Saturday, May 31, 2014

Why the Sociopath makes Life Hell...

No matter how you try to have NO COMMUNICATION with the sociopath, narcissist, psychopath. They will always still try to talk to you. They will stalk you online, send you text message (the first will be nice, as they are trying to get you to respond. After they realize your not going to respond to them — the text messages turn Hostile)

A sociopath will never stop trying to destroy you. Especially if you share children with them, or if you married their ex spouse, whom they share children with. Usually they are busy making their ex-spouses life hell. As soon as the ex-spouse of the sociopath remarries or gets in a serious relationship. The sociopath turns their focus and rage onto the ex-spouses new love.
Why does the sociopath do this? 
When the sociopath has ties to their Ex-spouse (such as children) the sociopath actually feels entitled to control their ex spouse forever by using the children against them. (This is more common in female sociopaths than the male) The female sociopath will see the new woman in her ex husband's life and children's life as a threat to her. She knows that her control of him may become harder, with his new wife's influence now on him. So she starts "damage control" as soon as she hears he is dating someone. She wants to destroy the relationship by either making life hell and hoping the new love in her ex spouses life will leave. Or by destroy her ex-husbands new love'a reputation. 
She will also make getting the children difficult, make everything 100 times as hard. She does this to make her ex husband see that everything was easier before he was in a new relationship. She will even say "we use to get along before you got married". The ex husband knows better. He remembers how she made his life miserable before he remarried. And they only got along when he gave her more money, and did what she told him to do. He basically paid her for peace. (The sociopath may seem delusional but she knows exactly what she is doing - she knows that she made life hell, before the new woman, and she is still making life hell now). 

The other reason the sociopath targets the ex- spouses new partner is JEALOUSY.  (This is also more common in female sociopaths than males)
The sociopath is jealous of her ex's new wife. Maybe she is younger, more ambitious, honest, the children like her, everyone seems to like her, and she makes the sociopaths ex happy. 
The sociopath does not want her ex to be happy. She has worked so hard for him to be miserable. Even when she was the cheater, liar, and the one who caused the demise of the marriage - and now she is even remarried to the man she was cheating with! It doesn't matter to the sociopath. She has no compassion for ANYONE. She has no conscience. She Never thinks about the pain she has inflicted on her children or her ex. She only thinks about the pain she wants to inflict. 

It takes a truly strong, confident, and secure person to deal with being the target of your husbands sociopathic ex wife. The sociopath will accuse you of being jealous of her, stalking her, being insecure, mentally unstable — basically everything she is. She is just projecting it onto you (the new wife of her ex)  because she knows how manipulative she is and sees the new wife as an easy target. Most genuinely good people have a hard time dealing with such abuse and exploitation. But all good people are not weak. They are strong. As long as you realize you are not dealing with a normal person, but a cold and cruel sociopath, and you have knowledge on these types of people. You will be better equip to handle it. 

The Adult Bully

Sociopaths, narcissist, and psychopaths are all Bullies. They use social aggression to destroy their victims. They may indirectly do things to their victim to attempt to make the victim feel alone and out numbered. The victim will usually socially isolate. 
The bully uses social isolation to make their victim feel that everyone is against them and hate them. This kind of isolation is achieved by a wide variety of techniques. One of the sociopath favorite techniques is spread rumors about the victim. Making up lies about their target, that are embarrassing and shameful. Then the sociopath will spread the rumor to many people. Urging others to not acknowledge the victim. And to ignore the victim. The sociopath tries to turn the victims own social circle against her, with false accusations, and lies.

Adult Bullies are name callers. Most girls remember what it was like in middle school, they were bullied at one point. They were called names, and given the silent treatment. Or they urged others to laugh when the victim walks by. The bully mock the victim. Makes them feel as if no one likes them. 

The victim feels alone, and dreads going anywhere they feel the bully may be. So the victim Isolates and becomes depressed. 

One thing I have noticed with adult bullies is that they usually accuse the victim of the things that they are doing to the I victim. They will be stalking their victims and put out on twitter/Facebook -  how "they have a stalker" saying things such as "my stalker is back”. Anything that the bully can do to the destroy the victims creditability. Adult bullies can be mothers, fathers, mangers, etc... 
intestinal obstruction
Adult bullies will use their children. Saying things such as "I am being stalked and I am scared for my children". This way the sociopathic bully gains more sympathy by others by saying she if afraid for her children. When her children are Not in any danger! It is just how the sociopath makes her target (victim) look more like a bad guy — which this is really unfortunate for mothers and children of REAL domestic violence. Sociopaths look for what the media is talking about and something going on in our world that is effecting large groups of people and uses that to destroy her enemies. She has seen how bullying has impacted so many innocent people and how the world has sympathy for the victims of bullying. So she decides to become a victim of bullying - taking attention away from Real people who are being bullied to the point of suicide. 

The sociopath is such a manipulative liar that unless you know them closely (like you are family). They are convincing and believable. They don't have real emotions, that is why they look for things that people have sympathy for in the news and media and exploit others with it.  It is very sad for the real victims of bullies ...

The Sociopath has the Most Dysfunctional Family

Abusive people love to blame and frame. They never admit or take responsibility. They would actually mean that they would have to have a conscience.. And that is one of the many things that they lack. 
People usually confess or accept responsibility because they feel remorse and guilt. A sociopath never feels remorse or guilt. They do not even know what remorse and guilt feels like. They are so disconnected emotionally from others and from having emotional connections with other people. They view others as objects to be used. If you don't have anything that the sociopath wants - you are no use to them. They will probably leave you alone. Unless you do something to piss them off - then you are their target and they will attempt to destroy your existence..

