Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Aging Narcassist

The narcissist ages without compassion or grace; she is shallow and does not accept her aging well... Her body is withered with age, plastic surgeon can't tuck or nip enough to make her look like a woman again. Her deceptive overworked mind betrayed her at the same time her body has.  She stares in disbelief and rage at mirrors which show her who she really is. The female narcissist ages prematurely and finds herself in a time warp. Where she is in a constant struggle with becoming old and drifting into a midlife crisis. When she was a child prodigy, a sex symbol, a successful prosecutor, or an outstanding intellectual-the narcissist was at the center of attention. She had everyone eating out of her hand — so she believed...  Now she has become disillusioned in her old age as her old charms have worn thin. Her charisma is gone. She can no longer manipulate with big pretty eyes. Her eyes look worn and her skin is leathery.. 
Growing old requires grace and courage.  Aging is a series of physical and mental insults that you have to take in stride or you become an unpleasant burden to yourself and those around you.  Grace and courage are not traits the narcissist possesses at any age - ever. So the lack of these virtues becomes all the more apparent as she grows old. Old age points out and highlights what you’ve been all your life. The narcissist is hideous on the inside and out. Midlife proves that 
Having been exposed for what she is-a deceitful, treacherous, spiteful egotist-the narcissist’s old tricks now fails her. People are on their guard and less gullible than before. The narcissist, with her rigid personality, can’t change. She reverts to old habits, old behaviors that use to get her what she wanted, only to fail. No one believes her lies, no one respects her, no one cares about her anymore.  She has alienated any family, children or “friends” she ever had. She surrenders to former temptations. She is made a mockery by her stubborn denial of the reality of aging, by her stubborn refusal to grow up, an eternal (brat) child in the sagging body of an old woman.
The narcissist is singularly maladapted to life’s trials and tribulations. Time tends to make brilliant people lose their magic, lovers exhaust their potency, and philanderers wear out their appeal. After the age of 40 the narcissist becomes more average and boring and less appealing.  The wider the gap between her pretensions and her actual accomplishments, the more she is the object of derision and contempt by others who have learned to see through her facade. And after 40 years in the same small town or community, everyone sees who she really is. Everyone knows what deception she has done and lies she has told. She is alone. Because she has screwed over everyone. She is hated. 
She will try to convince herself she is adored. But she knows that people avoid her. They refuse to talk to her. They hate her. She can see it when she looks at them. 
Few narcissists bother to maintain a business, keep their jobs, raise functioning families or nurture their friendships. Narcissist end up bitterly alone having squandered the love of spouse, offspring and friends.  The contrast between the prime of her youth and her now look of ruin presents a constitute of permanent narcissistic injury. The narcissist retreats deeper into herself to find comfort and consolation, withdrawing deeper into her grandiose fantasies and delusions. They are deprived of any qualities that would make them content at this time of their lives.  The decrepitude of their character is reflected in the decrepitude of their aging and sagging bodies.
For the aging female narcissists, it is too late. They initiated the demise of business partners, spouses, and former friends– who are now enemies. The narcissist has burned so many human bridges. She has betrayed, abused, demeaned, and humiliated countless human beings. Some narcissists have even destroyed their own children as a result of repetitive abandonments, degrading criticisms and malicious agendas.

The female narcissist dies alone. She has no one to count on or to check on her. She is a horrible human being til the day she dies. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sociopaths in the Work the Place (adult bully)

    Sociopaths are dangerous and wreak havoc their victims and family. Sociopaths do not just harass their family, ex's, "friends", and others involved with them. They are also adult bullies. Especially in the work place. They do not fight fair. They want to eliminate any competition. 
    People with healthy minds, and healthy personal boundaries have confidence in their abilities and are secure with who they are. They do not feel the need to slander, degrade and assassinate an associates character, just to ensure that the person does not "steal" their position or job. They know that they are efficient at their job, and new employees/colleagues do not threaten them. 
The sociopath is so insecure, that everyone is a threat to them. They bully new employees because they see them as weak and vulnerable. The new guy is an easy target because no one knows them. The sociopath is able distort how others think about the new employee, by spreading lies and gossip about them. The sociopaths works harder to exploit others, than they work at their job. 

