Monday, December 1, 2014

The sociopath does fear

Sociopaths DO NOT want anyone to find out the TRUTH about who they really are.  
Sociopaths are all malicious and devious people. They know they are “different” than most people. Even as children they recognize that they are unable to make a connection to anyone. 
Sociopaths are unable to LOVE. They are unable to receive love and feel love. This causes them a deep rooted insecurity.  

Beyond being embarrassed by the truth of their behaviors and thoughts, they have a deathly fear of being exposed and rejected. 

Because they use lies, manipulations, and distortions to control other people and get what they want. They know that being exposed puts them at great risk of others finding out their true nature. 
Therefore sociopaths WILL ALWAYS attack, discredit, harass, and ruin anybody who poses as a threat to them by presenting the facts that might tend to raise questions and doubts about their behaviors and their false statements.

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