But the question I have always wondered then is; Why do sociopaths get into relationships? 

My guess would be for "status". They want to appear as the perfect mommy or amazing father and husband. It's all about making others think they are perfect and better than anyone else. They will paint a picture of success and having the perfect family. But only the people who live under the same roof as them - know all to well that everything is far from perfect... Behind the fake toothy smile is the most dysfunctional family dynamic. Which usually include emotional abuse, physical abuse, lying, cheating, neglect and misery...

Friday, May 30, 2014

Masters of Deception and Lies

Sociopaths are master manipulators... They are hard wired in their evil brains to manipulate and lie. If you suspect that you are dealing with a sociopath or any other cluster B personality disordered individual, always assume that they are lying until proven otherwise. 

Some people have a hard time imagining that a person would lie about having cancer... Or lying about their daughter having cancer. But NEVER put anything past a sociopath. I have seen sociopaths lie about having uterine cancer, in order to gain sympathy from people whom she owed a large amount of money too. I have seen a sociopath tell the father of her children that their daughter (who was 12) found a lump in her breast and it was cancer and she was going to have to have surgery to have it removed. She even told her ex husband what time to be at the hospital and what hospital room it was and the dr performing surgery. Luckily my friend knew the doctor, and got in contact with his daughter, and he found out it was all a lie. He knew she was a pathological liar but he had know idea she would stoop so low as in to say his daughter had breast cancer. That was his “Ahh Haa” moment when it came to his sociopathic ex wife. He realized then that she was truly disordered and that he could not believe a word she said. So what was the point in communicating with her regarding the children? He knew that she would tell devastating lies for no reason. Now his daughter is 16 and his son is 13. And they both have cell phones. And he only communicates through his children. And very very rarely will have any communication with his sociopathic ex wife. Even though he has been consistent in having “No Contact” with her for over 3 years. She refuses to let go and leave him alone. He still is receiving text messages 4-6 times a week that are so long his phone can only receive half of the message. 
Before he implemented the No Contact Rule he was receiving 5-10 text messages from her per day, and at least 2 phone calls. 

Sociopaths are persistent but not in a positively driven way. Everything a sociopath does is because they are trying to control a person, control a situation, or seek revenge on those they cannot control. 
Unfortunately sociopaths, psychopaths, and narcissists, will never change. They will make the lives of anyone who is unfortunate enough to be related to them, or in a relationship with them -completely miserable. Sociopaths choose a partner who is empathic and kind (an easy target to manipulate). They lie to their families and their partner, and cheat with multiple partners, and when confronted they deny and blame. Making the person feel as is they are going crazy. The sociopath projects all their mental issues, and shames onto their partner, or their target, or a family member – especially when confronted with something that they have done or are doing wrong. Eventually people who know the sociopath STOP confronting him/her, because of the brutal backlash that it will cause. So most people who are not family, and that do not have children with the sociopath will eventually cut contact with the sociopath, because it is so hard to be friends with him/her. 
Sociopaths are takers. They take, take and take some more. They NEVER give anything back
They are parasites, and people are their host. They attach themselves to someone who has something to offer them, and suck the energy, life, and joy right out of that person. They drain people emotionally, physically, and financially. Once they have taken everything from that person, and the person has nothing left to give them, they discard them like yesterday's newspaper. 

So when you know that the person you are dealing with is a sociopath. Always check other sources when they tell you anything. Never repeat to anyone something they tell you about another person that is negative. Because more than likely they are attempting to start a smear campaign about that person.  All sociopaths, and psychopaths Do Not have a Conscience. They Do Not feel any remorse for destroying lives, stealing, lying, and cheating. No one can help the sociopath or reform them. Psychiatrists cannot help a sociopath. The sociopath will only lie to any trained mental health care professional. Therapy only enables the sociopath to learn more about human emotion, so they can manipulate even better. 

The best and only option for dealing with a sociopath or psychopath is cutting all ties, and communication. You have to take care of yourself. You will feel broken, and drained after knowing a sociopath. But it is possible to save what little you may have left if you can get away from one .


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sociopaths and Relationships

Sociopaths have no real friends. They only have acquaintances who they either use it gossip with. They want to make others that they have so many friends. And with social media ruling our world. They can rack up 1000 friends EASILY ON Twitter. Making it look like they have supporters and fans. 95% of those "followers" they have never met. Yet they will claim to be friends with. 

They wil perceive anyone who Does Not disagree with them or openly "depise" them as friends. They don't know the difference between having acquaintances and friends, because the sociopath doesn't do actual friendship – there is no difference for them. 

You will not find many people who like them. If someone does like them, then the person is new and hasn't known the sociopath very long. If the sociopath realizes that a person has healthy personal boundaries and doesn't kiss their ass, and the person expects the sociopath to actually be a "good" friend. They sociopath rejects that person pretty quick. 

Remember the sociopath doesn't LOVE. They do not have the ability to feel love or show real love or loyalty to anyone. Everything they do and say is fake and unauthentic. Their brain is hard wired to take from others emotionally, and gain the upper hand. It's all about control. The love the sociopath gives is pathological. And her victims never know what hit them until it's Too Late. 