Some traits of a Sociopathic Adult Bully
  • Jekyll and Hyde personality – Dr Jekyll is “charming” and “charismatic” ;  Hyde is “evil”
  • Exploits the trust and needs of individuals. Sociopaths not only exploit their family, ex's, and their own children for personal gain. They also exploit, slander and damage the reputation of their co-workers and colleagues.   
  • Pathological Liars  Convincing and compulsive lying.  Will make up anything to fit their needs at that moment. (Watch for someone who is giving too much details about why they didn't do something or did do something) {justification, excuses} 
  • Damages reputations of individuals and organizations and businesses. Ex. - will speak poorly 
  • about a nursing home in order to exploit money from the business, usually the sociopath knows owner of the business personally or is related to;  knowing their financial situation.
  • Reacts to criticism with Denial, Retaliation, Revenge,  Slandering any person who confronts them, Playing the Victim;
  • Blames the victims; vilifying the victim, to elicit pity from others and make the real victim look like a bully. 
  • Apparently immune from disciplinary action. Feels they are better than everyone else; feels above the law. Doesn't believe that the rules and regulations apply to them. Points the finger at others 
  • Relentlessly harasses and stalks the victim, until the victim feels defeated. Then the Sociopath will move onto a new target when the present one (victim) burns outs, or leaves; because the harassment, emotional abuse, and verbal assaults become to severe.

    Most cases of workplace bullying involve a serial bully, to whom all the dysfunction can be traced. A person who is being bullied may already know, or come to realise that they have a string of 
    predecessors who have either:

    • left unexpectedly or in suspicious circumstances;
    • have gone on long term sick leave with some sort of psychological problem, and never returned;
    • taken unexpected early or ill-health retirement,
    • have been involved in a grievance or disciplinary or legal action;
    • have had stress breakdowns;
    • been over-zealously disciplined for some trivial or non-existent reason.

    If you are being harassed, stalked or assaulted (verbally or physically) by an adult bully. Document everything they say to you, email to you, text you, and tell others about you.  Try your best to ignore them until you have enough evidence and documentation to take to your boss and show them how you have been harassed, and slandered by this person. The Sociopath excels in lying and conning others. So it is important you have documentation and proof. 
    Without saved information and documents the sociopath will discredit you, and turn the blame on you and you could risk losing your job... 

    Never underestimate the Sociopath. They are always scheming, lying and causes emotional damage to people. They have no conscience, which makes it easy to destroy the life of another, without giving it 2 thoughts. They feel no remorse or guilt for any problems they create or for anyone they destroy. 

    Monday, March 24, 2014

    Emotional blackmail - sociopath/psychopathic individuals

    Sociopaths aka Psychopaths aka Emotional Blackmailers make it nearly impossible to see how they’re manipulating us, because they lay down a thick fog that obscures their actions. All the while, if we attempt to fight back, they “ensure that we literally can’t see what is happening to us.”

    The Sociopath — will often take the intimate, embarrassing moments of your life that you have shared with them and any secret they know about you (only because they manipulated you into believing they could be trusted, by charming you and gaining your trust, only so that you will feel comfortable enough to confide in them - then they will have something to use against you when they need or want something. They sociopath does not care about you. They want you to think they care about you. 
    That way when they fear they won’t get their way or you may tell them no, they use this intimate knowledge to shape the threats that give them the payoff they want.... This is because they are evil. Mean spirited. Vindictive. Hateful. Dangerous. Callous and Cold Monsters. 
                                                 The Sociopath is a 

    Sadistic Predator. Who preys upon the kind, the weak, the vulnerable 
    and the elderly. They are insecure and know deep down inside that 
    they are not good enough to pick on strong confident people. They fear that those are the people who will see right through their facade. The strong person with a healthy set of boundaries is capable of exposing them for the filthy slime they really are.

    Emotional blackmail is how the vicious sociopath gets what she wants. 
    The emotional blackmail is how she threatens people covertly to get what she wants. An example of how a sociopath thinks is: If you don't behave the way I want you to, you will suffer. The sociopath might threaten to use knowledge about a person's past to ruin her reputation, or ask to be paid off in cash to hide a secret. And if you still do not comply after threats. The sociopath will not only use private information they know about you, but they will make nasty lies just for fun. 
    The sociopath does all this just because they didn't get their way.... They are willing to destroy another human life ALL BECAUSE Someone Told them “NO”. 

