Friday, June 17, 2016

The Reign of Terror Never Really Ends

Sociopaths really do not understand honesty, they believe it is something that only the weak and vulnerable does. Their mind is so warped and twisted, they truly cannot comprehend truth, love and compassion.

Being exposed for the shallow, manipulative, soulless liar is something that terrifies the sociopath/narcissist. 

The sociopath/narcissist has a few primary goals, that do not change much through out ones entire existence. That goal is to control others by any means possible.
Having control ensures the sociopath can live an easy, carefree life, never having any real responsibility. 

The sociopath wants the outer world to perceive him/her as a do-gooder. 
Someone who is empathic, and hard working.  Something all of us who have ever had to deal with this type for dysfunctional person know all to well.

All of us that have dealt with a character flawed individual (sociopath/narcissist) already know that they believe they are too "special" and "precious" to actually work hard for something. This is the reason they seek out people whom they believe to be “weak”. They target these types of people because they are compassionate, generous and loving. 
The sociopath knows that they will be able to fully take advantage of their kindness. 
They don't see people as potential friends or future lovers. They see them as an object they can use to do all the work that they believe they themselves are to good to do. 

The sociopath/narcissist will take the credit, and recognition for the hard work and responsibility that is done by someone else. 

People who are unaware that they are in a relationship with a sociopath do not realize it until their life has been turned upside down by one. 

There is never enough anyone can give the sociopath to satisfy them. 
Many have tried to give and give to the sociopath, only to exhaust themselves, and realize they are attempting to fill a black hole of nothingness. 
The sociopath is so shallow, there is nothing  in this world that will ever fill the emptiness that they are. 

Everything is very temporary for them. They leave their victims feeling alone, defeated, and broken. 

The sociopath is envious of others. Not because of anything other than they want to be the center of attention at all times. 

I have personal experience with a female sociopath who has aged awfully.
I'm sure this person has always been hateful by nature. As she has aged, not so gracefully she has becomes even more hateful, bitter and resentful. 

I always wondered if the sociopath ever changes with age.. For most of us when we age we do not have the energy we did when we were younger. But I have experienced with a certain sociopath who I have to still somewhat deal with, that aging does not stop their  reign of terror.