Sociopaths are incapable of being loyal or faithful to anyone in a relationship. It doesn't matter how great of a spouse you are. They sociopath cheats. They are always looking for that next thrill. They don't care in the least how they have hurt their partner. Actually they will still harass and blame the victim after they are divorced. They will never take responsibility for the divorce being their fault. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Dr. Hare on Psychopathy

Dr. Hare knows his stuff....

Sociopaths and Envy

Envy- Sociopath/narcissist/psychopaths  all experience a level of envy toward their targets that is lethal. 
Whatever the sociopath sees in you that she/he knows they cannot be, want to be, or with something that she/he views that you have “won” in some way, envy can appear as rage in the smear campaign. The sociopath starts rumors and spreads lies to ruin your good reputation because they are jealous of your status and their reputation is usually pretty bad. 
Sometimes this envy is obvious and sometimes it is not obvious. But when it is, the sociopath in your life will leave you no doubt as to what that envy might be.
The sociopath will often accuse you of being jealous of them, stalking them. They do this because they are actually the jealous and they are probably staling you. 
Remember what the sociopath accuses you of IS USUALLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO YOU. 

Sociopathic women are usually more prone to smear campaigns than men. They are  less violent than men, but they are just as destructive if not more so than a sociopathic man. Becauee they seek to destroy you emotionally, mentally and socially 

The best way to handle a sociopathic woman. Is to never give her that reaction she craves. Limit contact or No contact. 

No contact if you have no connections like children with this woman. Limited if you have children. Only respond to her if it is absolutely necessary. She will make every situation an emergency when it is not. She will lie about kids in order to get her ex husband to respond. Learn to ignore her and realize that 99% of what she says is NOT TRUE 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Sociopaths and their target

If you have never been a victim of a sociopath. Consider yourself blessed and lucky! Sociopaths can spot an empathic person a mile away. They choose empaths for their partners because the sociopath knows the empath will feel sorry for them, the empath is compassionate, kind, caring and usually trusting. The sociopath sees these traits as weakness, that they can use to manipulate and exploit. 

What really blows my mind is how a sociopath can lie to someone who is kind to them, and trust them. The sociopath has no conscience. They will steal from their own elderly grandmother. They will stab family in the back. They will cheat on their husbands/wives. They will do horrible things to people and never think twice or regret it. They do these things intentionally. They understand it is wrong. They just don't care. 

Sociopaths feel NO guilt when they hurt others. Yet they are always the "victim". They always will tell a sad story, usually blaming their victim. Whatever they did to the victim, is what they will tell others the victim did to them. The victim is taken back by all this. The sociopath is spreading lies and rumors. And basically telling others that the victim is mentally unstable. In order to discredit them, so if their victim tries to tell their story, people will believe that they are crazy becauee it sounds unbelievable. But the sociopath will do things to others, things that are so devious and hateful, that those things have never even crossed the "normal" persons mind. 

Female sociopaths are notorious for spreading rumors that are not true. They will make up something about a person who they have targeted and spend hours and days on the phone or internet to assassinate their targets character. When the target has finally been pushed to their breaking point and retaliates. The sociopath jumps on the oppurtunity to call their target "crazy". They deny everything that the target said about them, play victim. The sociopaths acts like they are not upset with the person accusing them of things, but instead they pretend to be concerned for the persons well being and mental health. 
It can really make you feel "crazy". If you are the target, hopefully you have figured out that everything the sociopath does to you, they do to GET YOUR REACTION. Just so they can say "told you she was crazy, look what she is saying about me."
They usually do not stop spreading rumors, ruining the victims reputation, until the victim is completely broken down. They want to their victim to feel socially isolated and rejected and crazy. They know exactly what they are doing, when they are destroying a persons life. They are doing it intentionally. They are calculated and cold. 

Even though it is a hard situation to be in. The best chance of you surviving being the target of a sociopath is to have No Contact. When you stop responding to them it will piss them off at first, raising the cruelty up a notch or two, in hopes to get a response from you. But never give them the satisfaction. Stop looking online to see what they are saying about you, they will say anything to get a response out of you. It's best to close any social media accounts you have, such as Facebook or Twitter.
When you are the target of a sociopath, you must keep a low profile for a little while. It's best to change your number. And even move if you are financially able to. 
No matter what the sociopath says or does to you, do not get lost in seeking revenge. It will make you bitter and hateful. You will become an angry person who is lost. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Desperation of a sociopath

One of the clearest indicators you’ve got a mentally unstable person on your hands is smear campaigning –aka character assassination — spreading lies about you.
Sociopaths are always responsible for  starting these "Smear campaigns". They carefully and strategically tell blatant lies, exaggerations, suspicions and false accusations to try destroying their targets  credibility. 
They assume when you find out about the lies going on about you, you will react emotionally. This is when they make their full attack. Your emotional, angry reaction is totally valid. But the sociopath makes it  look like you ARE ACTUALLY THE CRAZY ONE. Their plan has worked perfectly... 

They will act as if they are upstanding heroism, pillars of the community, and feigned innocence in an attempt to make as many people as possible think their efforts are based NOT on their vindictiveness, but on upstanding concern, for their safety or their victims. 

Some people never realize they are dealing with a sociopath. They assume the person who has caused so many problems for them is bi-polar, has mental issues. They don't understand that everything that has happened to them was methodically calculated by a sociopath.  

