Sunday, January 26, 2014

Warning sign of the Psychopath - Sociopath

Warning Signs of a Psychopath
Hervey M. Cleckly was a psychiatrist and a pioneer in the field of psychopathy; the following are his 16 indicators of a psychopath:
  • Considerable superficial charm and average or above average intelligence
  • Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking
  • Absence of anxiety or other "neurotic" symptoms considerable poise, calmness, and verbal facility
  • Unreliability, disregard for obligations no sense of responsibility, in matters of little and great import.
  • Untruthfulness and insincerity
  • Antisocial behavior which is inadequately motivated and poorly planned, seeming to stem from an inexplicable impulsiveness.
  • Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior
  • Poor judgment and failure to learn from experience
  • Pathological egocentricity - total self-centeredness, incapacity for real love and attachment
  • No deep or lasting emotions
  • Lack of any true insight, complete inability to see themselves as others do
  • Ingratitude for any special considerations, act of kindness, and trust
  • Fantastic and objectionable behavior, after drinking and sometimes even when not drinking--vulgarity, rudeness, quick mood shifts, pranks
  • No history of genuine suicide attempts
  • An impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated sex life
  • Failure to have a life plan and to live in any ordered way, unless it is one promoting self-defeat
Mental health professionals often use the Hare Psychopathy Checklist in order to asses psychopathy:

Factor 1: Personality "Aggressive narcissism"
  • Glibness/superficial charm
  • Grandiose sense of self-worth
  • Pathological lying
  • Cunning/manipulative (Manipulation is their trademark)
  • Lack of remorse or guilt (They are often capable of violence)
  • Shallow affect (genuine emotion is short-lived and egocentric)
  • Callous/lack of empathy
  • Failure to accept responsibility for own actions (Whatever the problem is, it is always someone else’s fault)
Factor 2: Case history "Socially deviant lifestyle"

  • Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
  • Parasitic lifestyle (They constantly take from others, and give nothing in return; money, love, time, etc.)
  • Poor behavioral control
  • Lack of realistic long-term goals
  • Impulsivity
  • Irresponsibility
  • Juvenile delinquency
  • Early behavior problems
  • Revocation of conditional release
To put it in plain terms, these people do not have a conscious or feelings, they wreak havoc in the lives of everyone within their reach (their parents, children, friends, etc.), and they constantly burn bridges and screw up opportunities in 
their lives.
To make matters worse, they are often heavy drinkers, and drug users and they often have a criminal past and violent behavior, and they usually minimize or rationalize their shortcomings.
They often claim they do not care about what other people think about them because it is more important what a person thinks about oneself - this may be true, but this is NOT their real reason, in reality, psychopaths simply do not have the capacity to care about anyone else’s thoughts and feelings.

Sociopaths are what defines evil and soulless. They are capable of the most heinous acts. Never try to figure out what the sociopath is doing, because if you find out, they will KILL YOU, TO SILENCE YOU.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sociopath - let them destroy themselves

To some degree, let them be the destroyer, but keep evidence along the way, so long as it’s not causing you physical or emotional harm.  However, when things get out of hand, let them know in no uncertain terms what evidence you have on them, because at the end of the day all they are doing is digging themselves an even bigger grave to put themselves in. Having said that, it’s not as if they need one, because they died (emotionally) a long time ago.

When you have finally had enough of their stupid games, make it very clear that you have been careful enough to have collected evidence on them and give them the shovel. Trust that like all good sociopaths, they will get caught eventually from their own stupidity, and will end up digging their own graves.

Revenge obsession occurs when the obsessive ex wants his/her partner to punished. With a sociopath, they are probably responsible for the relationships fall out. They are cheaters, liars, and professional scammers. Even knowing they are liars and cheaters they still become obsessed with causing their ex more pain. Although the obsessed ex may not be in love with their partner anymore, they want to make sure he or she is just as miserable as they are....
They will even want to punish anyone their ex moves on with. Like a new girlfriend/boyfriend. They will do everything they can to cause problem for their ex in order to destroy the relationship. Even if the sociopath has moved in with their own life, and has remarried. They still will harass, bother and stalk their ex, and in extreme cases they will stalk their exes new love interest, go on a smear campaign about their exes new lover, husband/ wife. 

