Thursday, July 5, 2018

Narcissist are broken and want to break you.

Narcissist are broken mentally and emotionally. You made them feel amazing for a certain period of time obviously that time is over since you are asking this question.
Narcissist  fear abandonment so deeply that they could leave you for someone else and be so hurt that you moved on and are dating again.
The reason to make you suffer is because they are the ones suffering worse then you ever could. 
 But this the only way they know how to function. 
So by punishing you they are desperate for a reaction good or bad makes no difference to them as it is attention and shows they still have control.
Ignoring them causes a HUGE blow to their ego and they HATE it! It EATS them ALIVE!
They will abuse the new supply or smear you to their friends and family to try and maintain control over their own emotions since YOU wont give them what they want.
Seeing you hurt give the narcissist power!
 Seeing you happy makes them ANGRY!