The sociopath is so cunning and deceptive. They are the most fluent speakers, and manage to twist anything that is said to their own advantage. 
Even when all contact has been cut off. The sociopath still finds a way to harass their victim. If the sociopath cannot get you to respond. They will go to desperate lengths, in hopes you will have to contact them. For example, they will tell lies to people who you know. The sociopath knows the lie they spread will get back to you. Then they think you will have to contact them, because you will want to confront them with what you heard, and will ask them why they said this, or you will ask them to stop. Whatever it is, they see it as a victory. Once confronted they will deny, twist, flip and flop anything they are accused of. 

Sociopaths try to make themselves look smarter than they actually are. Most of their claims are lies they have made up to make themselves look smart, more superior to others. Rather the sociopath is smart or not, but one area that they for sure lack in is emotional intelligence or emotional logic. 

The sociopath always hits below the belt - even attacking the victims innocent children. She throws digs in here and there because she knows that healthy mothers and fathers are protective of their children. The sociopath is nothing more than a desperate low life. Manipulating and scheming her way through life. Making no real connections to anyone. The sociopath is obsessed, bitter and vengeful. As the sociopath ages, she can't control others as she use to. Looks are gone. And she has pissed off about everyone. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Where does the disappearing Sociopath go?

One thing with sociopaths that I have personally noticed is how they seem to always disappear for hours, even days...

Sociopaths hate responsibility. They don't like anything that requires them take time away from THEM! But they put up a false appearance as a caring person ( to those who don't really know them). Sociopaths will drop their children off at a friends house, tell the friend that they have to run an important errand and not come back for hours. No one can get in touch with them, their phone is off, then are no where to be found. Leaving the person who was watching their children in a bad spot. The sociopath doesn't care who they inconvenience. They don't care that other people have emotions. They don't care that someone else has their own children and life. It doesn't even cross their mind. 

So where does the sociopath go?  That is still a mystery. But more than likely the sociopath has many sexual partners. And they have left their children to meet up with a married man they are having an affair with at a hotel. Or just meeting up for sex with someone else they are having sex with. Most all sociopaths have a strong sexual appetite. And are sexually aggressive. With female sociopaths this is because they have more testosterone than normal females. Which would explain their broad shoulders and aggressiveness. 

Psychotic Bitch

Isn't this the damn truth. Still not sure if it was worth all the financial problems, emotional issues, and having to pay a drug user 3000 monthly so she can buy pills and crap. 

Not to mention the fact when you go no contact and refuse to acknowledge them, they still continue to text every day as if you are on "good" terms with them. DELUSIONAL. SOCIOPATHS ARE DELUSIONAL. Living in their own fantasy world they have made up. Since reality for them is so ugly and miserable. 

We didn't co-parent when we were married. Why would we start how. Crazy bitch 

Psycho ex with borderline personality disorder

   Psycho Ex Wife or Mentally ill? 

If you are divorced or married and you ex has doesn't call and text you a million times today just to tell you crazy lies about your children in order to get a reaction out of you. Consider yourself lucky. Not all psycho ex wife's are sociopaths. Some may show traits but they may actually have a mentally illness. Such as borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, and schizoaffective disorder.  All these types often project there own issues and onto the people in their life. They rarely take responsiblity for their life, their actions and their mistakes. 

When you have children with these types the situation can be even worse. For you and you children. The children grow up in 
environment where their needs are often neglected. They are often left at home alone for hours or even days. They are left with relatives. Home is not a place of safety for them. It's an unstable place, filled with unstable people. 

When a woman has so much hatred for her ex husband she focuses much of her life trying to make his life hell. She uses parental alienation to turn his children against. By never letting the children see their father (the only stable person in their life). Of course mom tells the kids -"dad said he couldn't get you this weekend, he rather be with his girlfriend or new family". This is mentally hurting the children. They feel unwanted and unloved. They feel rejected by their father. Their mother is never around. The mentally ill mother doesn't see her dysfunctional behavior. She only sees rage. 
What can the father do? He world full time, he is paying the crazy ex child support and doesn't have time to take this unemployed woman to court. Yet she rarely let's him see the kids. 

When the kids get older the father can only hope that they see their mother for what she is and what she has done. And can make the decision to come see him without their mothers permission.
Even when the ex wife remarries and moves on she may still harass her ex husband. Why? Because she wants control.

So is the ex wife mentally ill or is she a sociopath? The way she acts can make it hard to know. But here are signs that you are dealing with a sociopath and not a mentally ill person. 


1. The sociopath will make up lies and spread rumors, make up lies, try to ruin her ex's reputation, she will also target her ex's new wife. And make not only her ex's life hell, but also his new wife by spreading lies and rumors. SOCIOPATHS ARE NOTORIOUS FOR SLANDER AND DEFAMATION. 
2. After making up lies about her ex, the sociopath plays the victim. Whatever she has done to the ex (stalked, harassed,character assassination) she accuses the ex of doing to her. 

3. Sociopaths are pathological liars. They will lie even when the truth is in their best interest. They will lie about the children to their ex. Going as far as saying that one of the children has cancer or has to have surgery. Just to waste her ex's time. The lie for no reason. In fact the sociopath hasn't even taken the children to the doctor in years. 

