Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Trust yourself after the sociopath

The power and control a sociopath can have on you is devastating. Even after the relationship is over, you are left confused, depressed, angry, and alone. You probably did not get closure with the sociopath, and you never will. You must accept that you will not get closure. The sociopath has no concern for you. The more you ask the sociopath why he/she hurt you. The more the sociopath hates you, and feels they need to destroy you. 

You first have to admit that someone you loved is a monster. You have to face this emotionally painful experience. You will need to grieve and have the right to grieve. You were in a relationship you thought was real. You were in love. You believed this person loved you as well.  THE SOCIOPATH NEVER LOVED YOU THOUGH. The relationship YOU thought you had was NOT REAL. It was a game to the sociopath. Understand that it is not your fault. You are not unlovable. You are not flawed. The sociopath is a very sick person. Their brain is more primal than human. You are a loving, caring, person and that is why the sociopath chose you. They see kindness, generosity, and love as a weakness. They take advantage of trusting and good people. 

The sociopath is not capable of loving anyone. They are not able to receive love from others as well...

First and foremost you must be aware that if you feel you are in danger of being physically harmed by this person get the police involved and ask for a restraining order. Your safety is the most important thing to focus on. The sociopath is capable of anything. Without a conscious, and any morals or ethics, they are unpredictable and dangerous.

Trust Yourself.
It's important that you trust yourself. The sociopath has been covertly abusing you to believe that you are not smart enough, god enough, and they don't really need you. They are able to sense vulnerablities, then use those against you. They will always try to make you doubt yourself. The will try to twist and turn the truth, by making you out to be the bad guyAnother way they will try to make you doubt yourself is through lying. They are skilled at lying and they lie so much that they often start to believe their own lies. Sociopaths are known for "gas lighting." This is a form of abuse that is very subtle and can render the victim to feel unstable and insecure. 

Sociopaths portray themselves as something that they are not. They will pretend to be a do-gooder. They pretend they care, and act like they always want to help, they do not want to help and they sure don't care.  They will try to make you look crazy while they pretend they are worried about you. They tell others how they are "concerned" for you. When they are actually spreading lies and rumors. 

That's why you must trust your own intuition and you cannot doubt yourself. The sociopath tries to make you feel like you are the "crazy" one. You are not crazy. 


Remember the sociopath always has a hidden agenda — they want to control and dominate others. It makes them feel powerful. The more people they control, the more delusional they become. 

Dealing with the sociopath, you are going to need confidence. You have to stay strong, and not let them manipulate your emotions.  Your self respect and confidence will need to be solid. You must know who you are. The sociopath will plant seeds of doubt, making you doubt eveything about yourself. 

Having knowledge about sociopaths, and how they operate. Will help you to survive one. You need to educate yourself on how to deal with a sociopath. When you realize that you are in a relationship with a sociopathic person, and you attempt to get out of that relationship, the sociopath will set out to destroy you (if they haven't started destroying you already). Sociopaths did not get into the relationship because they loved you and thought you were their soulmate. They get in the relationship because they think they can con you long enough to get what they want out of you, then they leave. They usually start with destroying your credit. You will find that there are credit card and loans that have been taken out in your name, that you knew nothing about. Once you confront a sociopath about this, they become enraged – “how dare you confront them!” They will use every trick they have up their rotten sleeve to lie, lie, lie and deny, deny, deny. Even when you present them with evidence of what they have done, they will still make excuses and refuse to accept responsibility

Have a Strong Sense of Self 
Having strong morals and a secure sense of self is also needed for your survival. Once the sociopath decides that you have fulfilled your purpose for them, they will discard you like yesterday's newspaper. The sociopath doesn't just get rid of you, they first need to silence you. They make up disgusting lies, and false accusations about you. They socially destroy you, which isolates you from society, because people either believe their lies, or you feel so insecure and broken down you fear going out because you are afraid of what the sociopath has said about you. The sociopath is ruthless and doesn't think twice about how they are mentally and emotionally destroying you. They could not care less.

It is impossible to ever get closure from the sociopath. You will waste time and energy trying. The sociopath drains so much out of you, that you cannot afford to waste any of your energy. Focus your energy on healing yourself from the traumatic experience of the sociopath. Doctors still do not fully understand why a sociopath is the way they are. 
There is NO cure for sociopathy. A sociopath never changes. They never feel bad for all the lives they destroy. They are evil. The worst kind of evil, because they are disguising themselves as “good”.

The sociopath has feelings of envy, and will attempt to sabotage or destroy another person for having an attribute or a possession she/he lacks, such as youth, beauty, money, and success.


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