They hope the drama, the character assassination, the stalking, the crazy behavior will scare the new love off. It takes a strong person, who is secure with who they are to not want to leave. Because the sociopath will project on that person everything they can to break them down. They will accuse their exes new love interest of being the "stalker". They will play victim. They will use the kids to manipulate. They will alienate the children from the other (non-sociopathic) parent. They tell the children lies about their other parent. Ex. - Your dad cares about his new family and doesn't care about us anymore. {keep in mind, the children have NO IDEA, why the relationship ended}. The sociopath has convinced the non-sociopathic parent to not tell the children why the relationship ended. **Not because they are concerned for the children's welfare. But because they do not want their children to know they were at fault.
This way they can tell the children "their version" of why “mommy and daddy” aren't together anymore. It's VERY IMPORTANT for the non-sociopathic parent to NEVER talk negatively about the other (sociopathic) parent to the children.  Even IF the Sociopathic parent is bad mouthing the other parent. The children will figure things out on their own. They will see, as they get older that one the one parent trash talks the other parent (and the other parents new wife/husband every chance they get. They will realize that the (non-disordered) parent has never spoken negatively about the other parent (the disordered parent). 

The children are not stupid, and they become more aware of what is really happening as they get older. The sociopath loses the control over their ex, as the children grow up. This is frustrating for the sociopath, so it's then when the sociopath feels they must use more extreme methods of manipulation. Ex. - When my daughter became older, the demands from my sociopathic ex became more frequent, and more outlandish. Her text messaging and calling became so bad that it interfered in with my work. Since neither my ex wife or her new husband have jobs, they are dependent on my ex wife's mother to give them money monthly and also on my $3000 monthly child support to pay their bills. So I always assumed eventually she would 
back off. NOPE. It only became worse, when I got my daughter a phone to communicate with her. So I didn't have to deal with my ex wife. Everything my ex said was a lie, she did things for malicious reasons only.  Telling me to pick my child up on Sunday at 5pm, then I would get there at 5pm and no one would be home.  My home is 30 minutes away from her home. So by the time I got to her house sat there for 30 minutes, I would text to let her know I was there to pick up. She would respond "oh we are in town getting this or that we will be there in 15 minutes". Needless to say 15 minutes into 45 minutes and they would still not be there. So I would eventually drive back to my house which is 30 minutes away. As soon as I would get home, my phone would begin ringing and it was my ex-wife asking me “where are you, Suzie is ready to see her dad". 

(The sociopaths version is the DISHONEST version)

Sociopaths are KNOWN FOR accusing others for things they are doing themselves. Example - If a sociopath is on a smear campaign, they will accuse the real victim of trying to "ruin there reputation", destroying their character. The sociopath will  accuse their target of stalking them.  
*RED FLAG* - The sociopath do whatever is necessary to humiliate their “TARGET” aka 
(the person they are stalking)
*** WHEN YOU SEE SOMEONE CONTINUOUSLY RANTING ONLINE ABOUT  {Firstname} {Lastname} being a “CYBER TROLL” “BULLY” or “STALKER”,  going on to tell others (especially using social media) that “they are scared for their children's safety” (they love using innocent children to get pity from others.)  The sociopath is likely to accuse the person of being “mentally unstable” “dangerous” “jealous of them” “insecure”. They want to vilify the real victim, before their victim talks, so they use these kind of humiliating tactics to discredit, and destroy the real victim.