4. Sociopaths speak fluently. Under pressure Normal people can get tongue tied and shows signs of being nervous. NOT THE SOCIOPATH. The have an overly complex speech and writing in order to look clever and often is contradictory from one sentence to the next. 

5. The Sociopath Feels They are Entitled to the Best of Everything and Expects everyone to give her what she wants. 

6. The Sociopath Twists Conversations to Suit her own Agenda. She diverts conversation to gain moral or intellectual higher ground—when stumped, changes the subject or gets angry.

7. The sociopath is an Energy Vampire. She drains her victims of energy, life, time, money, and vitality. With persistent harassment and constant drama. 

8. The Sociopath is Unreliable and Irresponsible. Sociopaths break promises. They lie. They hate responsibility. They take credit for everyone else's hard work. 

Obsessed, Jealous, Sociopathic Females

How can you get a sociopath to leave you alone? 

So you have established the NO CONTACT rule. You do not return any text or calls from the sociopath. You have moved on with your life and remarried, as has the sociopath. So why is she/he still harassing you every day with novel long text messages? The sociopath just won't get it, that you want nothing to do with them. You have figured out that every word the sociopath speaks is a lie. The more the sociopath tries to make you feel bad and guilty - the less compassion you have for whatever it is the sociopath is saying. You know the sociopath and all their tactics. You have heards all the lies, felt their wrath, and you have suffered because of what they have done to you and your family. You aren't falling for the sociopaths guilt trips, and lies anymore. So why won't the sociopath move on?

First off when there are children involved it gets even more complicated.. The female sociopath does not have any problem using the children as pawns or objects to try to continue to manipulate the man (the father of her children). She thinks because she "produced" children with him (more than likely she didn't produce any children with him naturally). 

When there are children involved it gets infinitely more complicated. Especially in separations and divorces. The female sociopaths have no difficulty (remember no remorse, guilt or pity for anybody) in using the children as pawns or objects to try to continue to manipulate the man.

The sociopath has one reason to keep harassing you... You share kids with the monster... But many people are divorced and share children, and they are able to share custody and have minimal contact. NOT THE SOCIOPATH. The sociopath will find every reason to contact you every day, regarding the kids. There is always something. It never ends. You are to your wits end with it. You have distanced yourself as much as you can. You have even been forced to distance yourself from your children because the sociopath gives you an ultimatum... Either respond and play the sociopaths game or be punished and not see your kids. You have slowly accepted this. And you don't see your kids because it's how the sociopath thinks they are "punishing" you. The sociopath hates you and your new wife more than they love their children. So if that means that the children have to be hurt, in order to hurt you then the sociopath is fine with that..

Remember you are dealing with a person with no morals, no remorse and no concerns for anyone but themselves.. They are mean, hateful, vengeful, obsessed, ruthless, and bitter..

So if you are not acknowledging the sociopath, you have no contact with her/him, then why won't they just GO AWAY?!?

It is because Sociopaths often try to control every aspect of their victims lives. Especially if you share children. They believe they have the right to control your for the rest of your life. 
That's how distorted their reality is! No one has the right to control anyone else. Sociopaths see you as "their property.” 
A good example of this is when a woman becomes unhinged when her ex begins dating or gets remarried — even if she’s already moved onto to another victim...or husband... She doesn't believe you should ever move on... (But it's ok in her screwed up brain to cheat on you, lie and then move on, but you aren't allowed to have a life after her) Yeah that makes a lot of sense...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Manipulation by using Children - sick sociopaths

Sociopaths lives are empty. They don't have real meaningful relationships with anybody. They pretend to care about others - only because it benefits them in some way. A sociopath is not mentally ill, they are disordered, they do not think the way "normal" people think. Their thinknng is distorted, they realize what they are doing is wrong, they simply don't care. Sociopaths  know exactly what they are doing – they know that they are lying, stealing and they enjoy it. They are proud when they have manipulate someone who smarter or more successful than them. 
So why can't they be reformed? The answer is simple. They do not want to be reformed. They are hard wired to hurt, win, and lie. They will never change or be reformed. If you try to help them, they hate you more. 
Sociopaths are unable to love or be loved. They use manipulation, lies and deceit to trick someone into believing they love them. So what the other person is experiencing when involved with a sociopath is not love. Its infatuation.
The other person doesn't understand that they are being manipulated and brain washed until it's too later. 

Sociopaths LOVE to waste your time. Example: if you share children with the sociopath, and you are divorced from the sociopath — the children are older (say 13 and 16). You are able to communicate with your children and your children communicate with you. The sociopath just can't stand that you and your children are able to talk without her being the middle man (woman). The children always text you or call when they need to know something or ask you something. Basically the sociopath creates drama just because it waste your time. Once you "get" this and realize that No Contact is the only way to go. Your life becomes much easier. The sociopath will always try but just stand your ground and never give in to her bullshit. 
Once the kids are adults - then what will she do? Believe me she will find something to bother you about. Continue to ignore her and act as if she doesn't exist. Her life is crap and not worth acknowledging...

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sociopath and their games

  • They like to retain control
  • They do not like exposure
  • They are secretive because of the above
  • They do not think that they have done anything wrong
  • In  their own mind, they would prefer to shift the blame onto you. They never take ownership for any of the shit they do..
  • If you take them back, they will pretend to have changed for a little while. But they haven't changed. They start to cheat and lie again. They take their abuse up a notch or two. 
  • There lack of an answer is a clear indication they are lying. - they are always lying - incapable of the truth 
  • They have a sense of entitlement that they can behave in that way - and never face any repercussions. 
  • They do not want to go over the past

The most important one of all, is that they like to keep control. They do this by playing tricks and mind games. Keeping you guessing. But if you refuse to play their game then they will move on, and find another victim. 

