Saturday, July 25, 2015

Psychopaths, sociopaths and Narcissist

Sociopaths, psychpaths, and narcissist have similiar traits. But they are are actually different. In my research I have found all in all they all destroy lives. They all shatter self esteem, rob people of their quality of living and hope. 

Psychopaths, Sociopaths and narcissist know exactly what they are doing to their victim. In fact they know what they are going to do to their victim before they do it. 

Psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissist are able to sound as if they have a good sense and that they are of sound reasoning. They come across as charming and innocent. All people, even trained doctors may find that these disorders individuals seem to be pleasant people, that are fully functioning and have high capabilities. 

Psychometric tests also very frequently show the psychopath of superior intelligence. They may conclude that the sociopath is smarter than the average person. Both the sociopath and psychopath can appear brilliant. But it is the sociopath who is of average intelligent but has just convinced us that she/he is smarter than us all. The Narcissisit is likely to seem free from social or emotional impediments, from the minor distortions, peculiarities, and awkwardnesses so common even among the successful. 
The sociopath and the narcissist have shown many superficial characteristics and they are not universal, but they are very common.
The psychopath on the other hand is very smart, and rarely makes mistakes that will get him or her caught. Unlike the sociopath whose life begins to unravel around the age of 45 (especially the female sociopath). 
Old debts will catch up, and people have caught on to the scheme of the sociopath, and are no longer willing to do their dirty work for them. The sociopath being impulsive and having little self control, has probably been married over 3 times at this point, and is unable to keep a job. She relies on child support from the ex-spouses whom she has children with. The community is no stranger to his/her behaviors. 

The psychopath on the other hand is able to keep a steady job. And what the psychopath does is calculated and planned out. There are no holes in his story. Many sociopaths and psychopaths never commit murder. But all are capable of murder. A psychopath thinks about losing the ir freedom if they are caught for such acts, where is a sociopath is so impulsive, they do not think and do not care. They are only interested in themselves and what they want in that moment. 

Sociopaths (at least the ones I have observed) can only be “functioning” for so long... Before they get caught for the many deceptive things they do. They are very spiteful, jealous, angry individuals. They hate people who are successful, have a lot of money, or work hard. The sociopath wants all those things, but doesn't want to work to get them. 
There is a sense of entitlement there. They believe they are entitled to a BIG piece of the pie, even if they did nothing to earn or deserve. They will take credit for everyone else's hard work, and they never will acknowledge the person who actually deserves the credit. In fact they will end up destroying the person. Mentally, emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually in order to make sure that the person cannot speak out against them. 

One thing that the psychopath, narcissist, and sociopath all have in common is they all have NO EMPATHY FOR ANY FORM OF LIFE. They have no emotional connection to others {all though they are able to fake sympathy and concern VERY well. But they truly do not care, they NEVER WILL care, and there is nothing you can ever in this life do to make them care. They are EMPTY, hollow, shallow and ruthless people who will look you in the eyes, smile and then turn around and destroy you every chance they get 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Narcissistic Sociopath - NEVER takes any responsibility

A narcissistic sociopath will never take responsibility for anything. 
A sociopath always puts on a good show. Pretending to care and be compassionate. But he/she has no compassion. The sociopath only knows how to show compassion because she/he has seen someone else show this emotion. Compassion and sympathy are alien to them. 
Sociopaths make promises that they NEVER intend to keep. 

Sociopaths abandon those who care about them, especially at the most critical of times in their lives. 
The sociopath is a cheater. She/he cheats and does not care of the pain it will cause to their spouse/children or anyone else. The sociopath ONLY cares about getting their needs met, no matter how sick they are. 
Narcissist and Sociopaths sometimes will act stunned that the person is hurt by their infidelities.
Their emotional logic is not there. They do not think like normal, healthy, caring human beings.
They are soulless.... 

Sociopaths will disappear for hours and even days. Not telling anyone where they are. Then the sociopath will reappear as if everything is normal. They expect others to go along with this, and if anyone confronts them, they will lash out at them, they will try to switch the focus off of them, and turn it around on whoever is confronting them. Sometimes convincing the victim it is their fault, the victim may even end up apologizing. 

They cause their victims anxiety, stress and heartbreak. The sociopath will NEVER explain what they’ve been up to. They will though always make excuses, and tell More lies. The sociopath blames everyone else. And it is always someone else’s fault why they behaved a certain way, did something immoral, all without admitting what they did was wrong. 

It is a waste of time and energy to argue with a sociopath. It is easier to squeeze blood out of a 
stone than to get a sociopath to admit that they were wrong or even to apologize.

Sociopaths cheat and abandon their husbands and wives. The only reason a sociopath will act as if they are concerned for their children is to continue to manipuale  and control their ex. 
The reality is that the sociopath does not have the slightest concern about anyone but themselves.

Sociopaths may not commit crimes like murder, but they are capable of anything. Most of their crimes are smaller crimes but have a significant effect on their victims. A sociopath is so "good" at what they do that they often do not get caught and convicted for these crimes that devastate many lives.  