*** Notice a person calling someone a cyber troll, bully, or stalker  - Is the character assassin. The RED FLAG  that the person accusing another is when they chose to use the Other persons First and Last Name. It IS DEFAMATION, CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, AND SLANDER.
The classic symptom of someone suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, Sociopathic, Narcissistic, Histrionic, Anti-Social Personality Disorder is how they are “Always the Victim”

{If you are confused about who is telling the truth, check out the other persons social media (especially their blogs). Look to see if the other person has used First and Last Names (like the accuser is doing), look to see if the person is name calling and slandering, (like the accuser has)}

 If you see the person who is being accused - is not using name calling with humiliating words such as "cyber troll" or "stalker"

Then you can assume that the person being accused is actually the victim and the accuser is the sociopath, just trying to destroy another life... With no remorse or guilt for all the pain they cause.. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Psychopath aka My ex wife and BiGGest mistake

Sociopathic and psychopathic women are some of the worlds greatest deceivers, liars, and con artist.
They seem innocent and confident. They are always charming and precise in everything. In the beginning they will use their charismatic persona to make a great impression on you. They will drop surprise gifts with a smile on their face, without any notable reason. They will talk to you about subjects that are important to you. At times, they will ask you why something is important to you. They are trying to find out things about you - to use it against you later. They are looking for your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. They will ask personal questions, asking as if they care so much - then use your answer later on in order to destroy you with it. 

Know that, even though they seem nice and friendly, Trustworthy and ethical, understand that they are FAR from it. If your skin crawls for no reason while talking to someone, it’s best to get away from them and avoid that person in the future. REMEMBER YOUR LIFE IS AT STAKE. Once involved with this "wolf in sheeps clothing" you are at risk for living a very unhappy life. If you happen to have children with this psychopath, you will spend the rest of your life being bullied, threatened, black mailed, guilt tripped and manipulated. 

The Psychopathic/Sociopathic Personality is extremely dangerous. Not only are they skilled in destroying you from the inside, out, they are also very adept at ruining other’s lives, while using the victim as their own pawn.  There are no limits to what the Psychopathic/Sociopathic personality is capable of. They will blind-side you, even when you feel you have done well to cut him/her off at the pass. When you have trained yourself to think like them, in order to protect yourself. You will never be fully aware of what this individual is doing, until it’s already happened.  Many tend to become more care-less with age. Meaning the older they get, they less cerebral they are, the more lies they have to remember, the more fried their brain is from their careless lifestyle, of drinking and a using drugs. 
Sociopaths will not usually keep there facade up after the age of 40. They begin to slip up, the mask begins to come off and they become exposed. Then once people figure them out - it's over for them. They are reduced to committing petty fraudulent acts, but are unable to manipulate others like they use to - because now everyone has been screwed over or lied to by the sociopath and no one wants anything to do with her. Yet she will still parade around like she is above everyone else. She will usually turn to the Internet to project her lies and manipulation. 

I still remember all the horrific things my ex wife did to me, and that she still is doing to me, and my wife, and my child and even to my step daughter, who is very young. All her extreme manipulation, guilt tripping, blaming, accusing, bullying my wife, and my step daughter. It was when she verbally attacked my step daughter, I realized I was not dealing with a normal person anymore, I was dealing with a monster, who had no conscious and didn't care who she hurt. She was evil. She is a bad human being.  I was and am 100% positive I am dealing with a Psychopath. 
She knows I am no longer the person she "thought" she could manipulate and put down. Even after our divorce, I still did as she told me to. It was my wife who made me realize there was something "NOT NORMAL" about the situation. That ex wives are ex wives for a reason. I did not owe her anything. All I was responsible for was making sure my child was taken care of. She expected me to come to her home in Christmas morning and put together toys for our child, in the house she shared with her new husband (one of the many men she was having an affair with during our marriage) I had a new family and once I remarried my obligation is to my wife. I see my child and he opens the gifts we get him at our house on Christmas. I will NEVER SPEND ANOTHER HOLIDAY WITH MY EX AGAIN. Recently her mother threatened me in a text message, threatening my life. Then proceeded to call my work and change up very important meetings. That's when I knew I had to take drastic measures. Even if it that means taking legal action against her, filing a protection order, it's obvious she doesn't plan on respecting my boundaries or me. She is an evil, conscienceless, lying, and conning Psychopath. 
She has made accusations on my wife. Everything from posting all over the Internet that my wife is obsessed with her. Jealous of her. Insecure. And when my wife had enough she defended herself, which made the psychopath even more fueled to post slander and defamation about my wife.  She was vilifying the real victim. Everything she accused my wife of - was exactly the things she was doing to my wife. It is obvious to me, my wife and the rest of the world who is really insecure and jealous. The psychopath! My wife Has everything the psychopath wishes she possessed. Which is beauty, youth, intelligence, persistence, and what the psychopath really hates about my wife is her kindness, and how liked she is by everyone. The psychopaths actions are so predictable that my wife is afraid for her safety and her daughters. Now the psychopath can finally see that she is unable to manipulate me anymore. I never respond to her. What is the point? Everything she says is a lie, 100% a lie. For. Telling me that my child had cancer, to depression. I communicate with my child, not the mother because she is so insane. 