Even a sociopath who has suddenly discarded you without warning, will not let go of trying to control you. You would think that perhaps they might. Especially if they have found another person to abuse, lie and cheat on. They will pretend that they have good intentions. So they keep you hanging on. This gives them control over you whilst you are waiting for answers. 

Don't fall for their tricks and don't play their games. Cut off all communication. Never respond. Better yet. Get another phone number. Let them text and call you - using your old number. And rarely check it. If the sociopath knows you have blocked or changed numbers. They will seek to find the new number and continue to harass and stalk you and waste your time. 

That's all sociopaths do is Waste our time. So many people have lost so much of their life because of a relationship with a sociopath. And they have to waste time picking up the pieces that the is left after the sociopaths destruction. 

Evil just keeps on being Evil

When you have been targeted by a hateful and vindictive sociopath, you feel alone and isolated. You begin to lose all faith in humanity and people. You start to lose your compassion for others. Because you are on guard with human beings. You have trouble trusting anyone. You don't want to socialize the way you did before you met the sociopath. You prefer to be alone. You prefer to stay in your comfort zone, where you feel safe. 

The sociopath robs you of your sense of emotional security. You feel self conscience inside. When you do go out - you wonder if any of the people around you have heard the nasty rumors the sociopath spread about you. 

Sociopaths can make you feel like the sky is falling.. When it actuality it is not. Nothing is falling. The sociopath is very convincing though. They tell you how everyone hates you. They go to the internet and spread their lies about you. It looks to you as if the sociopath has succeeded in turning others against you. You see people commenting and giving the sociopath support, because they have told others how horrible you were to them. They have even made a blog about you! Ex - If your name is Mary Jane Doe. They have made a blog called The title says "My Struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder, and Low Self Esteem". The sociopath is impersonating you - in an unfavorable manner. They have spent an enormous amount of time doing this. Scary... Right? 

This can feel extremely defeating. You realize you are fighting with a monster that is so ruthless, cunning, and methodical – that you will not win. 
So what do you do? Everything you try to do to stop this monster has back fired. 

When a sociopath is targeting you in such a vile way. The only thing you can do is STOP RESPONDING. STOP REACTING AND STOP LOOKING ONLINE TO SEE WHAT THE SOCIOPATH IS SAYING. If you want the site shut down that the sociopath has made up. File a complaint with the domain provider. You can file a report with the police, just so everything is documented. The police probably won't do a lot to help with the site being taken down. You are more likely to be able to get the site taken down by reporting the site. Even though it could take time. In the mean time. Cut off any contact with the sociopath. They are doing these things in order to get a response and attention from you. Don't allow them to take your power like that. 

The sociopath is evil. They will always be evil. They will never change. They cannot be reformed. They see nothing wrong with themselves. They don't care about people. They only care about themselves. Once you refuse to react to them and respond and sever all contact with them. Hopefully they will get bored and move on to another person. 

It's so important that you do not lose your faith in humanity or God. Do not let the sociopath steal your spirit. Do not allow them to turn you into a bitter, defense person. Stay good. Stay hopeful.
You hate what the the sociopath has done. That's understandable. You never want to be like this devil..

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cut off all communication

Sociopaths use children as a cover for their manipulative and obsessed behavior.  Stalking and harassment can be done under the guise of "necessary" contact for visitation, etc.  Outsiders assume that the Sociopaths behavior is "normal" or "necessary" because of child contact, and so outsiders do not understand or recognize the way that the sociopath is manipulating their children's father. The non-sociopathic parent is victimized by excessive, unnecessary, harassing contact.

The sociopath will want to have contact with the parent of their children. NOT BECAUSE IT IS IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN.  But because it's how they stalk, control and make your life hell. So when the children are older and the non-sociopathic parent tries to establish contact with only the children - the sociopathic parent will become angry. Because if the parent can communicate with the children verses her - she is losing control. And sociopaths fear losing control. So she will insist you must communicate only thru her. DONT GIVE IN TO THAT. If your children are at an age where they can communicate with you - then by all means communicate with them only and cut off ALL contact with the sociopath. Despite her threats, and attempts to hold control over you. Know that she cannot control you once the children have reached a certain age.  

Sociopaths will try to make life hell for you. Not only will they make your life hell. They will target your new wife or husband as well. They target your new spouse because of the jealousy they feel towards them. Once you moved on and decided to remarry or become involved in a serious relationship, the sociopathic realized that you are no longer concerned with them. The new person in your life means that they will not be able to control you for much longer. So what do they do? They target the new person in your life, hoping to make life as miserable as possible for them – in hopes that the person will leave you. 

The sociopath may or may not want you back. But the reason that they run off or try to run off any body that you maybe come involved with. Is because that person poses as a threat to the sociopath. The sociopath loves control and fears losing control. The sociopath  will do whatever they can in order to stay in control. You and your significant other may have to go through years of hard times, drama and stress. But if you stay strong and you refuse to allow the sociopath to interfere in your lives and cut off all contact. Your relationship will be not be damaged by the sociopath. 

