Thursday, October 20, 2016

Finding our beautiful soul behind painful lessons

The best things those of us who have been terrorized by a sociopath is to lead the best possible life that we can. Everyones healing process will be different. But the truth is once the sociopath is out of your life, you have the chance to be free and discover who you truly are meant to be, before the sociopath came into your life and destroyed many beautiful parts of you.

When the healing starts to take place we will discover how many amazing gifts we have. We are able to choose those who deserve to be our company.

The sociopath manipulated us for so long we became lost and forgot our dreams and goals. Remembering these things will help you to heal and  calm your mind. This will be essential for us to begin healing and moving  forward in our life..
Do what you love everyday. Once you are free of the sociopath, you will find you now finally have the time to live your life. You may have to overcome certain fears and anxiety first, but this should be easy for you. You have survived a sociopath, and if you can do that, you can do ANYTHING!

The sociopath causes one to feel empty. Some of us have forgotten how to smile at others, make simple eye contact, or even just be silly and have fun. You are capable of all of these things. The real you is still there, some of us  just must go deep to find it.

Never forget that you have survived! Having a sociopath in your life means that you have been through a situation that was degrading, demeaning and horrible. Some of us even lived in the same home with the sociopath which was a house of terror, contemptuous and destructive treatment.
But we are still here today. We are not victims anymore. We are survivors. We endured every moment and every day with a monster who came across normal to the rest of the world. We felt fear of their arriving home, we felt anxiety of what emotional abuse was to come next, every single minute of the day that we were with the sociopath. We lived in fear and terror. The fact that we are still here and working to let go of that painful part of the past.  That deserves the deepest of respect.

We will heal from All the pain the sociopath has caused us. Unlike the sociopath we are capable of learning valuable life lessons from our painful life choices and mistakes. It is in these painful lessons, we become stronger, wiser, and better. It is in those painful lessons we learn that NO ONE owns us. We own ourself...

Once we have accepted that we were at the mercy of a very evil individual for months or years. All because we are kind, giving, loving, forgiving and genuine. And that is why the sociopath chose us. They do not choose people who are harsh, mean, aggressive and overly assertive, that would make manipulating, lying, cheating and controlling to hard for them. They don't much care for a challenge. In fact most of them are very lazy and would rather be able control and abuse without having to put a lot of effort towards it. They are looking for someone they believe will take being abused and keep their mouth shut about the abuse. Once the relationship had ended, the sociopath will always cover his/her tracks by slaughtering your character and making up lie after lie about you. This is one of the abusive acts that the sociopath will put extreme efforts towards. Just to be sure that if you do decide to speak about what was done to you, they have made sure no one will believe you.

Understand this is what these types of individuals do! Before you, they were doing it to someone else.  After you, they will find another victim and do the same to that person. You were not the first target/victim, and you will not be the last.

We will eventually find our way to the path of freedom. And will be set free from the emotional prison that the sociopath held us in. We will finally be rid of this evil creature once and for all.

Healing will start to take place. Although it does not occur over night. It is a process that takes time. But in this process you will learn more about yourself than you ever knew existed.
You will find out what an amazing person you are and that you have always been. 

A sociopath is a thief, they take so much from everyone. They take away confidence, peace of mind and faith in humanity. They steal the light that they see in the victim, and replace it with dark.
No matter how broken you think you are. All that the sociopath takes away from you can be restored.

The one thing that the sociopath can NEVER take from you, is your soul.

It is something that they do not not have and that they lack. They hate you and everyone else who has soul. No matter what terrible, evil, awful, hateful, deceptive, degrading, demeaning, immoral, horrific painful and abusive acts they have committed towards you.

You will always have a beautiful soul. 

And that is something that the sociopath will NEVER be able to experience, or be able to steal from you or anyone else. They will remain empty, shallow, miserable and unable to ever experience the beauty of love and compassion.

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