I have to re-emphasize the fact that I am NOT a Psychological professional of any sort. Everything I post about is from my personal experience with a sociopathic woman, and the information I have found out about my sociopath and sociopaths/psychopaths in general .  I am still learning. I feel it is important to share what i have been through and what I’m learning with others, so hopefully they will not ever have to go what I have been through and am still going through. If I am incorrect in my thinking. I always welcome comments from others, so I can Learn more and here their story as well... 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sociopaths and Psychopaths are all Narcissists

SOCIOPATHS and PSYCHOPATHS lack empathy and regard other people as mere instruments of gratification and utility or as objects to be manipulated. Psychopaths and narcissists have no problem to grasp ideas and to formulate choices, needs, preferences, courses of action, and priorities. But they are shocked when other people retaliate against them, or do the same thing as they do.

Most people accept that others have rights and obligations. The sociopath rejects this advantage. As far as he/she is concerned, only she is right. People have no rights and she/he the sociopath, has no obligations that derive from the "social contract". The sociopath  holds herself to be above the law.
The sociopath wants everything and wants it now. Her whims, urges, catering to her needs, and the satisfaction of she drives take precedence over the needs, preferences, and emotions of even her
nearest and dearest.

Consequently, sociopaths feel no remorse when they hurt or defraud others. They don't possess even the most rudimentary conscience. They rationalize their (often criminal) behavior and intellectualize it. Sociopaths fall prey to their own primitive defense mechanisms (such as narcissism, splitting, and projection). The sociopath firmly believes that the world is a hostile, merciless place, prone to the survival of the fittest and that people are either "all good" or "all evil". The sociopath projects her own vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and shortcomings unto others and forces them to behave the way she expects them to (this defense mechanism is known as "projective identification"). All SOCIOPATHS are abusively exploitative and incapable of true love or intimacy.

Sociopathic Personality Disorder  is a life-long pattern of traits and behaviors which signify infatuation and obsession with "winning at all cost" no matter the feelings of others and the egotistic and ruthless pursuit of one's gratification, dominance, and ambition. A sociopath possesses pathological narcissism which is maladaptive, rigid, persisting, and causes significant distress and functional impairment. Sociopaths are always in conflict with someone, especially authority figures.  Sociopaths possess a limited time horizon and rarely (almost NEVER) make long term plans. They are impulsive, reckless, unreliable, aggressive, violent, irritable, and, sometimes, believe the possess magical power. Believing themselves to be immune to the consequences of their own actions..

Sociopaths often end up in jail, having repeatedly disregard of social norms and laws. Partly to avoid this fate, the sociopath will evade the law and target unsuspecting victims for money, material items and whatever else they "think" they are entitled to, through manipulation.
Psychopaths AND Sociopaths are the most hateful and vindictive of all people. They hold grudges. They never REGRET what they do to others, or forget what they do, or what others do to them (usually in retaliation or revenge against the sociopath) 
They are driven, and dangerous.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sociopaths are Stalkers..