    Normal people accept that people will not always do as we want them to. They simply accept and respect the rights of others. When a person is disordered and has mental illness and personality defects such as sociopathic personality disorder, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic, or sadistic psychopathic personality disorder. They are emotionally retarded basically. They still act like a 2 year who is throwing a tantrum at the age of 50. It's really sad to watch, unless you are their target. And you realize this is NO 2 year old. “This is a dangerous person who is going to try to harm me.”

    Stay away from the sociopath. She is dangerous. She will destroy anyone who threatens her position of power (which is all imagined in her crazy brain - she actually has no power). 

    Sociopathic women start to get worn down with age. They have less creditability and no 
    real friends. They usually have alienated their kids, or they have alienated their children's 
    relationship with the healthy parent. Everyone distances themselves from the sociopath. 
    They want to be far away from the evil, consciousness, cold blooded sociopath. So any connections or acquaintances the sociopath has {including any children} people will make the choice to distance and stay away. They realize that the sociopath is so toxic, that they put themselves at risk of more abuse to even speak with the sociopath, or live in the same town with them. 

    I know a guy who is currently in the process of moving up north just to get away from his sociopathic ex wife. She has harassed him, annoyed him, slandered  him, ruined his reputation, threatened him so many times.  Although he has been divorced from this witch for over 7 years - she calls him everyday, sends novel long text messages everyday and since they are not physical threats - the police can't help.  So he has lived in fear of her pulling a Betty Broderick for the past decade. 
    He is taking such drastic measures because nothing else has worked. The NO CONTACT RULE has not worked. No matter how much he ignores her, her calls only get more crazy and scary...

    Remember Sociopaths will harm you and violate you in anyway they can. These people do not have a conscious. They feel no remorse or guilt. Therefor they are capable of anything 

    Saturday, March 15, 2014

    Revenge and Slander - How A Sociopath will Silence You.

    Anyone who has been a target of a sociopath knows the evil they are capable of. We know that a sociopath may not murder your physical body, but they will slaughter you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They will wear your down with their relentless tactics of manipulation, and lies.  They basically mind fuck you - where you end up feeling like you are the "crazy one".  

    Some people have no idea what a sociopath is.  They think "Ted Bundy", "Charles Manson", and "Wayne Gacy". Which those sickos were all sociopaths/psychopaths. They are just the worst kind. Sadistic sexual sociopaths. And most sociopaths are sadistic, and are sexually aggressive (even the female sociopath). Some are just not obsessed with killing as much as others, and are able to control their sick urges.  But ALL sociopaths wreak havoc on the lives of others, they are all pathological liars, they are all con-artist, they all lack remorse for the pain and suffering they cause. They are ruthless, conscienceless, calculating, incapable of love, and filled with rage and hate.

    Those of us who have been a target of a sociopath, and recognize them for the twisted person they are, we know that sociopaths are not the confident assholes they pretend to be. Again it 
    is one of the many mask they wear. But they are actually insecure, pathetic, and jealous people. They are jealous of things they see a "friend" has, that they do not have. They feel they deserve to have that as well.  And once they decide they want something, they will do whatever they have to in order to get whatever it is they desire, even if they have to steal, lie, or destroy the person who has what they want. 

    Sociopaths do not want the truth about them to be known, that they are insecure, malicious, and devious people.  
    Sociopaths have a deathly fear of being exposed and rejected. That’s why they compulsively LIE, even if the truth would be more beneficial, their brain is hard wired to LIE. 

    If people were to find out how evil, corrupt, and sinister the sociopath actually is. How would they be able to manipulate people to do what they want? If others were to know about their true nature, they would lose the support of all the people they have managed to brain wash, elicit pity from, and the people who believe their sad story. 

