Saturday, November 8, 2014

Words as Weapons

The sociopath is motivated by control. The desire to be in control of any environment they are in. The sociopath wants to take credit for “making stuff happen”. But they are rarely the one who has made “stuff” happen.

They do not want anybody to know how irresponsible, and untrustworthy they really are. They seek out caring, kind, empathetic individuals (as they seem them as “weak” and easy prey) to do for them, what they just don't feel like doing - and the sociopath is always going to take the credit for someone else's hard work. 

Sociopaths do not have any real friends. Since they are unable to make a genuine connection with anyone. Any “friends” they may have had, more than likely became tired of emotionally giving so much and never receiving anything back. People find out quickly that being friends with the sociopath is emotionally exhausting. 

Sociopaths are emotional vampires. 
They may not suck your blood out, but they will suck the energy and life right out of you with their constant conflict and drama, and outrageous demands.
They behave in a non-human like way, they are unable to feel what you feel. 
A person who is in a relationship with a sociopath will feel drained, weak, exhausted - emotionally and physically. The sociopath ALWAYS plays the role of the victim, this is how they attempt to control you. They know you will feel sorry for them, they know you will feel guilt. The main emotion that the sociopath does not have — Guilt, is the emotion they will use the most to manipulate and control you with.

Sociopaths are so excelled in lying and pretending to be someone they are not that you will not be able to “spot a sociopath” by just looking for all the tale tell signs. 

Even though sociopaths are known for their dramatic displays, in attempt to elicit pity from others (to manipulate) 
They are so void of empathy and real emotion, they are unable to feel when another person is emotionally hurting - and mostly this is because they really just don't care. 

Even if you tell the sociopath that you are upset, hurt, devastated, and sad. THEY DO NOT CARE!  When you tell a heartless sociopath that you are sad, DO NOT expect a kind response. They will go on the attack. They will turn your emotions on you, and will convince you that you feel the way you do because of YOU! Not them! They will not take any responsibilty for anything. *They can become irate and angry and even enraged at the fact that you had the nerve to share these feelings with them, possibly insinuating that they are responsible for them! 😡

The basic responses that we expect from human beings are just not there. This leave the victim questioning themselves. Most people have no idea that these kinds of manipulators live among us. So the victim is left wondering what they have done to cause this..

All sociopaths and psychopaths use words as weapons, of deception and dominance. 

Robert Hare, PhD., says that the personality of a sociopath (psychopath) is essentially set in stone, so to speak, by adulthood, and incredibly hard to change. 

You cannot change a person who is evil. They are what they are. You must take care of you. Remove the evil from your life 

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