Cowardice This is one of the major traits of a stalker/sociopath, rather if the obsessed stalker is on the street or online.  People with a stable mind, and who are emotionally and mentally healthy  have no need or desire to engage in stalker like behavior. 
When someone is truly being stalked or harassed, they will call the police, and take the legal measures necessary to protect themselves from a dangerous stalker. 
Many stalkers/sociopaths will vilify their victims. This is a common tactic they use. For example: to know if someone is being truthful about being stalked, they WILL NOT TAKE TO SOCIAL MEDIA TO DISCUSS IT. A person being stalked is usually frightened and afraid. They will try to hide from their stalker, they will not take to social media to announce that they have a stalker. 
*RED FLAG* - When you see a person claiming that "they are being stalked by a cyber troll, or mentally unstable person" - **THIS IS A RED FLAG**  
When a person is TRULY AFRAID they will NOT do anything to provoke the stalker. For example - they will NOT claim they have a Stalker, or use first and last names. When you see someone using a persons first and last name - it is usually in an effort to defame the person, accusing them of the exact behaviors they are inflicting on the REAL VICTIM

Facebook or twitter are a stalkers favorite way to keep up with their victim. And also it is a sociopaths favorite tool to slander and ruin the reputation of their victim - if someone's social media uses a persons full name negatively - THE SOCIOPATH WANTS TO VILIFY THE VICTIM SO THAT THEY LOSE SUPPORT OR CREDITABLY. Also female sociopaths Use their children to play victim. They know children are innocent, and they prey on people's kindness by saying "my kids are so scared of Firstname Lastname". They will exploit and use their kids to elicit pity from kind people. 

Real Victims DO NOT want to instigate or provoke the stalkers behavior. A PERSON BEING STALKED is afraid and should call the police and file a police report, to let the police be on alert about the situation. Speaking of the stalker 
on social media could put their families life and their own life in danger. 
Having a stalker can be a truly horrific ordeal. A person being stalker will keep a low profile and disappear from social media because they do not want their 
stalker to know what they are doing or where they are at.

**Also if a person has a blog and they are slandering and accusing someone of stalking or other unlawful acts on their blog - if you see that they have put the person full name in the "labels" section, so that if that persons googled - the negative info the sociopath has provided will be the first thing to come up**
SO ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU SEE SOMEONE POSTING COMMENTS AND USING A PERSONS FIRST AND LAST NAME. THIS PERSON IS 99% MORE THAN LIKELY NOT BEING STALKED, BUT THEY ARE ACTUALLY THE PERPETRATOR AND THE STALKER. ** What they are doing is vilifying their victim, in order to convince others that they are the victim, so they can continue to stalk, harass, and mentally torment the real victim. This is a very common tactic of any sociopath. They are attempting to discredit the person they are stalking and harassing. BY DISCREDITING THE REAL VICTIM, IT GIVES THE STALKER SOCIOPATH MORE ACCESS TO CAUSE HARM TO THE VICTIMThey will accuse others or committing criminal acts but rarely take legal action. Because they know that if an investigation was to take place - THEY WILL BE EXPOSED AS THE ACTUAL PERPETRATOR. It is much easier to play victim and get pity from kind people.
The Internet is the perfect domain for the Stalker/Sociopath. The sociopath seeks to avoid all personal responsibility for her/his behavior.  Not only do “normal” people have no need to engage in stalking behavior but the intelligent, self-confident, well balanced person (one who can feel love, empathy, joy and compassion) wouldn’t even consider stalking another person.
The very thought of it would be abhorrent to them. ------------------------------------>>>For a sociopath however, stalking is like second nature to them; a 
skin they feel very comfortable in.