    Therefore when a sociopath feels someone is a threat to them, or may be aware of what they are, and could possibly expose them. That is when the sociopath will have a strong motivation to attack the 
    person, discredit them by any means necessary, harass, and ruin whoever presents arguments and facts that might tend to raise questions and doubts about the sociopaths behaviors and their false 
    They use blaming to control others, in order to harm the targets they viciously attack, often it is their own family members or former love interests.
    Sociopaths will seek revenge relentlessly and engage in distortion campaigns (smear campaigns)  to control and manipulate others into having false beliefs about the victim. By the time the victim of the smear campaign is aware of it, it is too late and he or she may have already been trashed and their name drug through the mud, and their character has already been completely assassinated and lied about for several months, even years to the point that anything he or she says or does will somehow be interpreted as evidence of them (the victim) being the problem. When in reality the victim has done nothing. TO KNOW WHO IS THE VICTIM, AND WHO IS THE SOCIOPATH, LISTEN TO WHO SEEMS TO HAVE THE STORY THAT IS ELICITING PITY AND SYMPATHY FROM OTHERS - that is your sociopath... They will even act as if they care about the person they 
    are claiming to be " unstable and crazy".  
    DESTROY YOUR REPUTATION and cast you as irrational or downright crazy.  BE 
    STRONG. KNOW THE MONSTER YOU ARE DEALING WITH, AND REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT THE CRAZY ONE. NO MATTER how bad the sociopath has portrayed you, or the lies they are spreading. 
    You know who you are
    YOU don't know who the sociopath is, AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO!
    IF you WERE to FIND out ALL THE SCHEMES, CRIMES and DEVIANT ACTS they are doing it would PUT YOUR LIFE IN DANGER! If the sociopath were to think you knew about all their scams, they would do more than slander your name, in order to keep you from talking. THEY WOULD SILENCE YOU FOREVER!
    Remember that all sociopaths are dangerous. They have no conscience guilt or remorse. They don't feel bad for anyone.  They don't feel shame for the heinous acts that they commit. Never underestimate the sociopath. They blend in just like you and me. The blonde, smiling soccer mom sitting next to you could be a sociopath. 
    Females even more so than their male counterparts are less likely to be thought of as something 
    so evil as the sociopath, making them even more dangerous. They can cause even more damage 
    than the male, because of the way most people view women, which is as care takers nurturers, mothers, wives, and humane. But 
    the female sociopath is far from it. 

    Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    Slander by a sociopath

    This is an example page a buddy of mine has saved that an ex wife wrote about him in order to ruin his reputation and assassinate his character. He has documented everything she has done to him, said to him and posted on the Internet since before they were even divorced. He was worried to divorce her because he knew she would attempt to destroy him. She was having an affair. But like most sociopaths — she felt that she was entitled to have an affair while married and her husband not to say a word about it.  She didn't care about the hurt it would cause the children. She still doesn't care about the harm she causes them by speaking so negativity about him

    Monday, March 10, 2014

    The female sociopath will try to destroy you at all cost...

    Females are more likely to do destruction  such as character assassination and defamation and slander, and have numerous blogs speaking ill of their victim. A bitter sociopathic ex wife will write numerous lies online to make her ex husband look like a horrible father, and the abuser. She wants to 
    destroy any creditability her ex husband has within the community - especially if she is the one that 
    committed adultery, cheated, etc... Which ultimately ended the marriage. Why? She does this to protect herself, fearing that the ex husband might actually tell the TRUTH about what really happened, that led to the divorce. Which could possibly expose her for the lying, hateful, soulless, monster she actually is. So it only makes sense in "her" warped and twisted mind — to destroy the 
    victim before her victim can talk. 

    In my experience the lies a female sociopath tells are vicious, career destroying, and 100% intentionally meant to assassinate their ex's character. They want to own their ex, and be in control of their life (especially if there are children involved) and use the children to do this. 

    A female sociopaths tells Big Lies mixed with minimal truths, that way the lie seems believable.  
    The female sociopath tells lies that can be devastating. She intends them to be. She wants to destroy you. Most people do not know what to do. They usually withdraw and isolate ( this is what she wants you to do). Some people are natural fighters, and full of zest and life (something the sociopath lacks - that is why she tries to steal yours) Either way it does not take long for the person being slandered and lied about by this vicious bitch to figure out how to deal with the situation and stay one step ahead of her. These are the people who document everything, stop reacting to all the sociopath says and does, by having ABSOLUTELY NO CONTACT with the vindictive sociopath. 

