someone likely living on the fringes of society, without solid or consistent economic support. A sociopath is more likely to spontaneously act out in inappropriate ways without thinking through the consequences.
A psychopath on the other hand is more cool, calm and collected ( not all of them – some are recluses, and withdrawn). The psychopath is smart, and not easily angered. They have no soul, it's not easy to get one worked up when they have no soul.  The psychopath tends to be extremely organized, secretive and manipulative. The outer personality is often charismatic and charming. They wear a mask or sanity and normalcy, but behind the mask is an evil, chilling, cold blooded monster. The psychopath mimics behaviors that make them appear caring, kind and trustworthy. Most people would have a tendency to trust a psychopath rather than the sociopath.
The psychopath has an organized personality and this gives them the advantage to be better educated than the average sociopath. The sociopath lacks the attentive skills to excel in school, the sociopath also never finishes much of anything they start. 
The psychopaths can fly under the radar of society, many maintaining families and steady work, a sociopath lacks the skills and drive for mimicking normal behavior. The sociopath is unable to have a stable family life ( behind closed doors). Most sociopaths will be on their 4th-5th marriage before the age of 40.  If the world – is lucky the sociopathic/psychopathic female be sterile, barren and infertile, and unable to bring children into their sick perverse, dysfunctional world.

The sociopath’s crimes are typically disorganized and spontaneous, while the psychopath’s crimes are well planned out. For this reason, psychopaths are harder to catch than sociopaths, as the sociopath is more apt to leave ample evidence in his or her explosions of violence. The sociopath is lazy and rarely cleans up their messes. While the psychopath is clean, calculated, and will cover all tracks.

Both the psychopath and the sociopath view human beings as objects to be used and exploited. The simple answer for the difference between a “psychopath” and a “sociopath” is 
           A psychopath thinks 2+2=5 rather than 2+2=4. A sociopath knows 2+2=4, 
           but hates to admit it, and usually won't. They will argue that 2+2 is 5 just for 
           the sake of being difficult and wasting everyone's time.