The ultimate coward stalker is the man or woman who stalks a former lover or spouse. And the worst of the worst cowardly stalkers actually stalk their former spouses/lovers NEW SPOUSE OR LOVE INTEREST. THIS IS TRUE PSYCHOPATHIC OBSESSION! The psychopath is not satisfied with stalking only their former spouse, they stalk their former spouses new lover or partner, because they want to know what their former spouse is doing, and know everything about the person they are doing it with. This is the most DANGEROUS of all situations, when the obsession has gone to these extremes.  Unfortunately this can result in a homicide. The stalker/sociopath murders their former lover/spouse and also the former spouses new partner. Since the sociopath is such a coward, they will usually takes his or her own life to avoid prison, and all responsibility.  They take their own life NOT because they feel ANY REMORSE or GUIL for the person they slaughtered, or the lives they have destroyed. They do it to avoid 
being held legally responsible for their actions. When you think stalker, also think coward. They are one and the same. This also means that cowards, in the right circumstances and possessing the right frame of (twisted) mind can be extremely dangerous, even those who have never before committed of a serious crime of violence. (That only means they haven't been caught yet for their disgusting and perverse behaviors) 
*¡!¡* I am going to post more on this subject later. I have a good friend who has been accused of stalking by her husbands, ex wife. This woman(the ex wife) has taken slander and false accusations to a new extreme of creepy and dangerous. She is accusing my friend who I have known for about 20 years, of stalking her. She claims to be scared for her life and her children's life (red flag) If this deranged and mentally unstable woman is so afraid for herself and her children - why does she make post on Facebook about her children's life and activities. If she is being stalked she would not be giving out so much personal information of where abouts. Also she has no problem with my friend picking her children up from school. What this psycho ex wife is doing is attempting to ruin my friends reputation, because she is jealous of the fact that she married her ex husband, although the ex wife is remarried as well... She has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (so her mother and other family members have reported) but it is a clear case of sociopathic disorder. Sociopaths are rarely diagnosed because they can fool the most qualified psychiatrist. So it is a hard diagnosis to make ..

Friday, January 10, 2014

Control and Exposure - Evil Females


   Sociopaths FEAR 2 things -
     They fear losing control...
           They fear being exposed....  

When a sociopath is not in control they literally lose it - lose their minds that is.
They want to be in control of everyone and everything at all times. When they feel that 

they are losing control of someone or something they will go to desperate measures to get that control back. Sociopaths feel a sense of entitlement to everything. That includes people. Even when you divorce a sociopath or they divorce you they still feel that they have the 
right to control you. This is especially true if you have children with one. 

If you have children with a sociopath your life will be forever chaotic, The sociopath feels they own you and they had the right to control you, and they will use your children to do 
that. None of your child-support money will ever go to the children. The sociopath will 
always ask for more money but no matter how much money you give them - it is never enough. They always want more. You cannot buy a kind word from the sociopath. You cannot give them enough money to leave you alone. Giving them money made by you a 
small  amount of peace - But that peace will not last long... Before they are asking you for 
more money.. This applies more so to the female sociopath then to the male.

Female sociopaths are different than the male sociopath. Female sociopaths are rarely detected and they blend in very well. The reason that they are rarely seen a sociopath is because of the way society views women. Most of us believe women to be kind, nurturing caregivers. It would rarely cross our minds to believe that women are capable of such horrible acts.  

 Most females sociopaths are not violent. They do not commit acts of physical abuse. (that is in my personal experience and what I have seen - but I'm sure there are some out there, that are very capable of violence. The female sociopath will destroy you from the inside. She will stop at nothing to tear you to shreds, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She will start by destroying your character. Making sure your reputation is so damaged. That no one will believe a word you say. She will
 try to turn your family and friends against you. She will try to turn your children against you.  

She will play the role of the victim. She will tell everyone you know, she knows, including  acquaintances, and even strangers - about how terrible you treated her when you were together.   When the truth is she was the real abuser the entire marriage. She is verbally abusive, not only to you but to her family members.  She is a serial cheater. No matter how good you are to her she will to cheat with many men, just for the thrill of it. 