It is not worth your time and energy to try to expose a sociopath. It is more beneficial for you to walk away and get the sociopath completely out of your life. If you share children with them, then 
be patient. As the children get older, you will find that you can have less contact with the sociopath.

If the sociopath is a man, he will usually lose interest in his children and that will be the best 
thing for you and your children. As much as a child needs a father - REMEMBER THAT THIS PERSON IS A MONSTER, and EVIL. He has no compassion and unable to empathize or really care about anyone but himself and it is best that he dissapears from your child's life. As all interaction is toxic and could permanently damage your child's emotional well being 
If the sociopath is a woman - this is more difficult. The sociopathic female doesn't want her mask to slip. If she was to forget about her children, she risk being exposed for the cold heartless monster she is.  She is smart enough to know that society views women as mothers and natural nurturers. So she will want custody of the children for face value only. She puts on a show for others that she is the best mommy in the world, she tries to play the Susie soccer mom role. Also she see her children as her meal ticket. She will drain the wallet of her ex and the father of her children.

Not only will his finances suffer. He will also be drained emotionally and physically. She will wear him down, belittle him, turn his children against him. The female sociopath is like a blood sucking tick. She latches on and will not let go until she has bled him dry. 
THIS IS A DIFFICULT SITUATION FOR THE MAN. He loves his children. He wants to be a good father but to do so he must endure all the manipulation and torment that his sociopathic ex wife will do. 
In a situation like this it is important for the man to be in his children's life. They truly need him, he is the only stable figure they have and can rely on. It is hard, but once he children get older, it gets easier. The man will be able to communicate with his children without having to go through the sociopath.  Of course she will contest this. Because she wants to be in control. She will do everything she can to get control back. It's important for the man to not give in to her manipulations. As soon as the man realizes his children are able to communicate their needs 
and make decisions, that is when ALL CONTACT SHOULD BE CUT OFF WITH THE FEMALE SOCIOPATH. She will be consistent in trying to get any response. Never respond. Change your number. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The unpredictable, unstable, obsessive EX

It is always hard when a relationship ends, a divorce or break up takes place. But when the relationship was/is toxic, it is in the best interest of our Emotional Health and Stability to end toxic relationships. 
Toxic individuals do not change. They may seek counseling, but they do not seek it because they genuinely want to change and be better persons.. The only reason a toxic person agrees to counseling or help, is so that their victim "believes" that they are trying hard to change. Once they have their victim believing that they have changed, the abuse (lying, manipulating, cheating, stealing) will start again, and continue until they are caught again. 

TOXIC PEOPLE WASTE SO SO SO MUCH OF OUR TIME, AND THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE. You cannot make them feel bad or remorseful, because they do not have a conscience. They lack inner depth and love. When a person does not have consciousness and awareness of the feelings and pain of others, they are capable of terrible and evil things. 
Just look at how they recklessly live. They have no concern for their own life. Much less the life of anyone else. 

When the toxic relationship ends, because you have had enough. Even though you are able to let go and you are ready to move forward in life, doesn't mean the toxic person is.  
Even if it is the toxic person ENDS the relationship, and moves on to another person. They will still feel the need to punish you every chance they can get.  Especially if you decide to move on as well and begin to see other people and date again. Once the toxic person finds out you are moving on and thinks you may even be Happy, that is when they may become obsessed with getting you back, reconciling, or just making your life miserable. 

This behavior becomes an obsession.  Your ex develops an unhealthy and dangerous obsession with you. If you have children with this person, your situation can become so miserable that you begin to feel hopeless. 

This is called the obsessive EX syndrome. It is when your Ex-Wife/Husband will stop at nothing to make your life unbearable and miserable. They will even use their own children as mass weapons of destruction to punish you and make your suffering even worse. 

Even if the ex has moved on, even re-married. Often times, the obsessive ex that you are dealing with wants you to still give to them, do things for them, and be around when they call.  They are very delusional, they truly believe that they are allowed  to move on with their new partner, but they do not believe that YOU (their Ex) is allowed to move on or be happy. Once your obsessive ex finds out that you have found someone else, they become obsessed with making your  life hell. They do not stop with just tormenting you.  They also will harass and stalk the man/woman that you have moved on with. They will use the children that you share to hurt you. They do not CARE, the psychological damage they are causing their Own children. As long as they are in control. They want to control You. This is usually because the  obsessive Ex realizes that if You find someone else, they will lose the control they have had on you for so long. 
This type of behavior is delusional, and it can become very dangerous. They may not harm you physically but they find Many other ways to harm you. Such as accusing you of abuse, physical and emotional, they will turn the children against you, and slander you to friends, colleagues and the entire community. An obsessive ex knows what they are doing, but justifies it to their own self. They are selfish, but are too self centered and narcissistic to take responsibility for anything in their life that they are doing or that they have done.  These people do not always have a chemical brain imbalance. They usually just lack compassionate for anyone, anything, except themselves. They have a sense of entitlement, and they expect impossible and unrealistic 
expectations for everyone — EXCEPT FOR THEMSELVES! 

This can be extremely hard for you, but you must be strong. I have found that once the children get older that you must apply the NO CONTACT RULE. This is helpful. But it takes a significant amount of time before your unstable ex leaves you alone.