Friday, April 10, 2015

Narcissist and Sociopaths are Bullies, pretending to be victims

The sociopathic personality will always justify their behavior..

The sociopath and the narcissist behaves like a child. They may look like full grown adults, but when they do not get their way, they turn into large hateful children.

They take NO responsibility for their actions. They are so shallow and self absorbed that they do not wonder if something they said or did caused a person pain or hurt. The narcissist simply does not care enough about the feelings of others to waste any of their "precious" time pondering about the way another person may feel. Just like the narcissist, the sociopath does not care about the way another person feels. The sociopaths thoughts are very narrowly focused on how to control by means of deception and guilt. If the victim has come to the realization that this is how this particular person operates, and the victim stops falling for the guilt trips, and refuses to be berated and put down. The sociopath will penalize the victim by other vicious methods. Such as spreading lies that will potentially damage the victims credibility and reputation within their community or circle of friends.

The sociopath is notorious for following the latest fads, and media concerns... For example: Bullying. The sociopath is a vindictive, ruthless tyrant, BULLY.

For example - the sociopath I was dealing with observed how “bullying” was getting a lot of media attention. She saw how many people were outraged and had compassion for kids who were being bullied at school, or other places. So when she went on her smear campaign against me, she went to social media, accusing me of being a bully. An adult bully, nonetheless... 
As all sociopaths do, she saw something that knew would elicit pity from normal and kind people. Sociopaths are so good at what they do, because they are able to play such a convincing victim. 
The sociopath used my first and last name, because she wanted people to hate me. It's just part of the game the sociopaths play when they want to destroy you. They always start with your reputation, and turning others agains you. 
This happened before I understood how sociopaths worked. So of course I fell into every trap that the sociopath baited. 

What I realized eventually (after the drama had cooled down) - THAT EVERYTHING the sociopath WAS ACCUSING ME OF BEING, DOING, AND SAYING. Those were all things that she was actually doing to me. I was almost able to predict what she may do next to destroy, by her accusations alone. 
The problem was... At that time, everything she was doing, was done in such a covert and subtle way, I felt powerless to speak up for myself. I was very afraid to defend myself, or do anything else to bring attention to the situation, because like every other time I had tried to defend my character, she would somehow turn it around, making me look like the “big bad mean bully" again

When dealing with a sociopath who is hell bent on destroying you, you have a fear inside you, and a dread of what they may do next. All you really want is the slander, lies and defamation of your character to stop. 
I knew that going to social media (as the sociopath had done) to defend myself, was what she wanted. So she could turn herself into “my” victim again. All I wanted was it to STOP.  

SOCIAL MEDIA - That is where these types of people (sociopaths, narcissists) are able to do the most damage. The Internet is just one of the the sociopaths arsenal of weapons that they use to break down, destroy and slander their victim. 
Sociopaths can be whoever they want to be online. They are rarely anonymous.. 
They will make up dozens of false identities, so when they are bashing their target and making false accusations, they can use of their other identities to “back” them up. So when the target looks at what the sociopath is saying, and sees that there are people who are siding with the sociopath, it makes the victim feel powerless and helpless. The sociopaths goal is to shut the victim up. 

The best advice I can give to someone that is having this happen to them, is document, copy and save everything that the sociopath is saying. If you ignore them long enough, the attacks will become more brutal. They want you to respond. They will become desperate for a response and then that is where they cross the line. Once that line is crossed, you should be able to contact local law enforcement. If their defamation is affecting your job, or livelihood, they can be held accountable legally.  
It is very important that you DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM, or go back in forth with them. Even though this will be hard to do, especially when you are under attack. 

The sociopath is an ADULT BULLY.  Anyone who has known them (family) already knows this. It doesnt take long for people to get burned and abused by the sociopath, to realize they are dealing with an unstable person, and they distance themselves. Sociopaths bully their family members, their spouse, their friends, anyone who they percieve as a threat to them.  For example - Anyone who sees through their crap and could possibly expose them. 

Female sociopaths are very similiar to their male counterpart.. The female sociopath just goes about it in a much more vindictive and malicious manner  - ESPECIALLY TO OTHER FEMALES THAT THEY ARE JEALOUS Of. For example: A woman who is younger, more attractive, and successful. The female sociopath seeks to destroy this kind of woman because of PURE ENVY. Sociopath may give us the impression that they are cool, confident and collect. But the truth is, they are jealous, insecure and hateful. 

The sociopath has been a bully since adolescence. They are manipulative and hateful. The sociopath will basically bully anyone who stands up to their acts of emotional cruelty, or does not do as they say.  Since the sociopath loves attention, rather it be negative or positive, they will pretend as if they are the poor innocent victim. I know this from first hand experience.

It was about 5 years ago when I did not understand the person I was dealing with was a narcissistic sociopath. Of course in the end got royally f*cked by the sociopath. It has taken time to heal, but I am stronger, wiser and happier, now that the sociopath is out of my life and there is absolutely NO CONTACT between us.

Now I understand how the sociopath operates, and I know how to deal with a one if I had to. 
This knowledge gives me the power to “walk away” and not engage with people who are of a sociopathic nature or have sociopathic tendencies.

What I hope now, is to help others, by sharing my experience and what I have been through. I want people who feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel, and lost hope that they can ever be happy again to know THAT THERE IS HOPE.