Sociopaths tend to get bored easily. They do not want to work for anything they have. They want the nicer things in life,  but they are not willing to work for them. But that does not mean that they are not determined to get those things. When a sociopath wants something they will go to the extremes to get what they want. It does not matter who gets hurt, or who they have to teardown, run over or destroy -- the sociopath will stop at nothing to get what they want. They don't mind using their own children to manipulate people to get what they want. 

If you are unfortunate enough to have children with a sociopath. Then you will be their main source of supply to getting what they want. Sociopaths love to 

make others feel guilty. They will try to make you feel guilty by using your own children against you. For example they will say "little Jimmy doesn't feel like he has nice shoes like the other kids at school." "I don't want him to feel like he doesn't fit in, do you mind giving me an extra $100 bucks, so I can get him a new pair of nikes, and maybe some socks?" Many people fall for this guilt tripping at first. And that is okay because that only verifies that you are human (unlike the sociopath) and you have compassion and a good heart. 
But you will learn soon enough that little Jimmy never comes home with a new pair of shoes. And when you ask him "did your mother get you new shoes?" He will say no. And when you look at his feet you will notice that there is nothing wrong with the shoes he has (that you bought for him a month ago). You will probably find out that little Jimmy never said anything to his mother about wanting new shoes to fit in. 
Yep... Every single word of what the sociopath told you about your child needing new shoes was a lie.. And you will quickly find out that everything the 
sociopath tells you is a lie. 

This is when you start to question about what the sociopath told you when you were together. Was every single bit of it a lie? Yes...sadly it was. After the divorce from the sociopath, you begin to look back and try to remember. That's when you come to the realization that the entire relationship was all a lie. That the relationship itself was never real.. It is hard to accept this fact. It is hard to accept that you were in a relationship for so long and you wasted so much of your time when the entire thing was all fake. You realize that you never meant anything to the Sociopath. That there was never a relationship. Nothing you had together was real. This person never loved you. 

It is a very hard fact to swallow. Unfortunately it is true; the sociopath is unable to love. The sociopath lacks that emotion. They do not feel love empathy, compassion for anyone. The next person they are in a relationship with will be the same. It will not be a loving and caring relationship. It will be a "what can you do for me, what can you give me" relationship.  The sociopath is a taker they are not to givers. They will take take take and never give anything back. I don't know if that is just in their nature or because they lack any good emotion that it is all they know how to do. 

But they will take so much they literally drain the life out of you. They resemble leeches in a way. They latch onto you. And they suck your blood. They suck the life right out of your body. You have no more energy. Your spirit is broken. But does the sociopath care? Does it hurt them to see you in such bad condition. Hell no they do not care. They put you in that condition. They are proud of what they have done. They feel more powerful than ever. That they were able to break you. 

Cyberpaths - sociopaths - INSANITY

“Cyberpath” is a colloquial online term that describes an individual with a pathological disorder who uses the internet as a medium for acting out their pathology. The alternative definition is a psychopath who uses the internet to find, stalk and exploit others either online or in real life.
Cyberpaths use the Internet to defame, slander and stalk their victim/target. Being a target of a cyberpath/sociopath/narcissist myself. I know the torment that one of these sick individuals is capable of. ONCE YOU EXPOSE THEM YOU WILL MOST CERTAINLY BE SUBJECT TO THEIR SOCIOPATHIC RAGE. THE CYBERPATH MAY/WILL DO THE FOLLOWING:
- harrass you by phone or email (BLOCK their emails and instant messages or DO NOT REPLY - just save them. If they threaten you, impersonate you, go immediately to the 
- do everything they can to make YOU look like the "crazy one". The want others to believe it's you that has the problem. You are the sick, mentally ill, distrubed ("scorned) or not credible person
- use their 'minions' (friends/ spouses in denial, other predators, etc) to help them discredit and smear you
- they make up many fake profiles to comments anonymously about how they know you and you are the crazy one. And that it is you that is stalking the sociopath. They will act as if you have caused the sociopath so much pain. YOU ARE PAINTED AS THE BAD GUY.
- they will smear you, they will go for you at full speed ahead. Slandering your name in every way. All lies. (My sociopath said that I was a horrible father and willing to sign my rights away on my child - just so I could continue to live in the house I bought) - she also said I had stolen money from her then lost it all gambling. 
* I have been accused of physically beating her, breaking bones, abusing our child, being a pathological liar, an alcoholic, a drug user, dead beat dad. -( I am worried of the lies she will tell next about me). I worry as soon as I do not do what she wants - like give more money, get her a car (she has wrecked 5 cars in the past 4 years) that she will accuse me of more horrendous things. This has bedn so frustrating. I can't defend myself. The more I try the crazier her 
accusations become. 