The sociopath cannot get away with their tactics forever. Always remember that. They will be exposed eventually... Whether it's when they're 45 years old or when they are 75. They will be exposed. One thing to look forward to is knowing that the sociopath will eventually die. They live a reckless lifestyle, most abuse drugs. So their survival rate is usually not good 

When a sociopath is the mother of your children

Psychologists and therapist agree that sociopaths cannot be treated effectively. There is no cure for a sociopath. The sociopath doesn't think there is anything wrong with their behavior. They never truly apologize for what they have done. They are only sorry that they got caught. Never sorry or remorseful for anything they did. They just wish they would of done it differently, so that they would of got away with it. 

Instead of trying to help the sociopath — accept that you can never help them. They will never change. And take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family. 

Consider drastic solutions like moving, changing jobs and making new friends. Remember that it is all a game to the sociopath. She or he does not care if you're hurt. The only goal they have is winning. The only way you can beat a sociopath is to get away from a sociopath. Accept the harsh reality sociopaths do not change.. 
Your only option is cutting off all contact - NO MATTER WHAT. 

If your a man that shares children with a sociopath. Do what you can for your children but never speak to the sociopath. Have a third party who is a professional and aware that the person is a sociopath - communicate with them. If the sociopath makes it difficult to get your children. Don't play the game with them. They actually want you to get the children. They hate responsibility. They don't want you to know that though. So when they make it hard for you, simply let them do so and ignore them. They will start to believe you don't care - which will make them feel out of control. Because if you don't care - how will they manipulate you and make your life hard. So once they see this in you. They will temporarily stop making it difficult to get the children. They will find another tactic that makes your life hard in about 3-6 months. This can go on forever. It's important to be emotionally strong and disciplined.

So what do you do when you share children with sociopath. Are you forever fucked? Are you going to be miserable the rest of your life? 
You must Accept the reality that it is possible... That the sociopath has a reason to always try to make contact with you because of the children.  

This is from my personal experience of sharing children with a sociopath. It has been hell. I do not get to enjoy my children. I don't get to feel happy about getting my children. I worry before it is time to get them because I have no clue what the sociopath has in store for me. 

Children are suppose to bring you happiness and fulfillment. If you have children with a sociopath - you don't get to experience that. Instead you are having to deal with your child's other parent. She is always trying to squeeze more money out of you. She sends you text after text trying to make you feel guilty. She wants more money from you, yet she is disturbing you at work. Always saying how the child or children are sad, or need this and that. She brainwashes the children to believe you are not a good parent, that you have abandoned them for your "new family".  She finds a way to make things for you and your children uncomfortable. Even when she is not there . It's always a dramatic circus...  You learn to distance yourself emotionally from it all. You either keep on living, or you choose to let the sociopath take your spirit. It's important you stay strong and remember that it is the sociopath. Not you. Many others are suffering as you are. There is hope and support out there for you. 

Sociopaths are so f*cked up

If you know that all sociopaths are compulsive character assassins, and pathological liars – it's easy to spot them. A sociopath has a trail of trashed good names and careers in her wake. She will even have told you strange and terrible lies about a person in her own immediate family - like her sister. She is jealous of her sister. She will trash her to everyone. But then pretend to be a loving family member. Sociopaths are so f*cked up.. They are the most evil of evil and have the most malicious intentions toward everyone. INCLUDING THEIR OWN CHILDREN 

If you know the person that the sociopath is telling you something strange about, compare the accusation with your own observations. A sociopath will have ignored that person's real faults and smeared one of his or her virtues as a vice! 

And, if you know the sociopath , you'll find the sociopath  is guilty of the very thing she's accusing this other person of. Once you figure this out - watch out because you may find yourself the next victim of her lies and defamation...

Monday, May 5, 2014

The sweet innocent victim...

The sociopath will attempt to make everyone else look so guilty, and act themselves like the sweet innocent victim of the evil of others. 
Thereby, the sociopath hopes to evade being identified as the culprit.

The seeking sympathy route is usually short, for the track record of most sociopaths is so littered with victims that the idea that they are a victim themselves is hard to accept.

They are so full if lies and manipulation.  They twist the words of others, then by adding a twist of their own former words meant exactly as you properly hear them, only to turn around and say what they said was not something they meant - "you just are trying to make something out of nothing". This manipulation tactic is to make you doubt your own judgement and evidence. You may even doubt your own mind, remembering words that the sociopath said — that are now denied as ever being said. (This may be difficult to understand if you have never been targeted or abused by a sociopath) But the victims of sociopaths know this all to well. 

Sociopaths go as far as to accuse YOU of falsely accusing them.  And use the correct charge against them, as evidence of your desire to spread false lies about them. All the while they are spreading lies about you. Trying to discredit and destroy you. 

The sociopath has the ability to think quickly, having trained their mind to come up with deceptive excuses and unrealistic reasons for all their behaviors. If the situation is critical, they will stall for time with distraction, or simply change the subject. They are masters at not answering questions that are straight forward. I suppose they think they have gotten away with something, but usually the person dealing with the sociopath has just stopped caring and doesn't care. So they are not going to waste their time arguing with sociopath. Or trying to make them answer the question they ask. 
After all the sociopath will never be honest, so why waste anytime asking 
them questions... 

Monster under that Mask.