    When being attacked by the female sociopath keep only the people in your life that you trust 100% in your life. Anyone who still talks to the sociopath, you must tell them nothing, you can't trust them. The sociopath is dangerous. More So than anyone knows. If you are a target the most important thing is keeping your family and children safe. 
    Give the female sociopath NO attention whatsoever. She loves attention. And will do anything to get it. She wants to get a reaction from you (especially if you have decided to have no contact
    Do not ever underestimate the lies she is capable of. And she will do and anything to get that response. Even to go as far as telling you, your teenage daughter has a lump in her breast and it's cancerous and is having surgery at 9am Tuesday morning. That's a heinous lie to tell, but it will cause the father to worry. So he either responds wanting more details (and she wins because he responded FINALLY!) or the father goes up to where the surgery is taking place only to find out that it was all a lie. (And she wins because she got you to React - and wasted YOUR time) — SOCIOPATHS LOVE WASTING THE TIME OF OTHERS.

    It's hard to imagine woman as bring so evil, and such convincing liars, especially those who are mothers. But the ones with children, are the ones portraying that they are the best mommys in the world - that are the worst. —A truly great mother has No reason to Brag about her accomplishments and all she does for her children, because her action speak for her. A mother who is constantly saying "my children are my world, and I do everything for them, and their father never helps me, and their step mom doesn't help me, I do it all — this is a huge Red Flag. Especially when you start to notice that the mother doesn't take her children to school, or pick them up. She is No Where to be found when her children need something, as in needing to be picked up from school because they are sick. The so called "dead beat dad" or the "evil stepmom" is usually the one who picks the child up

    Female sociopaths portray an image they want others to see. The only people who truly know the sociopath is close family and the people being targeted by her. 

    Sociopathic woman can portray themselves as something they are not. They can even become well respected  in the community, not because she has ever in her life been a genuinely good person, but because she was able to convince others she was a genuinely good person. What the public didn't see was how she stayed strung out for weeks and months at a time. The community didn't know about the numerous men she was sleeping with. She went for the married men, because they were less likely to talk to others about having sex with her - because they feared their wives finding out. Like everything else that is done in a dark nature – all her lies, schemes, scandals and cheating were revealed eventually. People are surprised, but not shocked. 

    All narcissistic sociopaths do the same things. They are rather predictable. It's just hard to predict what lie they will use to destroy you. But you can easily predict that they are going to first start rumors, and spread lies to destroy you. Using any knowledge about and your weakness. Most of them are similar in their defamation and deception tactics. 

    There are more Male Sociopaths than there are Female Sociopaths. Which is an advantage for the 
    female. She knows that she can use her children to look loving and caring. She uses her children to elicit sympathy from scorned family members. Many people cut the sociopath out of their life but they will not be so harsh as to cut the children of this monster out as well. And the female sociopath depends on this kind of empathy to get exactly what she wants. 

    A positive is when having been targeted by a sociopath, or divorcing a female sociopath (there is not many positives so don't get excited).... 
    She will Eventually Be Exposed. Maybe not for being a Sociopath – but all her scams she has pulled on unsuspecting victims, all her Lies, drug use, fraudulent activity (i.e - identity theft, bank fraud, stolen accounts, check fraud) will come out. She will probably be arrested for something. Rather it is all her hot checks, or identity theft and stolen credit cards. She will be under a microscope. She can't commit any of her crimes anymore. The community hates her and there isn't a single person who will speak of her in a positive manner, or defend her, or come to her aid anymore. She is screwed. 

    Only the ones who have lost all tough of reality and have literally lost their mind because of all the drugs they have used for years will usually stay in the same small town. Too afraid to leave it because her dealer and people she manipulates the most reside their, like her ex who pays her child support 
    (despite her claims of him being a deadbeat) and her family who feels sorry for the children and knows she can get money out of them by making them feel sorry for her children. (Poor poor pitiful me - is the sociopaths claim always.

    Then there are the more intellectual sociopaths who have been exposed for the liar and their they really are. The one who the community hates and she is basically done in the small town. This sociopath is the most damgerous because she has the brains to get out of the state. She moves her family (or what's left of it) to a new state and for a fresh start.  Did she learn her lesson? Hell No! She now has a new playground to run her scams. Every person is unsuspecting of her. Just like they were in her previous location. She is charming and has a certain charisma about her that attracts people. Better yet, these people do not know her. She will use a different name, like her mothers maiden name, or an ex's name as her new last name. 

    She won't change and hasn't changed. She will do to these unsuspecting people what she did to the last... Until she is caught again. Then she will just move again. Unfortunately it can take 10-15 years for people to realize they have been duped....