The female sociopath possesses TWO symptoms always. They are verbally abusive, and they are serial cheaters. These are only 2 common traits of the female sociopath. When a sociopath has chosen you as their target, she will stop at nothing to destroy you. Your reputation. Your spirit. She wants to break you down, and will enjoy watching you fall into a million pieces.  
She will socially destroy you, by spreading vicious lies that are vile and disgusting.
My ex wife is a coward sociopath, she does all her creepy stalking online and spreads her gossip there. She has over 30+ blogs,  some in her name and most are blogs created by her impersonating someone who is not Real. I always know what she is doing to me and others just by reading her blogs. In her blogs she portrays herself as poor pitiful victim. She always uses her children as her weapon of mass destruction. In order to manipulate people to feel sorry for her and then give her what she wants. 

About four years ago, she made some very defamatory statements about me. These statements could have cost me my job. She was accusing me of everything from stealing money from her, being an alcoholic, a compulsive gambler, and even being physically abusive to her and breaking her bones. 
She had also stated that I was willing to sign my rights away on my child, in order to stay in the home I currently reside. Which is untrue. The home I am living in with my new wife. I purchased this home with the sociopath, and at the time she was having affairs with other men, and she wanted me to live out here because it is 30 minutes away from town. That way she could be in town having her affairs with numerous men. She never made one payment on the home, she has never invested a dime in the home. She had no interest in the house or our child.  She would claim to be working and sometimes I didn't see or hear from her for 3-5 days at a time.  She was always gone. She stayed at our old home, in town, even tho it was for sale. My old neighbor told me he saw many different men coming in an out of house. 

I was working my ass off and taking care of a young child, although she always claimed to have a job and work. She never had a job or worked. She only claimed she worked because she didn't want to take care of our child, but she would claim to be a working mother, and a successful business woman. She chose men, some who were strangers, some she knew “well” over her daughter.  I knew it was going on but at that point I didn't care. I HAD TO WORK FULL TIME TO SUPPORT MYSELF, MY WAYWARD WIFE, AND MY CHILD. And I had to take care of my child with no help.  I didn't have time to confront a person who was only going to look me dead in the eye  and LIE. Lying is second nature to her. I hate using this word, but this bitch was an evil, selfish, cunt..

Sociopathic  stalkers believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing and entitled to every wish. Such people have no sense of personal boundaries and no concern for their impact on others. To a sociopath she is always “the smartest person in the room,” and can outwit anyone. She knows how to change her IP address.  So it's hard to trace whatever blog, domain suet she has made up about me back to her. She doesn't work. But she claims to be a working attorney. She was an attorney 10 years ago, before she was disbarred. She had stolen in a matter of 2 years over $250,000 from her clients. In order to avoid going to jail, she pleaded with the state bar that she was bi-polar. And she also put all the blame on her secretary. 
I really regret marrying this person. She lied to me our entire marriage. What is so crazy is that I actually believed her lies. No matter how many times she would lie to me - even if it was the same lie, I would believe it.. She was so convincing. Sometimes I think I did not want to believe the truth. I did live a lot of my life in denial of it. Now I'm fully aware of what I'm dealing with. A monster. A person that has no conscience, no heart, feels sorry for no one and is just downright mean.