The emotions of a sociopath are false, because they have no feelings. They emulate others. They try to give the world an impression of a caring person. But they are anything but caring. They want to try to make the world view them as whatever they "think" the world wants them to be.  If others were to find out how cruel they really are, they would not be able to manipulate so effectively. 

They don't think twice about hurting their family. They are sexually driven and cheat on their spouses. They are always promiscuous. They usually have a number of untreated STD's.  When they want something. They will attempt to get it - NO matter what. 

Drama is one thing the sociopath loves. They love any kind of drama that let's them be the center of attention. Ex. If someone dies that they are related to. They make it all about them. The dead person can't even have a quiet funeral to celebrate the life they lived. The sociopath takes that away from them and makes someone else's death - their day. It's there opportunity to manipulate vulnerable and sad people. They are evil and heartless. 

Sociopaths will become irate and angry if things don't go their way. They will go to great lengths to hurt someone who has done so much for them - if the person decides that they can not do anymore for the sociopath. They do not give to anyone. They are takers. They take take take. They take advantage of everyone. They take advantage of life. Life is all about them (in their small minds) 

There is no hope for the sociopath. They can't be reformed or change. If they are forced to be "reformed" they lie and pretend that they have changed. They really have just learned better tricks to manipulate the emotions of others. They become more adept to not "getting caught". 

The sociopath is always wearing a mask. But sometimes the mask slips off and you may get a glimpse of their rage and hate. The emptiness in their eyes. They stare right through you. They are monsters. The sooner we accept that they are real and destroying many lives. The safer we all will be.

The Sociopathic "Mom"

I don't think all sociopaths are insane. They are mostly "crazy makers". They know exactly what they are doing. It's all premeditated. They know when they meet someone that if the person can't  serve a purpose for them then they want nothing to do with them (consider yourself extremely lucky if they want nothing to do with you)! 

They are calculating and methodical and cold. They don't plan there lies out. They lie so naturally that there is no need to plan a lie out. They only know how to lie. 

Most sociopaths don't murder people. But when threatened to be exposed or if you threaten the sociopaths position - they are capable of murder. As they only see people as objects, not breathing, living, human being - that feel pain (mental and emotional and physical). 

Sociopaths feel no guilt, or remorse. They are slick people. They are sneaky. A sociopath thinks nothing is wrong with conning their elderly mother or father. Sociopaths know what others want to hear and they tell whatever that is when they need to manipulate someone. 
If the sociopath can't con you – they don't want to be around you. You wasting their time. Even tho the sociopath thinks NOTHING of wasting everyone else's time. That's basically all they do. Waste our damn time. They love knowing they are ruining your plans with their drama. They love being the center of attention. If they are not the center of attention they get upset and can throw temper tantrums like a child. 

Sociopaths and psychopath are emotional manipulators. Sometimes it takes someone other than yourself to point out that a sociopath is a sociopath and that they have been manipulating and lying to you. Kind and empathic people are good people and they sometimes live in denial that such evil exist. (And even worst - share a child with such a monster) 
Sometime when the sociopath is the mother of a mans children. He will do anything to get away from her emotional torment and manipulation. He realizes that everytime he gets his Children she will make it difficult and dramatic. And soon the man has no energy left to keep going through this every other weekend. He will simply pay his child support. Try to be there for his children. But give and stop fighting his sociopathic "baby mama" just to see them. This is not good for anyone involved. Especially the children, becauee now they are spending majority of their time with a very unstable and hateful monster - they have to call mom. 
They don't understand that "mom" drove their dad to mental and emotional and even physical exhaustion. And that he simply can't fight anymore. He removes himself from the drama. Which means he doesn't respond to her jack cracked messages and bullshit. The minute she gets involved in him picking up the children and starts in on him about everything he "must" do in order to get the children. He instantly gives up.  
Not because he is a bad man. But because he is broken and exhausted. And the life has been drained out of him by the sociopathic female...

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Psychopath. Sociopaths. Narcissist
No matter what you call them. They are all ruthless people, who are ONLY concerned with themselves. They are not concerned with anyone's feelings. They abuse, hurt, cheat, lie, and use people. 

They excel in lying. They are even able to pass lie detector test. They have no qualms about lying. They are incaple of the truth - even if the truth is a better option. They are hard wired in their brains to lie. 

Scientist's have proven that the Female psychopath have a high testosterone level. Elevated levels higher than a normal woman. 

All psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissist are serial cheaters. A sociopathic woman has usually been married over 4 times by the time she turns 40, even more strangely she may have married one of the same man twice. This is because she becomes bored with just one lover. And she gets caught - and moves on to the next, but if that man doesn't prove that he is "father" material. And will be able to support the children she wants to have. She may choose to leave that man. And will call up the last who seemed to be a better "father". She doesn't do this for the welfare of her children. She doesn't this to ensure her own future. A future of living the good life and not have to lift a finger to do it. Of course after the children are conceived, she goes back to her cheating ways – very soon. She is sexually motivated. And in all – it's all about control and power over her male victim.

Same with the male psychopath. He wants to control his victims. He wants to have other women on the side. 

Both the female and the male psychopath are incaple of being faithful lovers. They are usually charismatic in their youth. But for the female psychopath, age takes a toll on her. She is unable to manipulate with her looks. As they have become withered and worn. And she can't have any man she wants. She loses most of her power and all her control. So she resorts to getting what she wants with deception and fraud. She is a menice to society and an aged loser.

Consider yourself lucky if you have gotten away from this filthy woman.